Forum Delivery Solution

Your customers stopped keeping a
street directory in their car years ago. They stopped paying bills in person too. But is your delivery system staying ahead of their expectations? If your business relies on driver knowledge, paperwork, and manual data entry, there’s room for things to go wrong. Forum Delivery gets your products in the hands of your customers faster, and with less fuss. Using Forum Delivery,
paper is eliminated. Each document is electronically stored for easy access and retrieval. Orders are electronically sent to be picked and packed. Jobs are allocated to drivers according to the most efficient schedule and route. And with monitoring the whole way, your drivers are safe and on-time, while
timesheets are verified for payroll. When your product reaches your customer, a photo verifies that it arrived safe and secure. Sign-on glass or a scanned barcode offers proof of delivery and triggers an invoice. No more disputed returns or invoices, so your cash flow is steady. With Forum Delivery your business is better than ever. Reliable deliveries, satisfied staff
and happy customers. Forum. Your business. Just better.

Norman Bunn

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