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since we start 2006 until now we don’t
have any sales department we did it with word of mouth we take care of our
customers we always listen their needs we drive with our driver and we have a
great team. We have great staff we use our information technology to our
advantage we’re very proficient and tracking and
tracing and staying on top of everyone’s shipments BOS Global offers all-in-one land
solution we offer container services Warehouse services Full Truckload
Partial Load, all in one inland solution when we provide a long range of services from
shipping and receiving import/export quality control pick and pack we have a
50,000 square foot warehouse facility with the temperature controlled area as
well and it’s bonded I started with one truck and today we
are over hundred drivers I still drive it with my driver I know the what
they needs they could call me anytime they all have my number they can access
me immediately I Drive with my driver. As we try to keep the trucks running all
the time and safe what I like the most of being working with both local is that
everything is on your challenge on every day there is something new to learn I
think that BOS global has a great reputation among all of our customers
and it’s a lot of work and we care about our customers we care about our
employees and we just want to make sure that we are your delivery solutions. You
name it we ship it. If you grow with the team that’s the best secret

Norman Bunn


  1. Great video!!! wow … nice xplanation.. I cn easily understand.. tque

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