Damian, Engineering and Facilities Operations Manager

[upbeat music] – My name’s Damian and I am a engineering and
facilities operations manager. I’ve worked for Target
for three years. The thing that really
attracted me to Target was really that brand. As a shopper, I’ve always loved
shopping at Target. What better way to really get
to know a company than work for the best company in retail? As far as my day to day as
an operations manager at Target, the first thing I do
is definitely check in with my team. We’re always focused on
the team aspect of things. We’ll go over routines. We’ll go over things
that we have to maintenance the building on. I spend most of my time
on the floor with my team and with my peers. Being in an operations role,
it’s definitely being in the present, and to remove
obstacles for your teams or work with your peers on–
on plans that may have changed throughout the day. My favorite part of being
an ops manager for engineering and facilities
is that we’re planning a year out,
five years out, ten years out. So it’s definitely that
long-term vision of where you’re gonna take your specific
building to relate that to Target’s ultimate goal as far as
driving product to our guests. The skills I’ve gained
as an operations manager, definitely being resilient. Just understanding that
every day is gonna be unique to the next, and how are
you gonna adapt to that? But not only that, but how are
you gonna bring your peers along and your team members? Qualities that we really look
for when someone’s joining the team is your ability
to collaborate. Really there is no I. It’s all about the team. Here in engineering
and facilities, a team tends to be a little bit
smaller, so you really have that opportunity to build
those–those relationships, so I definitely know each one
of my team members on a first-name basis. I know a lot about
their personal lives, so it’s build that
personal relationship first and incorporate that
into your workday. What really keeps me here
at Target is the people. That’s the thing that really
sets us apart as a company is we truly care about
the people that work for Target. [upbeat music continues]

Norman Bunn

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