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  1. Excited! HELLO from New Zealand! Just stumbled across your channel! Fantastic work!

  2. I hope you are all having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world! Today I am back in Melbourne ✈️🌞

  3. What is the smartest way to invest 250 bucks (all I got) if you want to start a dropshipping business? 25€/months for Shopify I get it, but what about other things?πŸ€“


  4. Hello Sarah! Thank you so much for all your amazing videos! You truly put enormous amounts of time into them. I recently discovered your videos a couple of months ago and I instantly fell in love. So much so, I had my parents start a dropshipping store in their name that I design, fund, and research products/suppliers for. I'm sure you get a lot of comments asking for a store review, but I'm in high school and you really gave me the entrepreneur spirit! Since I have a small income, I have been using Instagram shoutouts but I also use Instagram/Facebook ads. I've had one sale but recently I've had a lot of traffic but no sales. πŸ™ Please if you have the time I would greatly appreciate if you made an honest review of my store. Thank you for your time.

  5. i want to start dropshipping! should i just open a shopify account and go for it? figure things out as i go?

  6. Great video Sarah! The link for The Ecomm Clubhouse is not working, can you check since I would like to join.

  7. In Scotland, in my early 50's, interested in getting involved in dropshipping but have still to take that leap.

  8. Hey, Sarah! I'm really sorry to be bothering you, but a month ago I opened a print-on-demand shop on Etsy and I'm selling LGBTQ+ stuff ( ). I would love to hear your opinion, if you ever decide to do a review, I would be very grateful! If not, I absolutely understand because business is sooo much work and I love how inspiring you are! Thanks!

  9. I ask, what do you think about the idea of ​​hand lettering for t shirt design? is that pretty good?

  10. I appreciate you and look forward to your videos! Thank you tons! ❀️

  11. Why the name Wholesale Ted? I haven't found the video about the name of the channel yet.

  12. Lady Sarah may I ask you a question? Let say I draw you as Captain Marvel hugging a Pug that looks like Thanos. Is that a copy right infringement, personality right infringement or both?

  13. Hi Sarah! I have a PoD store, but at the moment I've only got cute images on the t-shirts / hoodies etc, would you recommend to have text with the picture for all products?

  14. 0 points…I'm just starting out here in Scotland, UK. These videos are precious gems to me Sarah
    Thank you.

  15. I have joined The Ecomm Clubhouse and I really really looooove it. It is exactly what I need it. Thank you so much Sarah.

  16. I've signed up for your ebook a few times but I never received the email. Are you having technical issues?

  17. It blows my mind that people have the nerve to come to your channel absorb free information. And then try and tell you what you can and cant do on your channel. Just keep being you.

  18. 15 points! Woot woot! POD is my business model. Love your videos on this topic.

  19. Great info! Have a question do you recommend a sales funnels for POD? Thanks!

  20. I have an interesting question;
    With the trade war between the US and China, have you looked for an alternative to AliExpress in case someone does something stupid and the US slams the gates shut on imports from China?

  21. I am currently in the process of creating shirts. I have used fonts from Pixlr and wonder if those are copyright free or not. Anyone knows?

  22. Hey, do people buy half sleeves tshirts in winters in usa? I am from india and i dont know about this.

  23. Thanks! This is Really Helpful 😍 paid videos vs youtube videos are more DETAILED. 🍦

  24. Years ago I noticed Victoria’s Secret reusing the exact same model in different T-shirt colors and I was like hey…

  25. Hey Sarah, greetings from France !
    I wanted to know how many designs/products should I start with when it is my first POD store? πŸ˜€

  26. Dont lose the dancing πŸ™‚ is it silly… Yes . That's why i like it ,makes you unique !!!

  27. Just starting my own business Sarah. Your such an inspiration and the information you give is outstanding. Thank you for putting your time and effort into these videos – I hope you realise how much your appreciated. Keep going x

  28. Funny that I was researching the "giant panda" niche just a few minutes before watching this video.

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