Cargo Space Engineering: Conveyor

Conveyor is a groundbreaking solution in last mile logistics. A total of twelve rows of racking make optimum use of the load space. With no need for an aisle for the driver, this means, that more goods can be delivered on a single trip. The goods are scanned and the back-end allocates them a space in the vehicle. In the subsequent sorting process the goods are bundled into badges of ten. The ten shipments are secured on transport containers and moved into the vehicle on a height-adjustable conveyor-belt. Each item finds it’s cubby and slides forward into the inside of the vehicle, making room for the next one. The process is fast and completely automatic. The vehicle is now ready to leave. The navigation system shows the next destination, the name of the customer and the number of shipments. The customer also receives a message in advance on when the delivery will arrive. When the vehicle comes to a hold the partition to the load space moves to the side. The driver is able to reach the goods without getting out of the vehicle, saving valuable time. He doesn’t have to search for long. The pick-by-light system shows him, where the goods are located. If the driver misses part of the shipment, he is informed via a warning-tone or vibration-alarm thus eliminating unnecessary repeat-journeys. Keyless Access ensures that the doors open and close automatically. With short paths and no lenghty searching, the driver is able to focus on the task in hand. Each and every delivery thus arrives on time. Every time. And on long routes too. Mercedes-Benz Vans. Burn to run.

Norman Bunn

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