Homemade McDonald’s Meal Without The Cost

brisket beef chicken ribs and roast
chicken would you get the show I got slow cooker barbecue sauce for 50 cents
yeah well everyone the discount grocery store was a great we got all kinds of
stuff that I really enjoy making a fresh pot of french fries and I always use my
air fryer for that it’s something so easy and it’s really good this is one
thing the air fryer makes just absolutely amazing and so I cut my
potatoes like this they’re not necessarily cut like a french fry but so
we’re gonna go ahead and cut a bunch of these up and we’re gonna have
cheeseburger subs cheeseburger subs and french fries this
is a meal that actually would be quite expensive even if you would go to
McDonald’s you would be paying a lot of money and you can pretty much make it
for the small amount really some amount of money cutting them up and we’ll put them here there’s a little bit of green we’ll take
that off I don’t use anything green right today we’re going to use a little
the safflower oil I normally use olive oil but I couldn’t find it so we just
used a little bit of oil and then we use one of these packet mix or you can use
your own mixes I have a half a pack of this I’m going to use this go ahead mix
it around and that’s all it is to it pop it in the air fryer and we’re gonna put it on the fries
setting number two are the Omaha state these are the Omaha burgers that were
given to us at Christmastime they are amazing we have a little this a one so
I’ll use this I added a little bit of water to because it was almost empty so I low this a one and we’ll cook up
these things and they’ll be done in a moment and then we’ll have our
cheeseburger subs it’s as simple as that a little bit of my dehydrated onions to
it that will get some flavor what I really would like to have some
time is a laundry station where I can have a big area that is under roof but
right now I really don’t have that as you all know a lot of you remember I put
laundry out there was just too small I can’t really stand up in that little
house so I do my laundry outside hey it’s time for Fanny’s diary and
we’re on February the 10th 1944 Dani writes
we brought Lizzy down from town this morning and she helped strip tobacco
Uncle Mike was here just want to give that friendly reminder and I’m gonna be
doing this for the next four weeks make sure you’re subscribed to me make sure
you’re still subscribed to me and make sure you rang that Bell because that
tells YouTube that you enjoy my channel and it really helps me a lot
take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow fine I have got to give you all
an update so now I’ve been doing this for four days in the four days 100
people have said that they were unsubscribed for me and they subscribed
it’s hard to believe 100 people this has affected and who knows how many others
that I can’t reach to but I just want thank you guys for just taking that
second to look because it is really impacting me and I’m promised that it
won’t ever happen again let’s cross our fingers and let’s hope
hey wait a minute if you guys like videos like these just wait a second
have you seen the videos below that’s where I get to share with you all of my
life and my vlogs and all the things that I do here on the homestead take a
look at these videos I think you’ll enjoy them as well

Norman Bunn


  1. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed Tuesday filled with Gods joy and happiness:) God Bless you:) Love you all:) Remember to pray for one another:) Keep smiling:)

  2. I look forward to your video everynight when I'm in bed, this looks delish 😋 I need to get an air fryer, you are such a sweet person. Hugs from Texas ❤️

  3. For some reason when you where cutting the potatoes and then went to fast more that split second you scared me I thought you got cut. Even after I know you where ok my heart was still pounding hard cause I was that worried. I'm super sensitive the day after I have a long dystonic storm. The meal look really good. I wish I had a store here with prices like that one. Oh yeah, what do you think of my new channel logo is it merchandise worthy?

  4. Tessie I am watching this and I am soooooo hungry. Looks so delicious. And that was a really great store. I wish we had one. in Texas. I hope you can get a nice covered area for your laundry soon! God Bless you and everyone of the Tessie family!

  5. I regularly have home made McDonald's but that's because my son, Mr20, has been in the kitchen at McDonald's for over 2.5 years. He's loving it and it pays good money in Australia.

  6. Good morning Tessie! My husband bought me an air fryer for my birthday last summer, but I haven't even taken it out of the box. Do fries taste like french fries? I would like to figure out to use my fryer. I love my instant pot. Now I need to learn what I can cook in my air fryer. 🥔🙏❤💕

  7. What is the discount store called I would like to search to see if there is one located near me t ty

  8. Hello, loved your video , got to try those hamburger subs and french fries I've been thinking about getting an air fryer think I'm going to give it a try.

  9. I LOVE A1 Sauce ~ especially the Bold & Spicy flavor ! McDonalds never saw a meal that good . REmember months ago when I had that problem with YT unsubbing me ? I would resub & they would unsub me over & over. I guess their AI bot finally got it right ! Yours is not the only channel this is happening to.

  10. Yum 😋 but I don’t eat hamburger anymore ! But if I did I sure would want one from Tessie. Fries look yummy. You’re awesome n yes I’m still subscribed. God bless n stay safe ❤️🤗🙏. That store looked really nice 👍🏻

  11. this past saturday i went to sharp shopper my good friend wanted to go and I took her I was very pleased with the store. now I live in carlisle so it is a little travel but I like it prices was fine with me .

  12. I have made copies of fast food at home, fun to try. 👍😊 I have seen the cookbooks out there that are the recipes for favorite places.

  13. That meal looks delicious! I love mushroom and Swiss cheese burgers, so that would be good on a sub roll😊. Thanks for another great video

  14. Looked delicious
    Could you take out your old washer and do your laundry there? Just a thought

  15. Oooh looks like that's my dinner tonite. Yummy!!!! Thank you for the sheets hanging on the clothesline with the snowy background-ultimate fave!!! Do you make photos like that available for us to print out?

  16. All that food looks very yummy! I so need to get me an air fryer. I wish I could hang my wash outside….it smells so good after it has dried in the Sun. Thanks Tessie. Much love. 😋👍🙏

  17. McDonald's wished their hamburger looked tht good lol.yummy .great job Tessie.hugs from Ohio.

  18. Yum wish we had discount stores near me . We do have one with out dated or just about.

  19. Hello everyone 😊 that looks sooo good!!! When did you say we can come for dinner? 😊 your friend from ohio 😊❤✌🌸

  20. Tessie! I just found out I'm pregnant with our THIRD baby! I commented to you a while back, we just purchased our homestead in July of last year. It will be an interesting plot twist!! AND our fall chickens just started laying 2 days ago 🥰 It's been an exciting week.

  21. You make it look so easy Tessie…de-licious!
    It’s 7am and I really want a cheeseburger and fries omg yum!!!

  22. Good morning we got an air fryer for Christmas haven't used it to much. Thank you for showing your video… You have given us some ideas on how to preserve food… Thank you keep up the good work…

  23. Gosh Tessie, mixing ketchup and mustard??? Ugh! You are going to condiment jail!!!
    As a matter of fact when you order at the local hotdog joints here in Wilkes Barre you CANNOT get ketchup on a hot dog! They don’t even have it! They will throw you out! LOL Only mustard ‘kraut, and other accoutrements!
    And, Ketchup is for red MEAT! Hamburger, steak etc…

  24. Yes my husband said green potatoes will make you really sick well I told you I been sick I have a sinus infection and I have stomach problems to I have acid reflux and a hernia in my stomach si I got a bad spell last night after I ate I was up all night with stomach pains so pray for me I get better I need to get stuff done here at my little home stead it's hard when you have no one that wants to help u

  25. Hi Tessie hope you are having a wonderful day.the sandwich an fries looks yummy..

  26. Always like your videos. I did take it off the dark colored bell because It put too many notifications on my kindle and I have to delete them one at a time and that takes forever. I did that to almost all of my subscriptions . Kindle will not let me delete all my email at once after viewing them. If I could get it to do that I would. I still watch. Like and comment. I don't know if any one else has the same problem.

  27. Greetings Tessie..it's been so busy and so long since I could sit and watch your videos..I had bought a bag of potatoes from the store that had a lot of potatoes that were green..I just peeled down till I got white..why does that happen?.. great video Tessie.. blessings to you and your family 😇 😇

  28. By the way the sandwich looked yummy. I look forward to all your videos. I WILL BE WATCHING.

  29. I’m honestly a bit sad that you didn’t like the apron I had custom made for you. 😔 I know it looks too modern and that it’s not brown, pink or green. They didn’t have any of those colors to choose from, sadly. I was so happy when I came up with the idea, since you cook quite alot on the channel. Oh well.

  30. What kind of seasoning was in the potato seasoning packet you used? Your meal looks delicious! I have Never used an air fryer – I did not know they used oil, I assumed they somehow just fried with air!

  31. It all looks wonderful, your discount store is amazing wish we had one in Northern California

  32. Tess lol your scaring me with the knife lol. I always cut potatoes in half than turn upside down and slice. I thought you finger was gonna be a finger fry haha

  33. Tessie, what ingredients are needed to make my own roasted potato seasoning mix? Thank-you. Linda🦋

  34. W0W I want YOUR version of McDonald's… tag them. Perhaps they can copy YOURS lol 👍🇨🇦🌻

  35. You would not believe what I made for dinner last night. Chinese hot dogs with homemade Mcdonalds french fries. Yes I can make copy cat Mcdonalds french fries.

  36. Oh my 😋 that looks so good 😊 if you like relish, try relish on your burger 🍔 it’s so good 😊

  37. I am so late. Wish i had and air fryer.love big macs but last time we got yhe mc doubles.your looks so good I am getting hungry

  38. The fries look delicious! The only thing I’ve made in my air fryer is chicken wings.

  39. I have a question for you… Where do you get your lanterns from? I would just love to get some.. And what is the fuel you use again?
    Thanks so much

  40. Oh Tessie! That sub looks delicious! I wish I could eat bread again. I have celiac disease and can’t eat bread anymore. The only time I miss bread is when I get a craving for a sub/hoagie. I never really ate much bread otherwise. But that cheeseburger sub you made looks so delicious and made me crave one! Thanks so much for sharing the video with us. Love you my sweet sister. Have a very blessed day. 💕🙏

  41. Sandwiches looked yummy. Whenyou put the potatoes in the fryer you hit frenchfries, but what was the 2?

  42. I must admit that I am a bit intimidated by air fryers. You made it look so easy. For potatoes at least. Maybe by the time I see how you make several foods in one I'll buck up and buy one. 😀

  43. Better than Mcdonalds that's for sure, love seeing it done and using the air fryer for the potato fries. I just got one of them and excited to use it. Great meal Tessie.

  44. Great video Tessie! It is such a cold day, it's my catch up day to watch your videos—hopefully, don't miss a one! We are rooting for you Tessie! Love your videos and learn so much about you and what you have to offer as far as knowledge—I'll take it! 🙂 Blessings from Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

  45. Hi Tessie! Just a hint, put the flat side of your potato face down on the cutting board to slice fries. No slipping or chance of cutting yourself. Looks amazing! Bless you !

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