[ENG sub] [TWICE Private Life] A Common Way to get delivery food by Girl Group EP.01 20160301

It’s here! Who are they waiting for? Oh my god! What did you order? Jokbal! Pizza! – It’s pizza! – All the food came at once! Nayeon is always watching k-dramas on her phone, even when we’re working! K-dramas likeShe’s his stepmother, but he loves her a lot This girl was adopted, she acts like her real daughter Chanbin likes Sawall Sawall’s father is a famous architect Is her name Sawall(April) because she was born in April? Yeah that’s why There’s a girl called Owall(May) too Really? Ha ha I was right! I’m Guwall(September)! I’m Ewall(February) I’m Sawall! – She never watches – What? TV! I have to focus on the food! Momo is inhaling the jokbal like a vacuum cleaner When we were trainees We wanted to eat jokbal so bad But there was a security camera in front of our door So we couldn’t get it delivered We had to come up with an idea 007 Jokbal delivery mission We tied 30,000 won to the string Can you tie the food to the string? We’re so sorry about this Can you make the knot tight? I’m so sorry! Thank you so much! Ask him to check the money first Can you check the money first? I believe you We’re so sorry~ Thank you! He checked the money, and we were able to eat tasty jokbal Best k-drama ever! She’s concentrating so hard I saved Jeong Yeon as ‘Yoo Jung sunbae’ on my phone Really? Captivated Oh my god I can’t keep a straight face!

Norman Bunn


  1. いーなーめっちゃ楽しそう✨そして、めっちゃ可愛い💕

  2. 1:11 "there security camera in front of our door"
    Cctv in the house:am i joke to you?

  3. I used to lived in dorm, so i know that feeling when you're smuggled foods successfully. One time a teacher caught us and confiscated 20 people worth of foods. The security never ratted us out though.

  4. omo that’s a genius way to get your food in house without the camera knowing

  5. 1:20 my mom did that with her friends when she was younger and they had a sleepover, but it was cold so their parents said no ice cream from a nearby shop.

  6. could you even imagine you're delivering food to who knows will be the nation's girl group that time lmao 3 years later i hope the delivery guy is now rich

  7. Now the agency know there secret hahahah😂😂 and will be watching them by the window

  8. Sana: Can you check the money first?
    Delivery guy: I believe you

    If im the delivery guy i would be like its free can you sign my album 😆😁

  9. Its ok to eat those foods once in a while idk why they got so strict😑😑😑😑 the more u got strict the more they wanted to eat those foods

  10. Wait… Before this I watched JB fanmade video about eating… Why food videos coming up. I am hungry.

  11. I like them, but i feel sorry for them, cannot go out, they are eating junk food, no friends or communication with their families…hard training from 5am to midnight…entertainment life it’s so hard in Korea…

  12. where I can watch this full episodes with eng sub? I can't find even on website

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