David Hubbard


yeah hello Dave so last year must say that you are the most scientists and complete writer in the world so first do you agree and second what can you say about really improving his he’s always been gonna drop me but now he’s in the higher though he’s a very well rounded writer as well although he normally stands up a crap other than a bodyboard so we’d have to see him stand up on a body board to see if he was all around really okay and speaking to drop me you’re kind of legend winning four world title and what when do you think the title with the right that’s an interesting question to me it’s kind of already arrived last year’s performance to me was was adequate because they they did some weird things with allowing Damien Queen to advance through heats that he was clearly beaten in so that that’s a little interesting I’m not I’m no longer focused on titles as achievements you know I’ve got some and that’s cool but I I dropped me for the fun of it for for the sensation not so much for certain achievements and whatever the best way to serve and you brother is one of the favorite to the world title inspiration for you as well as seeing his lately as justice trying to focus more and to see what kind of results I can achieve the worker said maybe to win a throne event would continue the cycle keep riding enjoy new places meeting new friends and just thank you very much


  1. forsure. i see it now, theres no rollo after the invert so it has to be an 'inverse'

    il probably never ever try to attempt that in anything shallow lol


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