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Wassup It’s Your friend and Mentor MrDavinci in this video I’m gonna show you
a few products that you can dropship these products now perfect for one
product store Shopify dropship and before we get into the video on off you
you just gonna skim through this video just to see the products that I’ve shown
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new videos when they come to Shopify drop shipping so today’s website I’m
going to be using this dropship hunter calm it’ll be the first link in the
description pin below in the comment section as well use use the code mr. da
Vinci 20 to get 20% off your first month now that that’s not the way the first
product that I got for you that could be perfect for one product drop shipping is
you’re gonna be looking in the health and beauty neish Derick therapeutic neck
support tension reliever the product cost is gone the cost of $7.47 I wanna
be selling this for $32.50 giving us a profit margin of $25 and 5 set again as
I said we’re gonna be in health and beauty niche so over here we have a nice
description for Shopify product listen provided 3 dropship hundred calm it
browse through it it explains how it works the results has some nice benefits
everything looks good on this side I got no complaints about the
description so we’re going to right click here we’re going to open the
Aliexpress link make sure that our supplier it is close to the product cost
that we’re looking for we also want to take a look at the orders thus far give me a second here use the translate
itself Oh No this French let’s share what language this is anyway pretty sure the products not the
highly stressed suppliers not in French whether it listens not in French
something on my side of the computer nonetheless we want to click here it
says a package shipment is it will arrive October 14th so that’s about the
calendar here then the 27 it’s about a couple weeks so you can add that to your
product list the product will arrive in 12 to 17 days excluding weekends that’s
a little trick that’s been working for me for my Shopify stores and my
customers appreciate my honesty and next we’re going to right click through
dropship under comm to spy on our Shopify competition to get a declaration
of how it’s looking and what’s working on our competition that’s already
selling this product so as you can see they’re selling this for $27.99 they
have a nice quantity break here set of two items 10% off set of three items get
15% off then it is by 2 10% off by 3 15% off by for your 20 and on it’s like
floating on cloud a nice very nice it’s kind of playing but they got reviews
could use some more pictures but apparently is working so I’m not going
to knock them so we looked at our supplier we looked at Shopify
competition next thing we’re going to be looking at is our targeting audience
while country is gonna be USA gender is all this can work for both male and
age range 18 through 65 interests provided through dropship hungry comm
this is just a good starting point for us to get started
the first one is massage next one is relaxation technique and third is gadget
then we have a nice ready add text for us to test on our Facebook feed an
Instagram feed that says relieves tension and neck and shoulder it’s only
50% off short leg kick it shows here shortly and then provided through
dropship hunter comm we have us a nice wedding ready to go video a very high
catch and very engaging your customers when they see this come across their
newsfeed that instantly gonna stop it says turn on the sound who needs this
then up here and ready I had tech seeking this ad tag someone who could
use this that’s all you got to add alongside that’s ready add text the
video is gonna sell itself you have your product description placed up right you
have the pictures you have this video you shouldn’t be making some sales this
is a nice product for you for the first for one product drop shipping store
that’s the first product I got for you let’s move on to the next one boom here
we are with the next winning product that I have for you that’s perfect for
one product store we have foot massage slippers product causes $11.90 we’re
gonna be selling this for $31.99 a profit margin 20 dollars and nine cent
very nice picture right here very nice um take a look at the description design
the soothe foot heel pain and tension due to arthritis it very descriptive
about what this product does and what paint problems this product is tested on
I like that so first things first want to take a look at the Aliexpress
supplier open link in a new tab right here hopefully this one won’t be in nope
yep it’s just on my screen something’s gone
with my computer nonetheless we’re gonna take a look which has over three
thousand two hundred fifty-four orders then it has the different sizes or
change this to be packaged shipping this will arrive roughly around October 17
eyesight on e days something like that yep
so we got that supplies looks good to go going to spy on our Shopify competition
provided to dropship hunter car go take a look at how they got their list of
page setup so we can get some inspiration for ourselves he was working
already in the market want to make sure that our products already selling before
we just hop into it and well you could be the first to take this over this
looks like it’s already been established so let’s just get some inspiration exit
that out the way nice this is nice right here stands out very well
got a nice Add to Cart with the shake button that’s very nice as always got a
nice countdown timer some nice security badges nice nice Jeff yeah this product this
drop this store is making a lot of money that’s a nice size chart so the only thing I will say that this
store needs they need to add a few more reviews but overall I can see that this
listing right here is making a lot of money I can definitely tell but it makes
a lot of money so targeting provided to dropship hundred comm we’re gonna target
the US a gender both male and female age range 18 to 65 inches is reflexology
massage health and wellness just a few interest to get us started to
drop ship under comm we have a nice video ad ready for our Facebook and
Instagram feed with already ad text designed to soothe feet heel pain and
tension due to author itis narrow patty planta planta yep and take a look at
this video ad here so this type of video ad is different from the last one this
one just shows the benefits as they pop up on the screen explains how to use the
product as you see here says put the slippers on for 15 minutes Wayne pair
time so it’s breaking down how the product works how to use the product and
it’s touching on all the pain points and showing the different the differences is
how it can relieve a person who is having these problems that we just went
over and the difference is between wearing these sandals and regular
centers so this is a good product for you for you one product store and both
here we are so we have the LED touchscreen makeup mayor 1 X 2 X 3 X 10
X I’ve been testing this in the Facebook marketplace and they’ve been all crazy
so I’m considering making this a one product store but I figure why not give
value to y’all y’all keep tuning in to watch on my videos I appreciate y’all
and smash that like button to show you support for me going out finding these
products for y’all anyway product cost
teen dollars $0.26 we’re going to be selling this for $58 $0.24 giving us a
profit margin a $41.98 I definitely recommend that you get a better
description in this this looks like you just came fresh off Aliexpress we don’t
want a highly express description we won the description that tells the story you
want a description that talks about the benefits we want a description that
tells us how to use the product so let’s take a look at our Aliexpress supplier
and I don’t know why mine is still in French it’s okay right I’ll be shipping this from China
be packet yep so this product will arrive in October 12th it’s not a bad
time it’s about the typical delivery rate from Aliexpress now we’re gonna
right click we’re gonna look at our Shopify competition provided through
browser hunter calm trying f5 look right so it’s okay if you want to do this all
you have to do because there then load up but it’s one website you will
download this picture and there’s a free app that you can get or you can just go
to Google type in Google reverse image and you can load up any product that you
want that it can be on dropship hundred calm but this can also be a highly
expression right click you download first such image and it’ll show you all
the stores and every website that’s selling a product based on an image that
you sell it you want to see a more in-depth structure of me showing you how
to do that leave me a comment below and I’ll make a video to show you how to do
that so on the scroll on down targeting audience USA gender
Percy recommend you do female but you can test both male and female age range
18 through 65 interests beauty tips makeup artist makeup lessons I love
makeup makeup artist choice makeup geek makeup talk calm but also try Kim
Kardashian Kylie Jenner anyone who’s a big influencer and the health of you
Denise I will try that as an interest well here we have us a nice ready to go
video ahead for our Facebook and Instagram feed free tax and says makeup
vanity man with 24 LED lights daytime 50% off then we have a nice video ad
here showcasing the mayor how it’s going to
help our customer and just want to show them the benefits and how to use them
there get yours now be good pretty good video ad so check
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early test these products let me know your results comment let me know I will
see you in the next video take care everybody thanks for watching

Norman Bunn

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