BlueCrest Parcel Solutions

My name is JP Thorpe. I am global
director of parcel solutions development. We’re focusing on one of the big demands
that we have globally which is how do I take very small packets very lightweight
packets sorted very fast to very many destinations. So this has been an
innovation for us. We have it in many proposals around the world and it’s
something that we’re excited to release. Working with parcels it’s really an
engagement that we work with customers. They tell us what they need as far as
the variety packages that they’re dealing with. The large product, small
product, how fast they have to go, what space they have to do it in… And we
really engage early on, listen a lot, say what is it that you’re looking
for, and then how do we solve your specific business needs. If it’s about
going faster; if it’s about putting three times as much product through the same
building; these are the kind of solutions we work on every day. Typically we’re
we’re very involved. We send people into to do a workshop. Kind of work through
the details of the application. They come up with concepts work back and forth
with our customers to develop the engagement and make sure that we’re
giving you the value that you really need within the parcel solution. Of
course we’re talking about this one core issue that we’re seeing globally around
small product but this is one of many under the TrueSort portfolio that we
have. Learn more at bluecrestinc.com

Norman Bunn

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