Today my cousin is going to get a new car Today my cousin is going to get a new car Today my cousin is going to get a new car Now the time is 11:10 he asked me to be there till 11:30 Because me my cousin and some of my family members are we all are going to showroom Car is ready at the showroom Our Harley is in the parking lot I haven’t took that out for a spin and haven’t done any rides for a while Thought of going on a ride last Sunday we couldn’t go it seems to be sleepy There is lot of dust and dirt on it, The cover is from TPH Good quality You can see a bit of dirt and dust layered How dirty it is ! Time to get this a proper wash ! Let’s leave this for now we Let’s start the car and let it warm up we’ll make a move So here we are at the showroom I didn’t reviled which showroom is this right ! Is this suppose to be done ! Here in GT POLO for safety wise, customer prefers safety In POLO We will get two Airbags, Tilt and telescopic steering Operating Easy to access and operate You can Operate from here from steering Volume up and volume down Channel changing You can access your phone calls operations for speedometer you can operate those from steering we are having sports mode here. In this sports mode you can cross 100kmph within 14-15 sec driver can operate windows from his seat For safety Children safety 1200 CC engine 1.2 Liter engine This is GT TSI Performance 110bhp even though the vehicle looks small and compact It is Tough to open !! Done with the car delivery and now going to have some delicious lunch in restaurant Heading Home Smell ! I am driving it I can smell that new flavour in it ! I can feel it It is raining in Hyderabad feeling bit tired Like ! Share and Subscribe

Norman Bunn


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