Borderlands 3 – Sanctuary III Space Ship Official Reveal Gameplay Demo

Norman Bunn


  1. So maya stayed with Lilith
    And zero stays with Ryes
    So what happened to the other 2 borderlands 2 characters what happened to my main turret guy

  2. gamespot: lets make 10 different videos from the same conference re uploading others hard work

    everyone: yay

  3. ill be buying this when the game comes with the 4 dlc's, like I did with the Borderlands 1 and 2, great work guys.


  5. wow wish the lost and found was in borderlands 2 i lost soo many Rainbow weapons

  6. The ship and inter planetary travel is giving me a ratchet and clank up your arsenal vibe

  7. Borderlands can take my organs my money because this game is gonna blow

  8. Man imagine if the updates to this game brought in more worlds and locales to the point where they have fully fledged galaxies and more. I would love that so much, if they put in the support for this game gearbox can cash out hella generously

  9. Man getting thophy and stuff for ur room or stuff makes me wanna complete task even more

  10. Hey remember when you lost loot because it fell through the ground sees the lost and found thing yeah, me neither.

  11. I need Maya! i gotta play as her. just release her as a DLC. i dont give a shit about the price just make her playable in some way! 🙁

  12. Fun fact Sanctuary 2 is thanos’ ship in avengers endgame

  13. best game of the whole universe borderlands FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Lost and Found machine will be very useful, because I lose ten good weapons through.. cough it glitchinv through walls and floors..

  15. Since cash is more useful and can purchase upgrades now, I wonder what eridian is used for

  16. *Shows Moxie
    Audience: WOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    *Shows Tannis
    Audience: …

  17. Wait if you don’t buy the upgrades from earl then what does he sell? And will you use eridium?

  18. I dont really hate the new claptrap voice. I see it as his voice modulator got older with time.

  19. this doesn’t even seem like borderlands anymore seem like a whole new game👎🏽

  20. These planets better not be mission sized or I’m gonna be pissed I’m hoping each planet has several different open world locations that include mini open world locations inside of them.

  21. 3:51 why do the peopel on the stage in moxxis bar look like janey and athena

  22. Are the locked doors in the player quaters for the coop players that would make sense

  23. I hope this stops the majority of the game from becoming killing psychos in a scrapyard

  24. I wish we could play claptrap again in borderlands 3, maybe as a dlc character? Meh idk, I know he's in the intro tho

    It would be fun to see his "living quarters"

  25. other companies need to be like 2k/gearbox in how they make borderlands not only do they try hard to meet fan demands they think about things we didn't know we wanted. And not to mention they keep the bugs we love, they're features not bugs

  26. i love this game but I feel like they're biting off too much than they can chew
    the last 2 and a half games they've stuck to one primary planet and now they are saying they are going to have multiple planets idk it just seems kind of fishy

  27. Why did marcus try and copy scooter quote isnt his quote "a beatiful day full of opportunity"

  28. So… Marcus replaced crazy Earls role? But hes earls still there?

  29. You should be able to customize the actual ship like with the vehicles

  30. So my questions are, where is zed, where is Tiny Tina am I just blind or were they not in this

  31. Pc players: I can’t wait to play this on steam (a good gaming platform)
    Epic games: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  32. I have the highest fucking hopes that Gaige is in this game. I don’t care what anybody says, Gaige is hands down my most favorite Borderlands Vault Hunter.

  33. If only krieg was there I'd definitely buy the game for him

  34. area krieg and gaige not canon? ive been wonderin since theres little to no mention of them almost anywhere

  35. How will that lost loot work? Coz last time i check borderlands has A LOT of lost loot when u play lol

  36. No more lost loot 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  37. I hope we get to see zero because he was first character and he is my one and only

  38. Zed…? Where's my man Zed..? It's not the same without the real Doc man.. Maybe he is at Tannis's place(in the video) but she also stays there..

  39. They should have a reference to Space Balls by allowing Sanctuary 3 go to Ludacris Speed.

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