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Hi Friends! Welcome to this tutorial on “Editing your store information” on COSMOS for the stores managed by you. In case you have not gone through the Cosmos “Introduction” video, we recommend that you do so. You will find it on our Youtube channel “Cosmos 1.0” Coming back to editing. Firstly, log in into
Cosmos with your credentials. After logging in, we open the store page.
Then, under the live tab, we edit the “Live” record for the store by pressing the edit button . The first two sections “Store” & “Contact
Information” are already updated. You may edit the Contact information in case it is
not correct or if it changes in the future. In the third section “Categories”, today you
will need to add the product categories of your store. You may add or remove products
from here, from time to time, to reflect any changes in the categories carried by the store. In this table, the first column is the various
segments that the store may have products or services from. We logged in using UCB Ambience
Gurgaon account. Let us assume that UCB has products from 3 segments – “Apparels”, “Footwear”
and “Fashion Accessories”. Similarly a restaurant may have product categories from “Dining”
segment only and a spa or a salon may have to enter products or services from the “Services
& Entertainment” segment only. The idea is to start with one segment and
move inside it adding all the products available in the store from that segment. Once a segment
is complete, we move to the next segment until you have listed all the products & services
in all segments supported by your store. While you should try to include everything
that the store caters to, please only add the products and services which are generally
always present in your store. For example, if “Ties” is a product category that only
is available occasionally in the store, then we need not add “Ties” to our store information. Lets start with adding “Apparel” products
for the UCB store. We click on “Apparel” which opens further
sub-segments like “Bottomwear”, Clothing Fabric” etc etc. We go in a top down fashion, starting
with “Bottomwear”. Lets say, in Bottomwear UCB only carries “Harem Pants”. and “Jeans”.
We click on “Harem Pants” to add it. A selection menu pops up. We select the types. If we are
only sure that “Women” Harem pants are generally available, we only select that and press OK.
The product along with the type information is now added at the bottom. Next product Im going to
add for UCB is “Jeans”. Jeans has multiple types, so for each type like “Boyfriend”,
“Slim”, “Regular” etc, you will need to specify the section of customers you have products
for. For example, let us assume that UCB only has “Slim”, “Regular” & “Super Skinny” types
of “Jeans. Within “Slim” type, they have products for all “Men”, “Women”, “Boys” & “Girls”.
But for “Regular” type they only have for “Men” & “Boys” and in “Super Skinny”, they
only cater to “Women”. So I tick boxes accordingly and then press “OK”. “Jeans” is added. We do similarly for all product categories
under “Bottomwear” and then move on to next sub-segment which is “Clothing fabric”. Since
this sub-segment is not present at all, I move on. Same for “Ethnic & Fusion Wear” so
I move to “Innerwear”. Here again you have to add all product categories that are present.
Say, I add “Boxers”. Once I’m finished with “Apparels”, I take up the next segment which
is “Footwear”. I add all products carried by UCB in “Footwear” and move to next segment
and repeat the process. All products added are shown at the bottom.
They are also highlighted in the category structure with GREEN color. At any stage,
if you wish to remove a product added by mistake, you can click on it again and press the “Remove”
button at the top and it gets removed. Also you may remove a product or type from the
added products section at the bottom. If after going through all the relevant segments
you are still not able to find any of the product categories carried by your store, you
can make a direct search for the same in the search box provided. Here I will try to search for
“Bow Ties” and add it directly. “Bow Ties” is added now. Finally, once you are done, you may save the information added by pressing “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Saving redirects
you to the main page of your account. Please note that saving the record does NOT update
the “Live” data directly. There is one last step. You have to now go to the “Created” tab. The
new record with your changes is here in the “Created” tab. In case you need to make further
changes before submitting, you can do so by pressing “Edit” and then saving the new changes.
Once Done, press the “Submit” button. This will submit the changes made by you for review
at ERGO. This completes the updation process at your end. You do not need to do anything
further after pressing “Submit”. The changed record goes in “Pending” state
for ERGO to review. It is either “Accepted” or “Rejected” by ERGO. Once “Accepted”, the
changes are reflected in the “Live” record. If by any chance, the updation is “Rejected”,
you will be sent an email with the reason for rejection. You can then login into COSMOS
in the same way and open the “Rejected” tab, then make corrections and resubmit. Alternately,
you can redo the edit from scratch by following the same process as described in this tutorial. Thank you for the patient hearing. Hope you
will be able to successfully add the product categories to your store. It is recommended
that you update the store information categories at least once in a season. Reach out to us
on [email protected] or call us at 0124-4262592 for any issues that you may have. Thank you & Goodbye.

Norman Bunn

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