HelpShelf – AppSumo Black Friday 2019

What’s up, Sumolings? Are you loving all of these deals so far? Right now, we’re going to talk about HelpShelf,
a customer support widget that puts all of your support resources in one place, and then
uses its clever learning engine to get your website visitors the support they need when
they need it, while you receive fewer support tickets. It’s a win/win for your workload and your
customer’s satisfaction. And it’s so good, AppSumo uses HelpShelf
on all of our deal pages! Linking HelpShelf to your website could not
be easier: Simply enter your URL, and the tool will guide you through a simple template. Then, select how you want your customers to
contact you. There’s good ol’ fashioned e-mail, plus
a whole slew of integrations, like LiveAgent, HelpScout, and more. Finally, you’ll copy and paste the code
to add the widget to your site. HelpShelf is highly customizable: and I’m
not just talking about colors and languages… although you can customize those, too. I’m talking, you can customize the widget
to show different support articles or videos on a page-by-page basis. Let’s say a user visits your product page:
You’ll probably want to add more information about your product, or include the most frequently
asked question about the product right at the top of the widget. Then, when a user travels to another page,
like your About page or Contact page, you can customize the widget so different information
appears! Plus, with up-to-date analytics, you can see
which support tools were most helpful for your visitors. If you want to save time on support tickets
while still guaranteeing the best in customer service, then you better get HelpShelf. And make sure you check out all of our Black
Friday deals while you still can.

Norman Bunn

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