BIG WAVE SURFING 🌊training à Jaws avec Kai Lenny, Lucas Chumbo, Ian Walsh

Good morning everybody welcome in this new video We are in Hawaii, it’s warm andbeautiful I’m here for training camp to prepare thebig waves season We are in Maui, it is the island where is Jaws The theme of the training camp is security and communication We will also have physical and physio tests There will also be the whole Red Bull team, Lucas is already here Ian Walsh, Kai Lenny, and all the Red Bull surfers will be there I’ll show youwhat we will do during these days Next time I come back here I will surf a beautiful wave and I will win the competition Over there Right now a little quiet moment
feels good too I take it allows resources and
also associate Jaws to something different from a big wave and the hard side of it where it’s quieter, more relax It’s good to also see places that are always very intense To see their quiter face How does I look with my big car ? let’s go Let’s go for the way back and we’ll see how it goes I put the four-wheel drive How are things there? I went left before, there is in my tire marks I go left again It is slippery, it’s crazy It is also fun I will convert myself as a rally driver with Cyril Despres and Luc Alphand, they will coach me I am in Paia, this is where I’ll buy co2 cartridges I have my little cartridges I’m going to let them at Tyler’s so next time I come I’ll have all the gear ready We are in a dream setting to learn a lot before starting this winter big wave season in Nazare With lots of informations that I will share with Fred He could not come because he injured himself on the first swell of the season Here is the house where we will spend the day We will have lots of physical tests, biological, mental Let’s start the program with blood test I’m not a nurse The blood goes there and then there And in there And this machine tells us how your liver and your kidneys work Now let’s do the testing with the electrodes To combine it withe the blood test and have a great result It’s really interesting, ithas already given a lot of infos We will do cardio tests on thebike Sounds hard! I will suffer on the bike and I think he will test me during my suffering They have completely killed me Thank you he said he would not sleep now it’s relax time, we
go for a swim This small swim, it feels really good Hello, we are on the second day Today we will work on hold breathing skills After training apnea in the room, we did it in water There are foils everywhere here! We fall from an helicopther We jumped from an helicopter All dressed, from 10 meters high Then we had to do three flips underwater We had to reach the 15 meters marks and come back How to end a perfect day That view is incredible We will simulate some situations We are the surfers and we imagine we go right or left on a wave There are the jet skis And up there are the people on the cliff The First Wave you’re underwater, the second you’re under water Your body goes up after the second wave Kai is Surfing the Third Wave Lucas is unconscious, Kai is in Zone 3 and we were waving The first jet ski come to pick him up He jumped into the water, the second comes to get them He has a microchip in the tooth You get used to it It starts to get interesting to put microchips in the teeth tohear They are working on it, so it is an interesting case to follow we made scenarios for how to recover a person falling on the wave We were trained on the land to set up a communication To not do that talking like I’m doing now But talk with the rule of 3 B Bref Brillant I do not remember the last one .. I had forgotten but that’s because I had not yet integrated into the hard drive! So the 3B Be bref, Be brilliant, Be gone It’s great, so not at all what I do every day I have to work on it I like this gate Who would like to have a gate like this? One more day With Gabriel and Lucas We go for the final day This time we will do simulations at Jaws We will test with the helicopter that we will come get us One time, Kai had to climb on the helicopter without the winch We will try to do it again I will try to bring the GoPro It is very windy so it’s not easy for the sound, but I will do my best We’re going to train at Jaws on rescue scenarios Do you think Lucas got dings everywhere? Am I sufficiently protected from the sun? The jetskis are following the boat to avoid the wakes We just arrived at Jaws With the team They saw a big shark trying to eat a turtle And now I’ll have to go in the water I do not want We will train the rescues after taking a wave So please Little tiger shark, go away and don’t come bother us We are both alone with the big fish We’re going to dive at the “west bowl” This is where there is the barrel at Jaws I have forgotten my sandwich This is where we must go in the water at Jaws The boats are in the channel here And the wave is here normally It’s still the mission to go in and out of the water here There are big, slippery rocks That was really cool How to finish the day towed by the legend Darrick Doerner, DD With the board of Kai Lenny With Lucas and Victor around So cool, so cool, so cool, so lucky Thank you, it’s nice to share those moments you Thanks to all the crew and now this course in Hawaii is over, I’m
on the way back to Nazaré in Portugal It was super interesting, I was very happy to meet all the Red Bull team And all the surfers, Lucas Chumbo, Gabriel Vilaran, Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh and Izzi Gomez it was great to see how Kai organizes his team on big swells he has a boat, three jet skis, an
helicopter, it makes a lot of people to manage In addition to the pressure of surtfing the swell It was really interesting we could also enjoy the experience of the army we had some classes with the communications team It was really fun,
I hope you get to enjoy it Maui is an island where there is a lot of wind So it was not easy to record a great sound, I was with the iPhone and GoPro Thank you very much for your support, we are super happy, the channel works great It is thanks to you, thanks for all
your messages Tell us, we are interested, it’s really a team effort and also communication. Here we stay in the theme See you soon, next week, next Thursday, ciao

Norman Bunn


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