How to increase ebay selling limits

Hi guys i just wanted to make a quick video
to address a question that i get asked frequently. It’s how to increase ebay selling limits
So ebay has set up these limits to prevent from any scammers from getting into their
system and listing millions of items at once and
take customers money and just run away so that’s why they have placed all these selling
limits so that all the new account owners will start
from really low limits so they can’t really list multiple number
of items…like numerous number of items & scam people
before…like couple years ago it was really easy to get your selling limits increased
But now..having all these new people significant increase amount of sellers on
ebay They have put more restrictions now
I’ll go over few steps that i used myself to get my selling limits increased
This account right here ummm i have £350,000 and 11,077 quantity limit
I started selling on this account on december last year 2016
and i got to this within 3+ months…almost 4 months now..yeah
so it’s not that hard…it’s all about being consistent and having good seller metrics
so for new account owners..my #1 suggestion is to hit selling limits as soon as possible
um..one of the strategies i used was to hit my seller limits quicker
i just listed few items and increased quantity of items
so that i can hit the limits really quick and then i call ebay and asked for an increase
and the 2nd suggestion is that to convert your account to a business account
and subscribe to one of ebay stores In this way you build reputation on their
platform and ebay kind of trust you because you have build authority by saying
to ebay pretty much that you are a business owner
and you are here to run a real business on their platform
and ebay likes like you ebay likes people with plans..
they only hate people..they only hate people with no vision
and people who use their platform to scam people. as long as you follow these steps ebay will
have more trust on you. but keep in mind if you follow these steps
ebay might reject you and i’ll explain what to do a bit later in this
video. for experience sellers..
i’ll go over experience sellers now..to get your limtis increased for experienced sellers
you need to have good seller metrics. this means your defect rates should be low
and your sell through rate should be high. If you have any defect rates if you have any
cases open make sure all your cases are solved If you have really bad shipping times make
sure you handle that and its under control make sure you won’t ship anymore items late
because it effects your seller metrics and and that effects your account limits. The other one is sell through rate so lets
you have 2000 items listed but you only sold 10 items
which means you have a bad sell through rate and ebay thinks that you don’t realy have
potential in their platform and you are not benificial
for them because at the end of the day ebay they make
money off of you and if you don’t prove them that you are worth and you can make money
for them they don’t really care about you. so you have to prove them
that you are here for long term success and you are here to own a real business. So once you meet all those seller metrics
and you have really good seller metrics, call them. And now i’ll tell you what to do if they still
keep rejecting you. what i did was keep calling them guys. Ebay has a really bad habit of being inconsistent
with their reps on the phone. each rep will tell you different things so
it really depends on the rep you have on phone at that time. for me i had to call them 4 times to get my
limits increased for my new account. Thats because each rep will look into your
account and say something thats faulty in your account or
something they’ll find that doesn’t meet their requirements or even if you meet the requirements,
they don’t like the way you talk they have the full control, they will make up something
and tell oh sorry you can’t get an increase or
something like that but the key thing is to always be nice
to them and if they reject you just move on and call them again few minutes after and
you’ll probably get on call with someone else because they have a huge rep centre and
so umm probably if you call back you’re gonna get someone else on the phone. i had to do it 4 times until i got this nice
lady on the phone and she looked at my account and
keep in mind i got an increase 2 weeks before calling and they only increase once a month
but since i kept calling and i showed the eager to scale my business this lady looked
at my account and she was like “well i’ve seen
you’ve got an increase 2 weeks ago but i’ve seen you’ve that you’re making good progress..and
you’re listing items..i’ll give you another increase”
There you go guys!! I just kept calling imagine if i gave up that 3rd call
i’ll probably be stuck with really low limits and struggling to scale my business
right now i have va’s working for me and whenever i’m hitting my limits they let me know and
i call ebay and they increase right away keep in mind you need va’s for this guys
like its crucial to scale up but in order to get vas first you should have higher selling
limits.. hmm i’ll talk about vas in a different video
i’ll keep this focused on getting your limits increased
anyways guys i hope those steps helped you if you have any questions comment below and
if you have any problems getting your limits increased after following these steps let
me know message me and i’ll try to help best i can… have a nice day guys

Norman Bunn

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