Get Navis Pack & Ship Can Ship For Your Next Auction

*Gavel Pounding*
SOLD! You’ve bought or sold an item at auction.
Now what? How will you get it to its destination? At Navis Pack and Ship, we work with buyers and sellers of art & antiques, collectibles, biopharma & IT equipment, and other large, fragile and valuable items purchased at an auction. Nationally-known auction houses have consistently recommended Navis
to coordinate every aspect of shipping services, from pickup and packing
to inventory management and delivery. Auction Sellers, are there items you haven’t
sold or are hesitant to list because of
the packing or shipping hassle? At Navis, we understand that buyers are
more likely to purchase an item that has an estimated shipping cost.
Our professionals can provide packing and shipping estimates for even
your most fragile or valuable items! With shipping information before the sale
– you’ll likely expand your audience and sell
more! Navis Pack and Ship also makes the purchasing
process easier for Auction Buyers.
We take the guesswork out of the shipping cost
BEFORE you buy with our free personalized packing and shipping estimates.
Using our trusted professional network across the U.S. and Canada, Navis offers you a single
source for pickup, packing, domestic and international
shipping, as well as full-service delivery.
People choose Navis because of our track record for
carefully creating just the right solution for each shipment.
We treat every item as if it were our own. Ready for an estimate on your item?
Call us now, and we’d be glad to listen to your needs and provide a custom solution.
Navis Pack and Ship. We get it there, with care.

Norman Bunn

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