Norman Bunn


  1. I'm so sorry.
    At 68 years of age, I wish he had already been retired. Now, a nice retirement will never happen.
    Texas and the FBI, you must find the killers! Please….. ASAP!

    eta typo

  2. Whoever knows anything, go ahead and get that reward money!
    You know who it is, they’ll be found, streets y’all.

  3. Stealing a car, borrowing a car, just don't use a car tied to your name, that's the loop hole in the system. This always throws the cops off.

    These guys are seasoned criminals and I have no doubt in my mind that they have been caught and released multiple times on violent offenses. This needs to be fixed.

  4. My heart is so broken…. I’ve known Francis for 4 years I still can’t believe he is gone….he had the biggest heart ever!!!!!……I pray they find who did this to him and they get the punishment they deserve!!!!!!!!

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