Efficient order picking at with ARSR and pick-by-color | Kardex Remstar

KCK Cyklo – Mode, s.r.o. has been a wholesaler
of bicycle equipment since 1991 Their new distribution center
located in Zlín – Melanovice was opened in 2016 Shuttle XP Vertical lift systems are being used
in the warehouse utilizing the full available height PowerPick Global Software controls
the automated storage systems The software enables manual selection of orders
to be processed… …or the process can run automatically Matching of orders to be picked
with storage boxes The system has dedicated locations
for small and large scale orders Each operator has their own dedicated color
that guides them throughout the picking process Dual tray functionality The system enables addition of an extra order
into the running picking process Operators pick several orders in parallel… …or they pick one order together One to four operators can pick the orders,
depending on the actual requirements Completed orders are transported
for further processing Preparation for replenishment The system informs the operator
from which position the item should be picked
and where it should be put Item numbers and their locations
are being scanned during the replenishment process
in order to increase accuracy Benefits at a glance:
Possibility to react fast and flexibly with seasonal peaks
Error-free picking
Space saving

Norman Bunn

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