Engagement & Analytics solution for Retailers: Sprooki platform

As everyone knows today’s shoppers are
more connected than ever through smartphones and other devices. While e- and m-commerce are growing at a phenomenal rates, double-digit rates, the majority of transactions are still
being done inside physical stores. Sprooki is designed to provide mobile-
first content to connected shoppers at the most relevant moment in their
shopping journey. The influence of mobile in store is
undeniable Within 1 and every 2 in-store
purchases being influenced by digital It makes sense that we require a mobile-
first approach to browsing and buying and the information that we like to
receive or we like to browse will be different depending on our location. Sprooki’s platform allows retailers to do
two things it allows them to capture customer data
and contextual information and it allows them to serve up retail content such as
offers, rewards, product and store information at the most relevant moment
in their customers’ shopping journey. A result of being more relevant means that our platform is able to deliver up to five times higher response and
conversion rates versus other digital channels used by the sector today. Underpinning the Sprooki platform is
predictive analytics and a contextual engine which serves up retail
content to customers when they are most likely to be open to it and respond. Sprooki offers a comprehensive and
scalable solution for the retail sector at a fraction of the cost and time it
would take to internalise this technology themselves. Sprooki has a range of modules and
features that you can use out of the box or customise on top of, to better engage
and transact with today’s connected shoppers. Sprooki’s mission is to help
retailers and shoppers to engage with each other in more Intelligent, Relevant
and Mobile-first ways.

Norman Bunn

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