Building The World’s Most Expensive Bike Ever! | GCN Tech Show Ep. 36

(electronic swishing noise) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we have got loads. We’ve got Vuelta Tech, your upgrades, and an amazing prize giveaway. – I’m excited about that. – It is actually, it is really good. And we build the most
expensive bike in the world. – You’re gonna need so many of these. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) (electronic swishing noise) Now, hot in the world of tech this week is a new e-bike from Trek. Having a snoop around online this weekend meant I managed to get
a glimpse of something which we’ve not even heard from Trek yet, so, well, who knows what it could be. – Yeah, well, it appears
to be the Domane Plus and it has a 350 watt Bosch motor on it and that also powers
daytime running lights. And apparently it’s gonna be coming with a SRAM Force One by groupset as well, but I mean more info
on that when we get it. (electronic swishing noise) – Now we’ve been thinking about
that lightweight bike option that we were building up
a couple of weeks back on the show. And whilst a lightweight
option isn’t necessarily the most practical for everyone out there, nor is this, because we
today are going to build the world’s most expensive bike. – Yeah, okay, so we’re not
actually gonna build it, but what we have done is
scoured the internet up and down for the most expensive
components available to humanity. Now, we just wanted to
do this because we wanted to get an idea of how much
the most expensive bike in the world could cost in theory. – But, why, you ask. Well, why not? (laughing) I mean, there doesn’t have to be a reason for it necessarily, does there? – Nah. – And whilst we have looked
long, hard, high, low, everything like that,
to actually try and find these ultra-expensive components, well, we reckon there’s some we’ve missed. So, if there is, don’t
be mean in the comments. Just let us know. Let us know what we have
slipped up on, essentially. – Yeah, please do. – Down here in the comments section. – Yeah, so the other thing to point out is that the prices that
we found for these things are generally full retail prices and the reason why we’ve done that is we reckon that if you’re in the market for this kind of bike, then your butler is probably
ordering all the parts for you. And let’s face it, he’s
not gonna waste time shopping around, is he? So– – Yeah, we’ve also used a
currency converter as well, so if something’s in pounds
and we need to convert into dollars, and fortunately
that is what we have done. – Yeah, so let’s get started. – Let’s crack on. First one, what have we got? It’s the– – Well, it’s the frameset. I think it’s the best place to begin–
– Start with the frame, then? – Yeah. So for the frameset, we have, there’s lots of exotic framesets out
there for more fancy brands you know, Pinarello, Colnagos, really expensive bits of kit out there. We’ve gone for a Parlee Zed Zero frameset. Because it costs 7,779 pounds,
which is what in dollars? – That is $9,971.67. It’s a fair one to start
at, isn’t it really? – Yeah, it’s a good start, a strong start. – But when you get that frame, well, it’s gonna look
a bit boring, isn’t it? – Well, it’s a nice bare carbon–
– Well, it’s not, it’s probably gonna look
absolutely beautiful. But, let’s face it, we need
to put some extra money onto that bike. So, we’re gonna get it painted. So we’re gonna go down to, I don’t know, Allie at Fatcreations, or
Rob at Colourburn Studios. And well, we’re gonna spend
some money, aren’t we? – I think an amazing custom paint job. Sounds just like a– – Yes. (hosts talking over each other) Uh, dollars, you probably
looking at, oof… (alarm bell ringing) I did work out what they run. $769, that’s what it
costs, yup, there we are. We saved a little bit, oh
man, we saved some money. It doesn’t matter, seven six nine. It doesn’t matter. – So next up, seat post. – Oh! – We scoured around looking for a lot of expensive seat posts. There’s a few different ones available. But we have gone for a Schmolke– – [Jon] Schmolke! – [Ollie] TLO unidirectional
carbon fiber seatpost. – $484.59 for a seat post. – Oh, a bargain. Saddle, what we we gonna get– – Oh, we went for the Gelu K.3 saddle, which is a full carbon affair. Doesn’t weight a lot, weighs 38 grams and comes at a cost of
$571.11 for that saddle. So that combined with your seatpost, over a thousand dollars. – Wheels. One of the most important components, one of my favorite
components on your bike. – Yeah, I’m a bit of a
wheel pervert, to be honest. – (laughs) So, for wheels,
I mean, I didn’t look much further, if I’m honest than the Lightweight–
– No, we didn’t– – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Straight to Lightweight,
had a look what they’ve got. And the Lightweight
Meilenstein Obermayers, they were retailing at
5,217 pounds we saw, so in dollars? – $6,686.27. – So these are special
edition mega super duper ones? – Yeah. – Well. – I might as well also say as well, when we were searching for these products, when we would go in the categories, it was literally sort price high to low, the actual opposite of what
I do in my normal life. (laughing) When I go search by discount,
or search by low to high. – Yeah, I think every time I
buy anything ever, anything– – I’ve never, ever–
– I always go to the low to high. We went for some Dugast silk
tubular artisan handmade tires coming from, I think they’re from France, aren’t they, Dugast? – Yes. – So, yeah, and they came in
at, what’d they come in at? They were 100 euros, so you
need two of those, obviously. – Well– – Yeah, currency exchange, $230.86. – Not bad, is it? – That’s actually quite
reasonable, I thought. – Probably one of the best
value components on the bike. – Yeah, so any val– – Right, so, I mean the Lightweights come with some pretty rad skewers, but we’re gonna take those
off and we’re gonna save those for the Turbo. They’ve been relegated, the
Lightweight titanium skewers because we found something even lighter. So we’re gonna bang on
some Tune U20 skewers. And how much do they, well,
they came in at $310.38. A snitch. Right, chuck ’em on. – I tell you what, this bike is getting more and more outrageous as we go. It’s just a shame we haven’t got it here to actually show you, because that would have been
super cool, wouldn’t it? Then– – It’s a YouTube video, that one. – Yeah, we gonna need to
spend a little bit more here because I thought that we were dropping it down a little bit there. So, pedals? Well, there’s only one option here. – Is there? What? – Speedplay. Those nano ultralight ones. – [Ollie] Oh, the titanium. – Yeah, yes, yes, yes. Price wise for that, I’m
gonna have to find these. $630. $630 for a pair of pedals. Very light as well, 130 grams a pair. So again, there’s that correlation. – I don’t wanna clip those, dear. – No, definitely not. – Groupset. – Yeah. – So, we’re not gonna
use the entire groupset. – No. – ‘Cause we’ve got some plans. – Yeah. – But we are gonna use shifters,
front mech, and rear mech. And all the bits–
– And all the gubbins as well. All the battery and the
parts, all that stuff. – Yeah, yeah. So, for that, we’ve got to
go for the most expensive. Which is, naturally,
Campagnolo’s Super Record EPS. – Beautiful as well. Dollars, 3,078 and 31 cents. – Okay. – For those components, those
four or five bits there. – Should get on. So, for the other bits of the
groupset that we’re not using, ’cause we’re gonna upgrade
certain elements of the groupset. – Naturally. – Well, brake cables. – Yeah, power cords. – [Ollie] So they’re the most expensive– – [Jon] They’re just expensive! That’s what we’re going for. – They’re the most expensive cables you can get on your bike. – Yeah, 105 euros. (laughing) Which works out (laughing),
105 euros, $121.28. – Wow. – Power cords, yeah, I was
amazed when I saw then. I first saw them probably
about ten years ago. – Well, we’re using the Super
Record EPS rear derailleur, but we’re gonna modify it, naturally. – Yeah, of course. – With the Ceramicspeed
oversized pulley wheel system. But we’re not using just the normal oversized
pulley wheel system. – [Jon] No, because that’d be too cheap. – Yeah, way below our budget. So we’re going for the
3D printed titanium one, Which is 1500 euros. What’s that in dollars? – Well, $1,731.17.
– That’s outrageous. – Again, this is just on
a currency conversion, so it could vary locally. – It could do, yeah. – But in our office, that’s what came out. – Yeah, and well– – You’re gonna need a
fancy chain, aren’t you? – We’re gonna need a chain yeah, so– – Go on. – Well, we did look at the
UFO chain from Ceramicspeed. That was just too cheap. It was 130 euros or something. – That’s a snip, isn’t it? – Yeah, well, we’ve gone
for the more expensive Muc-Off Nano Optimized Chain, which comes in at $200. We haven’t got a, you
know we’re gonna need a chainset and chain rings. – Yes, yeah. – What are we going for? – Well, chainset, we decided
to go for the THM Clavicula. But it was in with a bundle, actually. Here, we did save a little bit of money. – Oh! A bundle deal. – Which was possibly a bit
of a mistake on our part. But it was easier for the butler. So it’s a THM Clavicula cranks. And that came with the SRM
PC8 power meter, didn’t it? – [Ollie] Yeah, well– – ‘Cause of course you need a power meter. – Yeah, so, cranks, power
meter, and head unit bundle. – Yeah, and that came in at $4,652.74. – Oh, well, anything for an
easy life for our butler. I mean, handlebars and stem, I mean the butler is not
gonna like this, because– – No, this is gonna be a nightmare. – Because the Sultan has put
in a special request. (laughs) I’ve decided that to get the
most expensive handlebars– – This was his idea, by the way. Wasn’t mine. – Basically, the Sultan,
I’ve decided that’s who it is who’s buying this bike, he was watching the hour record, and he saw that Bradley Wiggins had a custom 3D printed titanium cockpit on his hour record bike. – [Jon] Notch bit of kit, that. – So, yeah, the richest man in the world buying the most expensive
bike, he naturally wants a custom 3D printed
integrated bar and stem combo for his bike that’s perfect
for his measurements. So, we have estimated
by looking at some sites on the internet that that would cost at least 3,000 pounds. – Now this bike is going
up in value quite rapidly once you add on custom made
3D printed parts like that. Luckily, we do have some
friends in the 3D printing world who told us rough estimation
of about 3,000 pounds. Dollars, 3,847 and 21 cents. – Oh, yeah, bargain. – Of course, I suppose titanium
price does vary worldwide, but– – Yeah, I think we’ve got to look at a few of the little bits. We’ve put the bottle cages on. Bottle cage bolts, we’re not going to use the standard stainless steel
ones that it came with. – No, ’cause that would be free of charge. So we’re going to upgrade
them to titanium ones from Carbon-Ti. And yup, $21.71 for four. – How much does that save us, like a gram? – 7.6, no I reckon it saves quite a bit. – Really? – Yeah, titanium cage bolts pretty light. – Oh, let’s do it. – But it’s not about lightweight,
it’s all about the bling. – So we got a rim brake bike, we’re gonna need some rim brakes. As I said, we’re not using
the Super Record ones, ’cause they’re just, I mean
they’re bargain basement compared to what we’re gonna use. (laughs) – THM Fibula brakes, they
came in at $1,411.04. – But they’re fully carbon,
as well, aren’t they? – Yeah, and they are
basically for the pair less than half the weight
of Dura Ace I think, so. – Wow. – Yeah. – We’ve gone for the Rotor
Uno cassette, which is milled out of a single piece
of titanium alloy and– – That’s a strong machine
it’s gotten milled out of, isn’t it? – Yeah, they’re really
cool looking item though, really nice. – Yeah, it does look good. – And they’re very light as well. But they cost $410. – Yeah. – Right, chuck it on. – Alright. – What’s next?
– Add it to cart. Next up is a headset, so
of course you need that to be able to ride. So we’re gonna use a
Chris King NoThreadSet. But not just a normal one, (Ollie laughs) that would be too cheap, wouldn’t it really? So we’ve decided to fit a titanium one. – Have we? – Yup. – That comes in at $298, just $298. So what, by my reckoning we’re there. – Yup, I think we’ve done it. – What’s the total of this? – The total $36,573.49. – Oh my goodness. (laughs) This is outrageous. – Unbelievable. – What’s that in pounds? – In pounds, 28,530 and 28 p. – Right, that is a lot of money. – On a bicycle. – And we thought this would
be quite a fun thing to see how much money, in theory,
you really want to spend as much money as possible
as you can on a bike. So that’s what we’ve come up with. – But I do still think we’ve
missed something though. I still think we’ve missed
out a component on there that is ultra, ultra, ultra expensive and there’s someone at
home who’s laughing, so just let us know in the comments. – Yeah, now we’ve done this
just for a little bit of fun just to see how much it could be, ’cause we think it’s quite fun. But we’re interested,
what else could you buy for that same amount of money? So I did a little bit of searching and I’ve found a Porsche
Boxster that’s two years old. 25,000 miles on the clock, and that’s available for 28,000 pounds. – Yeah, now this one, Dan Lloyd
would be particularly happy about this one I believe, because you could buy 8,142 pints of beer. (laughs) – That’s a big round, now
he’s never bought a round anywhere near– – No, imagine that. Barman– – [Ollie] Or, well, you could head over to the GCN shop and get 1,649 caps. – Yeah. – That’d probably be a better
way to spend your money. – Give ’em out to all your mates, people on the side of the
road at the Tour de France, that sort of thing you could, yeah. – I’m sorry, 1,679 caps, yeah my mental maths was rubbish then. – Yeah, anyway, let us know, though. What are the world’s most
expensive bike components? – Yeah, let us know. – ‘Cause we just wanna get
stuck in and actually checkmate for ourselves. – Yeah. – Because we think it’s an ultra, ultra, you know, we’re never gonna be
able to afford these things, are we?
– No. (laughs) – Let’s face it, so we
wanna know all about them. Because who knows, maybe
we’ll get the opportunity one day to contact all of these companies and we can build that bike.
(spoken over by other host) – That’d be pretty fun, wouldn’t it? – It’d be absolutely amazing. – And give it away as a prize. (electronic swishing noise) – First up this week on Tech of the Week, well, we’ve got the ideal solution for those home mechanics
who like to travel around with their tools, because Park
Tool have just released this. The new BX-3, a big blue box, basically. But it’s not just that. Because this one is impact resistant, it’s got an extendable handle, easy to tow around behind you, as well as some gas-assisted struts. So the kind of things
which you have on the boots or the trunk of your car, I think that’s what they’re called. Americans call them trunks, right? – Yeah, well, not to
mention, loads of pockets for all of your tools and it even has an air pressure compensation valve– – How cool is that? – So that those struts don’t fly open when you don’t want them
to. (mumbling to himself) – Let’s get it opening, Ollie. Come on, mate. Whoa. – Oh yeah. – Check that. Hang on a minute, cheeky little cap! – Bangin’. – Now having a massive interest
in what tech the pros use– – Some would call it stalking. – Thank you, Oliver. I am really, really happy
to have spotted, thank you, on some of the skinsuits being used in the opening time trial
at the Vuelta this year, on the riders of
Bahrain-Merida, Bora-Hansgrohe, and Trek-Segafredo, they
were using skinsuits with a zip on the rear
rather than on the front, which isn’t exactly new tech. Because I had a couple of teammates probably 20 years ago now who had custom skinsuits
with the zip on the back, but it’s quite interesting nonetheless. – Yeah, we reached out to Sportful, who makes the clothing
for those particular teams and they said that it’s actually
a new prototype skinsuit and a production version
will be hopefully available in 2019. But nonetheless it is
interesting how that sort of tech comes full circle, because the recent trend of skinsuits sets the zip on the front, say, and it’s coming back with
zips on the back, interesting. Also spotted at the World Time Trials, what appeared to be a new visor on the Rudy Project Boost Pro helmet, as worn by Vincenzo Nibali. Now this looks like the kind
of thing that you could make if you’re handy with a Dremel
and have a curved lens. – Which we all do, let’s face it. – Yeah, but it also
reminds me of the shades that Bret “The Hitman”
Hart used to wear as well. – Oh, yeah, one of my favorite wrestlers. We could have a grapple
later on if you like. – No. (laughing) – Incidentally, when I worked
for a helmet manufacturer, we did have a request from
some of the pros we sponsored to make a different visor
because let’s face it, riders have different positions, wind can come in at angles, and it can really irritate your eyes whilst staying there
on the skis, can’t it? That visor, though,
reminds me an awful lot of the one on the Giro
Aerohead time trial helmets. – Successful helmet.
– Yeah, wraparound. Meanwhile, someone who’s
pretty content with his visor is Davide Villella of Astana. Because, well, he’s in a
little different modification, into his helmet because he’s gone at
the mechanic’s favorite, a bit of black tape,
to cover up some vents. Maybe he’s a a little bit hot or cool. – Well, I’ve experimented
with this in the past and there is actually a measurable benefit to taping up vents on time trial helmets in terms of, it improves aerodynamics. But it’s important to point
out, it’s not UCI legal. – No, that’s right. – And while he’s there, he’s
gone through the trouble of taping his vents, but he
hasn’t worn any aero socks, which is a bit of an aero faux
pas if you’re an aero nerd. – Also, he hasn’t got a zip, has he, on the front of his skinsuit, either? – No, yeah. – So he has on the rear, so there we are. This is like cycling’s version
of Train Spotters, isn’t it? Oh, look at what he’s using this week. (Ollie laughs) But I actually love it– – I’m terrible at this. – I could pick through rider’s photos and just look at little
ways they could improve. And even if I was doing all those things, I would still be absolutely terrible, so. – Well. – Yeah, they’re pros, aren’t they? – Now let’s end on a custom bike. Because let’s face it, we
all love a custom bike, so– – We all dream of one, really. – So, this is the bike of
British Road Race champion and Madison Genesis rider Connor Swift, who is a name that you
might not of heard of yet, but keep an eye out, ’cause he’s destined for big things because he’s took a lot
of scalps in getting that British Road Race title and he rides for just a continental team. – [Jon] Yes. – [Ollie] So, yes, this bike
is absolutely beautiful. It’s been done by Rob
at Colourburn Studios. – [Jon] Yeah, and they’re only
just down the road from us, actually, like 20 K away. – [Ollie] And they’ve done
a cracking job with it, I really like it. – I mean, look at it, it’s basically is, they’ve taken a basically
quite plain frame, to be perfectly honest, I
imagine it was nude carbon, painted it white, and then they’ve just thrown paint at it, is what it looks like. But I spoke to Rob, and he’s
not just thrown paint at it, it does actually take a bit of art, because believe it or not,
you can’t just throw paint at something and make it look good. Otherwise we would try it on ourselves. But I believe they actually
dip a stick in the paint and you kind of flick it in a motion. – Yeah. – Yeah, and that’s what happens. He’s also got on there a Yorkshire Rose, so it’s just the outline of it, so it’s just sort of missing any color. – And that’s in– – So a Yorkshire Rose doesn’t
mean much to many people, but it does to him, because he’s from an
area called Yorkshire. – Wars have been fought over
this very thing. (laughs) The Yorkshire Rose is
white, it is a white rose. – Yeah, I always thought it was red– – Oh, god. – But I’ve been told
that’s the Lancashire Rose, so there we are. Anyway, he’s also got some
motivational quotes on it too. And I think bikes like that,
they just stand out a mile, and well done Rob at Colourburn, because he’s had quite a
few of his bikes this year going to the pro peloton,
so Miguel Angel Lopez, his Superman edition
bike, Jakob Fuglsang’s, I’m sure there’s many more out there too. – I’m digging Connor’s. – Yeah. More tech, next week. (electronic swishing noise) Now we’ve got a huge
giveaway this week on GCN. It’s probably or possibly
the biggest we’ve ever done, which is saying something, ’cause we’ve given away
some awesome prizes. So this autumn and winter
we’re teaming up with Oman to showcase the country
as a cycling destination. The weather, the scenery, the roads, it looks absolutely fantastic. – Aye, it does. So we’ve got a phenomenal prize. One lucky winner and a plus one, so you get to take a friend, will get entry to the Haute
Route Oman three day event. And also included in the
prize will be return flights from any airport of your choice to Muscat, the capital of Oman,
hotels, transfers in Oman, and you get a goody bag
with jersey and shorts. – But get this, if all
of that wasn’t enough, you also get a bike. A bike. A 3T Strada Pro bike. – [Ollie] How cool is that? You get a bike and the holiday. – Oh, man! How do I enter? – (laughing) I’m glad you asked that, Jon. It’s really easy. Simply click on the link
in the description below, follow the instructions,
and you can enter there. And it’s free to do so. – [Jon] I can’t wait,
I’m so looking forward. I hope I win this. – [Ollie] Oh, sorry, mate. You’re not allowed to enter. – [Jon] Why not? – [Ollie] No presenters
allowed, I already tried. – Oh, I was gonna take you as my plus one. Would you have done the same? – Yeah, yeah, I would’ve, yeah totally. – Oh, cool, I’m just gutted I can’t enter. – Yeah, me too. – Anyway, well, good luck,
I mean please do enter this, ’cause that’s an absolutely
cracking prize, isn’t it? Absolutely cracking. Link in the description below. And good luck. (electric drill sound) Now it’s time for the part of the show where we check out the
upgrades that you’ve bought for your bike, because it’s Screw Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades. And well, you’ve
submitted so many of them. And last week we put it
for you to actually vote for who should win the GCN workshop apron. And I think– – That’s right, oh hang on a minute, it’s not an apron, it’s a cape. – There we are, the
caped crusader himself, Ollie Bridgewood. Don’t try it at home, kids. (Ollie laughs) Anyway, the winner of last week was Dave from the Netherlands and the upgrades that
he made to his Giant. So, well done, Dave. Get in contact with us on
Facebook and we will get that workshop apron on its way to you. So you don’t just have to
wear it in the workshop, you could also bake yourself a cake, a loaf of bread, whatever. Just wear it out to
your local pub or club. Yeah looks great, look at Ollie in it. Right, let’s see then who
have we got this week? We’ve got first up, Gerome
or Yerome from Belgium, with their BMC Alpine Challenge ACO One. Now, Gerome was looking for
an easy to maintain road bike with disc brakes and
at least 36 millimeters of tire clearance. That’s quite precise, isn’t it? At least 36 millimeters. Anyway, and also the
possibility to mount mud guards. No press fit bearing allowed
as well, Gerome says, so again pretty precise. Commonly available bearings
and replacement parts only. There we go. Now he found this bike
on eBay and converted it to drop handlebars. Look at it, it looks like a
completely different bike– – [Ollie] That’s amazing. – [Jon] Through having drop
handlebars, doesn’t it? – [Ollie] That’s awesome. – [Jon] Yeah, I really
like that one, Gerome. – [Ollie] That’s really cool. That’s a great upgrade. – [Jon] I mean, literally, just, alright, I know he’s changed his levers as well, that’s about that. But it’s a great upgrade– – Yeah, good job. – It’s totally nuts that
he transformed the bike. He hasn’t got his mud guards
on there though, so yeah. But anyway, great one. – No, that’s awesome. – Right.
– And a good price. Daniel from Bury in the UK, which I believe is also where
the Yates twins are from. – Yeah. You all have some talent
coming out of Bury. – Yeah, apparently after
buying three different frames and realizing that getting the
balance between cost, looks, frame weight, geometry, and compatibility were all proper headaches,
he finally went for it and got this Trek Emonda SL. According to Daniel, my
missus was literally ready for upping sticks and leaving– – (laughing) Been there, done that. No, she did leave, but yeah. – After two frames he bought, he then decided against
another one and chickened out buying after a two hour drive. He dismantled the previous bike twice in anticipation for the
next bike being the one. Thankfully, that’s all done now and the steerer’s even
been cut to prove it. Okay– – That’s some dedication, isn’t it? I mean, he nearly ended up
having his other half walk out because he had been dismantling his bike three times in anticipation. I particularly like the
fact that he drove two hours to go and buy another frame, which is quite a fair drive, and then chickened out when getting there and drove back. Imagine that! – It’s a four hour round trip. – Right, love, I’m gonna be
back in a few hour’s time. Come back empty handed. I can only wonder how
that conversation went at the end of the night, but yet– – That’s great upgrade. – Got himself a new frame and cut that steerer to
prove that he’s gonna keep it for a long time. – Wow, it looks good. – Yeah, so who you gonna
vote for then this week? You got Gerome and his bar swap to give him the bike he wanted, or is it Daniel and the bike buying that nearly ended up
with him being single? Either way, one of them
is gonna get an apron, so you have to take that one off and send it to them. But as ever, we’re not
gonna decide, are we? Because I mean, it is tough
because I like the fact that he nearly got dumped, I think that’s quite
sort of funny in a weird, in a friendly way, Daniel. But also Gerome, because that bike has totally been transformed, hasn’t it? – Yeah, that’s awesome. – So vote up there in the poll and next week we will reveal it. Who is going to have that workshop apron? (electronic swishing noise) Bike of the Week time. This is the moment where you
get to vote for two bikes of the pro peloton, or in
fact sometimes just two bikes that we put head to head and you’ve gotta vote on screen. So let’s have a quick recap of last week, where we put two time
trial bikes head to head. The Merida Warp of Bahrain Merida, fantastic looking bike, and the BMC Time Machine of BMC Racing. Now, I thought that this
vote would be a lot closer in the results, but the
winner with 76% of the votes, the BMC. (cheering sound effect) – [Ollie] Yeah? – Yeah, a big gap, that. I’m pretty surprised at that. Didn’t think it would be quite close. Anyway, what’ve we got there this week? – This week we have two
of the best looking bikes in professional cycling right now, and so we’ve got the
Trek-Drops Trek Emonda versus The Canyon Aeroad of Canyon-SRAM. – Well, I’ll tell you what, both of those bikes are so
good looking, aren’t they? I think they are– – Yeah, I love ’em both. – Yeah, I think those bikes, the colors on them just pop out. The only thing is that Trek is dangerously close to Celeste for me. – Yeah? – And you know my, it’s
not really a dislike, I just wish that some
companies would make bikes in other colors, but– – Yeah. – Anyway, I think I’m gonna go for, actually I’m gonna go for the Trek. – [Ollie] I’m gonna go
for the Trek as well. – Yeah, just because it’s
so unusual, that color. Anyway, it’s not about us. Don’t let us influence you. Vote up there, top corner. And next week we will reveal the results and I’m gonna risk it again, have two more head to head. (laughing) Every week. (electronic swooshing noise) Now it’s time for the bike vault where viewers, so you at
home, you actually submit pictures of your pride and joy using the GCN uploader tool, which there is a link to
the description down below. So if you want to get your bike featured, make sure you use that. And well, we either rate
it nice or super nice. Super nice gets the ring of that bell, which, shall I give it a go this week? – It’s your turn, it’s your turn. – Can’t wait. Right, so, go on mate. – Let’s have a look, see what we’ve got. – What have we got this week?? – First up, we have Nick
in Newcastle upon Tyne. He’s taken a picture– – [Jon] Nick’s taken a picture of his Enigma Evoke disc titanium at the top of Great Dun Fell in Cumbria, where he narrowly missed the Strava KOM by a mere 30 minutes. (laughing) – Well, to be honest with
you (talking over Ollie) if someone is going up
a climb for that long, I mean, the bike, it
looks good, doesn’t it? It’s a big old unit there, yeah. And alongside what looks
to be a giant golf ball. I imagine it’s a weather
station or something like that. Personally, super nice. – [Ollie] Yeah, super nice– – [Jon] Yeah, super nice. – [Ollie] Nice (mumbles) titanium bike. (bell ringing) – Right, who else we got? – Well, Jonathan in Louisiana, USA. – Aw, Ridley Noah. Look at that. – [Ollie] What’s he say. I was out for an easy spin and decided to explore a local dam where
I found loads of awesome art. At first I thought that was
a half pipe skateboard ramp. In concrete. – [Jon] It’s got a Cookie Monster on it. Yeah, I mean, that is, that’s nice there. The saddle is very far forward, but it’s got the Cookie
Monster on it, let’s face it. – Yeah, it’s nice and aero. – It’s an aggressive looking bike, that. – Cookie, cookie, cookie. – Well, you know what Cookie Monster gets? Super nice, super nice. – [Ollie] Yeah, it is. (bell ringing) Alright, next up we
have Pascal in Adelaide. – Aw, one of my favorite
places in the whole world. – [Ollie] So, Pascal
is my doozy cargo bike with Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub and even a Fizik Arione saddle. It’s a proper go-er. – Check out that. I mean, that’s a utility bike, isn’t it? That’s the sort of thing you go around, you do your grocery
shopping around the CBD– – Or you put Si in the
front and ride around. – [Jon] Yeah, a very good point there. – [Ollie] That’s what I did with it. – It’s got kickstand, like
I say, a Fizik saddle, yeah and you could carry a
fellow presenter around in it. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Jon] I think it’s a
nice looking bike, that. – [Ollie] Yeah, I think it’s nice. – [Jon] Super nice or nice? – [Ollie] I think it’s a nice. – [Jon] I think it’s nice, yeah. I’d like to see a bit more color in it. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Jon] Either way, nice bike. – Next up, we got Josh in Kent, the UK. His bike is a Cannondale CAAD12 and it’s a CAAD12 disc frame set. He’s got Shimano DI2, Hunt
Aero 50 tubeless wheels, Dura-Ace disc rotors, ceramic
C-Bear bottom bracket, nice. And NV finishing kit and my favorite bit that’s on this bike– – [Jon] Go on. – He’s got a Fizik Volta R1 saddle. – I mean, it’s a stunning
bike, isn’t it that? – I love the paint job. That’s wicked. – Yeah, is that standard or not? – I’m not sure–
– I can’t, you know, I don’t know, but I think it
looks absolutely brilliant. The purple bicycle, is it purple? I suppose it is. – Yeah, it looks–
– Yeah, it’s like a– – Brilliant. – It reminds me of the old Vitus bikes. – I like the background
he’s gone with as well, it kinda suits the bike. – A bit of graph. – Volta saddle as well, that’s
a choice that he shares. He’s in esteemed company here,
he shares the Volta saddle with Fizik Gilbert,
Fizik Gilbert (laughs), Philippe Gilbert and Tom Last. – [Jon] Yeah, our very own
Tom Last, he’s a big fan of that saddle. – [Ollie] Good club to be in. Oh, to be honest that last
one is a no-brainer for me. That is a super nice. – [Jon] They’ve used the
bike stand a bit weird, but I mean, that’s by or by,
no, that’s super nice, yeah. Absolutely brilliant. Nice one. Right, there we are. (bell ringing) Nearly forgot to ring the bell. We’re lot of trouble. As ever, you know what to do. Submit your bike using the uploader tool down there in your description. – More next week. – Yeah, maybe one of yours. (electronic swooshing noise) So there we are. Nearly time for the end of the show. But what’s coming up this week? Well, we’ve got more
lightweight, cool fancy tech coming from the Vuelta Espana, which I managed to get my
grubby little hands on. And we got Tomasz Marchinski’s pro bike. And he’s got an amazing pair of legs, I must just say that. Remember that picture of his ripped legs? Probably not, okay, stalker. What else is coming up? – On Sunday we got an unboxing. It’s a brand new Assos
product and it’s really, I really want one, I just
wanna get one, I’m saying. – Might try an answer to win that as well. – Yeah, yeah if we can. And then on Monday we are teaming up with Calvin from Park Tool. – Aw, what a guy! – Yeah, so he’s gonna be telling us– – I was so nervous meeting him. – Yeah, giving us a load of
maintenance tips and stuff, so check in for that on Monday. And then after that,
we’re gonna be, well– – Back in here.
– That brings us back in here. – Back in here, you know,
helping fix your problems with the tech clinic. And remember as well, like and share this
video with your friends and give it a thumbs up too. What about the GCN shop? – Oh, well– – Well, don’t forget about that, come one. Shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com
where we have a whole heap of goodies for you to get stuck into.

Norman Bunn

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