Dota 2 Tricks: Runes inside the Couriers 7.09!

Norman Bunn


  1. Раньше нельзя было передавать ботл с руной

  2. Слишком короткое видео, так ни чего и не понял.

  3. Imagine having that courier with dd rune active and a mk in uour team, ppl will think its mk and waste chrono or smth

  4. Anyone remember old dota 1 courier? That uses items just give them arcane boots eblade dagon and your courier is a beast

  5. Uhh … normally when this channel posts stuff like this where the action/content shouldnt be allowed to be done in game , its usually after valve has fixed it and they are then granted the permission to share it , just like the morphling invoker essences bug z

  6. Dota1 Days: Courier can have Mana(mana boosting items) and can use dagon and Necro

    Dota2: Couriers has Damage, can it attack though?

  7. божечки ж ты мой, приснится же такое, курьер на хасте и с дд, я их теперь бояться буду!

  8. Wait can courier even attack someone? Imagine courier killing someone with that imba 2 dmg. Like someone with 1 hp after dazzle grave or kunkkas ghostship.

  9. This is very old trick. It's not even a trick I guess. But sea cancer will never know it.

  10. Baia baia
    Courier damage: 1
    Double damage on courier: 1+1=2 lol
    Matematicas hijo!.jpg xd

  11. ВОПРОС? У курьера с DD атака была 1+1.

  12. I miss dota 1. In dota 1 you can do that. To save time for tha courier togo to the fountain and refills your bottle.

  13. courier can use runes since dota1 the only difference is you can't drop bottled runes.

  14. это просто PogChamp. Бтв, интересно, если апнутый курьер заюзает руну волшебства, то бессмертие будем меньше иметь кд?

  15. Dota 2 is not Dota 2 now.
    Its change maybe i should go back to Dota 1.
    i havent play since this update

  16. lol stupid trick. its better to activate it in your own hero rather than in the courier making the powerups/runes useless. also, might be a good idea if the courier can pick up the rune with an empty bottle to save time and space…

  17. С помнил,первую доту как я курьера арканами и дагонами прокачивал, а потом шел армией курьеров в атаку))

  18. не подскажите название мелодии в конце видео?

  19. What happens if courier activates bounty rune? Can your allies do it with your bottle?

  20. Icefrog received notification 🔔 from the channel:
    New update: bottle rune can no longer give to courier and heroes

  21. Wait, since when is this a thing? I coulda sworn I investigated this a while ago and it didn't work.

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