Deloitte and HPE: Delivering a flexible approach to the Hybrid Cloud

I’m excited about where hybrid cloud
is going. I see the solutions that we’re putting together, being able to
transform people’s lives. Hybrid cloud is the new normal because
clients are struggling with an all-in public cloud model. We’ve had a lot of
our clients dial back into something that’s more hybrid. Our clients are
really struggling to be able to get the architecture right and what that mix is.
And that’s one of the reasons we’re so focused on an outcome-based solution.
Our clients, if they don’t want to be exclusively public, we have the
opportunity to offer to them a private environment it’s in Deloitte-hosted private
cloud, where we’re using exclusively HPE. It’s an HPE On-Prem environment
where we’re setting up linkages to public cloud like GCP and AWS and
Azure. And we’re using this for SAP/S4 workload. This is all done flexible consumption with
PointNext GreenLake. Depending on what the business transactions the client is looking at, what
they want to know is what’s my cost per bill and so tying together the
innovation of the public cloud with the reliability of the hybrid
infrastructure from HPE, we think is winning combination. You want your IT
to be an important asset to the business, not just overhead. IT becomes
a strategic partner by superior infrastructure, superior datasets,
superior processes that enable the businesses to make even better
decisions. For example, in the utility space, we’re working with a client that
has 11 different business units across the U. S. They want a single building
system for all 11 utilities. Whether it’s the hardware, the SAP software, the
integration costs, the network costs, the transformation costs, we are building that
all together and tying it into a per bill basis. For manufacturers, Deloitte is
bringing manufacturing Ford Auto to life. All the way from IoT to the
billing systems and to the ERP systems that are the digital back
office. We’re combining all the infrastructure together, Whether you’re
building planes, whether you’re building cars, we can price it on a per
widget basis. Both HPE and Deloitte are completely aligned with what’s
important to the client. That per widget cost and being able to drive
that per widget cost down. HPE is a client, so Deloitte is involved in the major
implementation called NextGen IT. It’s a major part of HPE’s vision. We are
now live on SAP/S4 Central Finance globally. This was done screaming fast. In just
less than a year, your SAP/S4 is the largest finance implementation in
the world. And the system is working brilliantly. Deloitte’s doing the same
thing. It’s called Swift. We’re implementing SAP/S4 as well. So we
are eating our own dog food and what we’re doing with our two reference
cases is taking them to major companies around the world and saying, Guess what?
We did it ourselves. We live and breathe it. We can help you with the
same implementation. By ourselves, we can’t do it. Together, we can. And it’s
very powerful.

Norman Bunn

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