FREIGHTENED The Real Price of Shipping – Trailer

These came by ship, these came by ship, my shoes probably came by ship, microphone certainly, all this technology
came by ship, the camera came by ship. You have containers filled with scrap metal,
you have containers filled with hay you have containers filled with waste paper. Locally made goods are more expensive than things that are shipped to us
from the other side of the world. To me there is some wrong with that equation. We know almost nothing about the companies
that run this business. The markets are good.
I can invest in some steel that floats at sea. The game is make as much money as you can. We are wrecking the ocean with ships. We are burning 200 tons a day. We cannot think about burning expensive fuel. You end up with basically hot zones of pollution. Cicero said: ”There are three kinds of people: the living,
the dead and those that are at sea.” They pay for my job but it’s like a jail. We’re heading to a precipice we’re very close which we may destroy the possibility
for human existence.

Norman Bunn


  1. When is a digital version going to be finally available for purchase and downloading? I really want to see this, but buying and shipping a physical copy of a DVD about how we ship useless stuff is a bit ironic…

  2. hi guys, I loved your documentary when watched it at VIFF, is there any link to share for the VOD in English and Russian? it would be also good to see a sequel about more solutions. Thank you for making this documentary!

  3. There are three sorts of people: those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea – Aristotel not Cicero

  4. This is probably the most retarded alarmist documentary I've ever seen. I go to an American maritime academy and most the information that they touted as secretive spooky New World Order shit is publicly available and only a few clicks away. The only reason this stuff isn't widely known is because the general public doesn't give a shit. They also don't bother to mention that the maritime industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world and is overseen by the fucking UN. If you really want to point a finger at maritime polluters than look no further than the good ol American flagged MSC (Military Sealift Command). They don't follow any of the environmental regulations that the rest of the industry adheres to. They dump shit like oil and garbage all the time. The US Navy does this as well. There was one funny part in the movie however. These yahoos just roll up to a port unannounced and ask if they can be let in to film. They tout being kicked out as the shadow organization of global shipping trying to silence they, but in reality, if they just made an appointment they would most likely have been given a tour and been able to film.

    TL;DR This film is alarmist garbage set to spooky music to try and scare people.

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