Don Jr.: Trump is delivering despite Dems’ ‘unprecedented obstruction’

Norman Bunn


  1. Just saw Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer (D..go figure) say that although our Stock Market is at record high, unemployment at record low, our (now picture a suddenly sad face) "moral standing in the world" has suffered due to some of DT's tweets and the "way he represents himself."….."Geopolitically, we don't have as much influence as we could." What a knob!..Anywhere DT goes he's surrounded and hounded by the leaders of all the other countries begging for anything from a handout to simple advice. Geopolitical influence?…It starts and ends with President Donald Trump! The only influence we've lost on an international stage in the last 3 years is due to the Dimbecil clown car "Impeach at any cost, regardless of facts" soap operas these wasteholes have been using to torture the public. Anywhere outside DC these Schiffheads would be taken out back and rightfully kneecapped for their treasonous acts; instead, we'll just have to re-elect DT in LANDSLIDE 2020!!!!

  2. Pelosi and co said "Impeachment will forever be a stain on Trump's Presidency"; I suppose a bit like Clinton's stain on Monica's dress?

  3. Trump Jr. for the next two terms starting 2024. Then we can say a Trump presidency for 16 years. The dems should implode just thinking about it. LOL

  4. TRUMP….2020…TRUMP JR….2024……TRUMP JR…..2028…..ERIC TRUMP…..2032….
    ERIC TRUMP…2036…..IVANKA TRUMP……2040…….IVANKA TRUMP…..2044…..BARRON TRUMP……..2048……BARRON TRUMP…..2052

  5. Tell the bumbling idiot dictator trump to stop taking credit for president Obama’s work it is very disrespectful of the low life scum. Pay attention knee dwellers.

  6. shut up nobody give a fuk boy. 30 hours of depositions right? Well having a meeting with some Russian lawyers ain't nothing boy. ingrate as you're father is a fuken ingrate and treason. Suggest that you get off Biden and go to the source of the decision made on the Ukraine there boy. Suggest you ask Obama because Obama made that decision on Ukraine and Whatever biden's son was doing was evidently not a problem. Does Obama know something about what you were doing? is that why you aren't asking the one that actually made the decision. Instead you just want to smear Biden like you smeared Clinton. All you are doing is putting propaganda up there boy. Character assassin. You ain't nothing but some kind of Snowden fellowship boy.

  7. Don Jr. Is dead on 100% accurate…
    Don Jr. 2024 🇺🇸

  8. Hunter Biden was just a pigeon to see if some Trump bum was trying to work through a Ukrainian prosecutor to try and damage anyone in the Obama administration that would run for president. You know and Obama knows and many do know the racket that was going on long before you're daddy somehow got elected with Russian help boy. If one takes a good look at why Trump would try and help that prosecutor or anyone else involved in that whole lot of racket, it would be because they may have been some kind of information channel to try and damage those in the Obama administration. You fuk with Kerry. I don't think Kerry has a desire to run for president. Many in the republican party are at risk of being exposed of involvement in a racket. Ain't that right Gowdy? Shut the fuk up boy nobody give a fuk.

  9. Here’s where Impeachment started:
    “Russia if you’re listening please help”
    But he was joking. So he then says “China should investigate Biden” Another joke. “I want you to do us a favor”

  10. Hey Don… How are those business deals in other countries doing? The ones you said you wouldn't be doing because your father is president? How's your sister's multi million dollar real estate in China going? Tight timing there huh? Trade deal — real estate deal… and how about the millions and millions of dollars being poured into the family's golf courses by the American tax payers? Seems like having something to deflect from your illegal activit and corruption would be welcomed.

  11. If President Trump is delivering at this level under these extreme circumstances, what will he do if the ropes securing his hands behind his back are released? Trump 2020, House, Senate Landslide for a New USA!!

  12. This is the end of the Democratic Party!

    Now President Trump needs a very strong head of education to STOP this” Socialist
    brainwashing “ that our youth is being spoon fed starting as early as grade school!

    And stop funding universities filled with Communist professors with our tax dollars!

  13. We are looking at the next elected 2024 President of The United States Of America!

  14. Not tired of winning yet. Conservatives, IMGUR is bashing the right. Go to imgur and downvote every liberal trump bashing post amd argue these mental midgets into the ground.

  15. Hopefully the coronavirus will get to WashingtonDC. Shits gave people laws and rights then people were harassed sometimes arrested for doing things within their rights, people were arrested for obaying the law. Non life threatening individuals were shot at some were killed. Shits lied that 🇺🇸 is the wealthiest and the best country on earth. Lying shits don't even give people free health care as a constitutional right. They didn't even bring the economy close to being ok like it was in 1950s where 2.5 years of work bought and average new house.

  16. Actually since TDS has kept their attention, they haven’t had the effort or time to obstruct this potus accomplishments

  17. Glad Trump is a strong leadership most would have given up being ridiculed like this Trump 2020 and then Trump junior after that

  18. 🌈🙏😇💁‍♀️👰👑❤️👂🍴🍷🍞🚪🐑🌹✝️👂👑

  19. Why is it that YOU, TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS always blame Obama for what he did or did not do? Trump is now the President and is the one who said that the economy is doing good.

    The real indicator of how well the economy is doing is the amount the administration gives for the cost of living allowance and the deficit. Under Trump, the deficit is close to an increase of $3-trillion. Who will pay for that?

    The next generation, our kids, grandkids, etc. and this nonsense that the economy is doing so good because the stock market is rising. Who owns stocks but the wealthy who manipulate the stock market to make trump look better in an election year. Most people don't own any stock so how do they benefit

  20. i have worked out why some democrats didnt want to hear from (the man who wrote the book) i forget his name, they did this so they can just keep calling trump a liar so they can continue to say he wouldnt allow witnesses when they helped they are so devious

  21. That's righteous information especially when it's coming from the same piece of hypocritical self-entitled lieing piece of s*** as his father

  22. Donald Jr should be President. He speaks to the camera a lot better and sounds like he is educated.

  23. Did anyone see Trump mocking the national anthem? This person does not even believe the vial he spews. This person is either a liar ( for pretending to say he loves the anthem when he really doesn't), is in the initial stages of Dementia ( for displaying signs of altered mental status), just down right hypocritical ( for behaving worse during the anthem than any football player has done, or….all of the above.

  24. The DNC is the most the anti-American party, Dems seem to want a dictatorship where they can tell us what we want




  26. It's completely incredible that 27 minutes after our President Donald j Trump was inaugurated Nancy Pelosi said "we are going to start the preceedings on finding evidence to impeach President Trump."
    :Article from the Washington Post:
    The man had not even signed a piece of paper or put anything into effect yet and they were trying to impeach him.

  27. It's like Steven Crowder said, the only reason that people in America want a socialistic ran government is because they never lived in a socialistic ran government country

  28. reporter going for the jugular asking 'In what way was your family affected (regarding Demo's hurting Trumps family)?' I don't like media re-opening wounds but like old hat, that's there method it seems.

  29. Bernie's croud wants everything free but nothing is free there misguided taxes Wii hurt everyone !!!

  30. Just like a third world countries . Son, son in law,daughter hahahaha I never thought America would follow suit 👏👏👏👏👏

  31. When was the last time you saw a news and information
    program hosted by a wholesome, unpolished, female journalist? perhaps never,
    these days network news managers seem to go out of their way to project female television
    journalists as hookers, tramps, or worse, ‘young’ streaking blond hair dyed and
    greasy lipped, you know, the kind of woman that can only be seen in the dark alleyways
    of our cities, asking anyone passing by, are you looking for a date? Its way
    past time for some of us to try and reclaim the female image on television with
    just a little degree characteristic of pure ‘motherhood’…a Doris Day like may
    be a bit too extreme, and a Mommie Dearest, too tragic, lets hope for someone
    more like, you know, your ‘Mom’…

  32. Holding up infrastructure is their worst crime and fraud against all Americans.

  33. It feels like all FoxNews comments are just doing their best to try and emulate Sean Hannity. Just admit it, if you all had a chance to blow Hannity, you would.

  34. Man. The last part of this interview felt like a campaign add for Trump and for Bernie. Jr is right, though, I can't see Biden putting up much of a fight in a General. He can't handle moderately confrontational questions from primary voters. Trump would roundhouse him in the jaw and it would be over before it began.

  35. Just so all you know, there is a great divide in the left right now. The Neoliberal left (Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Hillary) and the Progressive left (Bernie, AOC, Thalib, Omar). While the Progressive left doesn't approve of a lot of the shear garbage coming out of the Trump Administration, we despise the Pelosi's of this world probably even more. Trump, at the very least, takes off the mask and either you like him or you don't. Politicians like Biden, however, still pretend to be for the working people, all the while stabbing you in the back. So Bernie supporters probably have more in common with Trump supporters than we do with anyone that voted for Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

  36. Don Jr is a champion. His father must be so happy to have a son such as him. The rest of his kids, too!

  37. I wonder, does Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat minions & rinos truly believe that, by impeaching President Trump, it will bring progress to prosperity in the U.S.of A. ?

  38. How many presidents have delivered what he said he would do while running for president? 1! Our current president! Can't rip up facts Pelosi!

  39. Trump’s mindless Nihilism- The reason we have a president increasingly isolated, ever more impotent, diplomatically catastrophic, and constitutionally dangerous is not because he is a f——g moron requiring an adult day-care center to avoid catastrophe daily. It’s because he’s a reactionary fantasist, whose policies stir the emotions but are stalled in the headwinds of reality…they are the unhinged fantasies of a 73-year-old Fox News viewer.

  40. Just another lying. Trump mentioned he had a bill to lower drug prices. The Dems already pasted a bill but dumb*s Mitch blocked it. The Dems have pasted a lot of bills but Mitch always blocks them.We never hear about that unless you listen to a real news network. I never hear about that. Also, do we hear about the largest coal company filling for bankruptcy…..NO. Do we hear about the largest milk company filling for bankruptcy…..NO. Do we hear about all the farmers losing millions of dollars…..NO. The Trump family live a life based on lies and just keep repeating them. Idiots, like his base and the Republican Senators love him for it. The world is truly upside down.

  41. Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump's speech after the State of the Union is considered an act of treason and terrorism.
    Imagine the terrible ordeal that Trump and his family, especially his children have gone through the past 3 years from the Russia collusion hoax to this impeachment sham! We wouldn't blame Trump for not shaking hands with psychopath Nancy Pelosi. We the American people will dance on Nancy Pelosi's grave.

  42. Joe Walsh, Republican; from Twitter

    I spoke in front of 3,000 Iowa Republicans last night. It was like a MAGA rally. I told them we needed a President who doesn’t lie all the time. The crowd booed me. I told them we needed a President who wasn’t indecent & cruel. The crowd booed me. 1/

    I told them we needed a President who doesn’t care only about himself. The crowd booed me. I told them the Republican Party needed to do some real soul searching. The crowd booed me. 2/

    I told them that, because of Trump, young people, women, and people of color want nothing to do with the Republican Party. The crowd booed me. I told them I’m a pro life, pro gun, secure the border conservative, but we need a President who is decent and represents everyone. 3/

    The crowd booed me. I got booed, yelled at, jeered, and given the middle finger for the 3-4 minutes I spoke to these 3,000 people. Afterwards, I realized again that 99.9% of these folks don’t support me. They don’t care that Trump lies, they don’t care that he’s cruel, 4/

    they don’t care that he cheats to get re-elected, they don’t care that he attacks the free press, they don’t care that he increases the debt, they don’t care that his tariffs have killed Iowa farmers, they don’t care that Trump abuses the Constitution and acts like a dictator. 5/

    Afterwards, I realized again that my Republican Party isn’t a Party, it’s a cult. I realized again that nobody can beat Trump in a Republican Primary. And most importantly and most sadly, I realized again that I don’t belong in this party. I have no home in this party. 6/

    And I realized again that something new needs to begin. Whether it’s a political party, or a movement, I don’t know. But there needs to be a home for conservatives who are decent, principled, and respectful. Conservatives who embrace all God’s children, acknowledge that 7/

    climate change is real, get serious about our debt, abide by our Constitution, and tell the truth. I hope to be a part of this new party. This new movement. But job #1 in 2020 is to stop Trump. And all of us from across the political spectrum need to come together 8/

    to stop Trump. Let’s make sure Trump is defeated in 2020, then we get back to respectfully debating issues. Instead of talking about Trump everyday. Let’s put aside our differences on certain issues now and understand that Trump is the single greatest threat to this Republic.

  43. Imagine how great America could be if the Democrats actually worked with Trump, with Washington, with this administration, to Keep America Great. Image that. With everything that has been done, all the while he's being beatin daily in the press, what if the Democrats start working with the rest of Government.

  44. So bizarre!!!! Where is common sense , where are we heading to from here ? Can’t people see the difference between good and wrong ? Fox is just lame and shameless . Every one of them . Donald Trump is a waste of a human being .

  45. Shiloh Elementary School
    Ms. Epting's 4th grade class listens every day! We love trivia.

  46. Which nationally televising news network employ the most dye
    headed reporters and anchors, male or female, delivering news and information
    on their air? Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, BBC News, DW-TV, Sky-News,
    Bloomberg Television, or Fox News? Oh, I get it, this is some sort of trick
    question, in that case I’m going to say, Entertainment Tonight…

  47. The stock market might be going up. But my sense is that the Trump Administration's policies have not helped the vast majority of Americans.

  48. Angry white men must never allow to govern my country USA ever again. Trump Moscow gop n fox. Get out of my country USA

  49. yeah im sure they do want bernie to win, because they are confident they can win against him, 2016 watcher!


  51. Pukelosi needs to take her pens back and give them out to her prison (3 years) inmates for ripping up POTUS' speech, her gavel will be her eating spoon and her podium prison bars. Picture that!!!

  52. I hope donald and his three eldest children end like Benito Mussolini.

    Next time, ask don jr., about his and eric's patriotism; for example, did they complete their Selective Service Registration requirement?

  53. pls translate===παρασκευή 7 φεβρουαρίου 2020===καλησπερα σας FOX & FRIENDS===με την νίκη της κυβέρνησης ΤΡΑΜΠ νίκησε η ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ των πολιτών και της ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ=Ελπίζω σύντομα σε συνεννόηση με την Ελληνική κυβέρνηση του κ.ΜΗΤΣΟΤΣΚΗ,να απελευθερώσουν κι εμένα απ την τεράστια διαφθορά του βαθέως κράτους,για να εχω κι εγω ενα τούβλο στην ιδιοκτησία μου,γιατι ολα μου τα ισοπεδωσαν με fakenews=βία κλπ,με το οπλο νίκολα τέσλα===φλογητά χαλκιδικής===

  54. Donald Jr.,…. step it Down a notch. You can get your points out without the tremendous energy. Yes energy is required! However brazen , boisterous tonality is a bit of a turn off! Yes You have a lot of important perceptions,… You also need to express a tenderness. We have seen that side of You and it very compelling. You are an excellent Son and You May very well be the President of the United States one day!

  55. President Trump must be like some kind of mirror for those Democrats; when Democrats look at him, they see themselves and their own actions in his eyes looking at back at them! the Democrats then screaming how disgusted they are with what they see, but not realizing what they see is only a mirroring-image of THEIR true being.
    The mirror only reflects back what's on the other side, those attributes are not the mirrors, those attributes belong to those who are looking into it, and the mirror not to be blamed for that!
    Yes, in fact, everything and anything the Democrats accused President Trump with, are the crimes THEY have done.
    I'm telling you all, President Trump must be like some kind of magic mirror, when the corrupt looks into his eyes, (s)he can only see deep disgust! I almost feel sorry for those Democrats.

  56. Oh,Donny Donny Donny you live in a make believe world where lying is so common that you begin to believe make believe is true. There's nothing "Honorable" about you or your father's public life. Sad, truly sad.

  57. The dam angry white men doesn’t even believe in his own law and government. Practice what you preached white angry men. You no longer have credibility in the world. Keep your fake law to yourself.

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