BeLive.TV Review: Best Facebook Live Streaming Software?


– We’ve done a lot of livestream
software reviews recently and there’s some amazing
options out there, but one in particular that
I’m really excited about is BeLive.TV, it’s got some
amazing features that really sets itself apart. So, in this video we’re
going to run through a review of BeLive.TV and my
thoughts on whether it’s the best Facebook Live
streaming software for you. Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. We release a ton of content
to help you get better results for your videos faster. If you’re new here make sure
you click that big subscribe button and all the links to
everything we’ve mentioned in this video you can find
linked in the description below. So, let’s jump into it. Okay, so there’s lots of options
out there for broadcasting live on Facebook Live, but moving beyond a single
livestream on your phone to something more
professional is one thing, but easily adding in a second or a third person into
your live isn’t so easy. For now, anyway. And that’s where BeLive.TV comes in. Some of this video we’re
gonna take a look at the pros and the cons of
BeLive.TV to help you decide if it’s right for you. And make sure you stick around to the end ’cause I’ll show you how
you can easily automatically and instantly share you’re
Facebook livestreams across multiple social
platforms automatically every time you go live. Okay, so what exactly is BeLive.TV? Well, it’s an online livestreaming
service that allows you to broadcast live to Facebook
Live from your web browser, meaning that it works on both Mac, on PC, and that it’ll work on
lower spec computers as well ’cause you don’t need
to install any software, meaning that you can go live
direct from something like a Chrome book or a really,
really old low powered computer as well, which is awesome. So all the CPU power or
processing power that you would normally need to run
software like Wirecast or OBS is all handled by BeLive.TV. So, you just login to the website, connect it with your Facebook account and you’re able to go live. So that alone is pretty awesome. And there is also an IOS app and an Android application
available as well so you can join as a
guest into someone else’s livestream thought the
BeLive.TV platform as well. So, some of the key
features then with BeLive.TV is the ability to go live, as I just said, from any computer directly
using the web browser with full interaction with your audience, meaning that all the comments
and all the interactions you can see onscreen while you’re live. But the biggest, or the standout feature, is that you can bring other people into your livestream easily. So, when you’re creating a
livestream you can choose whether you wanna create
a live Q&A broadcast, a face to face interview broadcast, or a talk show broadcast. Now, a Q&A broadcast is where
you’re going to be doing just what would be
traditionally a Facebook Live, just one person, no additional guests. A face to face or interview
livestream is where you have two people on your
livestream for the entire length of the livestream and the talk show
broadcast is where you have the most amount of control. That’s where you can
start with just one person and bring in up to two additional people into that livestream, so you get a total of three
people onscreen while you’re live on Facebook Live at once
and that’s pretty awesome. The other major features of
BeLive.TV is that it easily allows you to feature comments, so you just click on the comment and it’ll bring it up full screen. So, not only you as the
person running the livestream can see it and can
interact with the comments, but you can bring them
up so that other people watching the livestream
can see the comment that you’re talking about or the question that was
asked at the same time. It’s also really easy
to add in lower thirds or titles for the people that
you’ve got on your livestream it’s literally a click of your button. You can also add in titles and checklists and really set up a full
agenda of titles for your livestream that you can
just click on to bring up as you want to while you’re live. One of the new features that
they’ve just released is screen capture as well as screen sharing, so that you an actually share
your computer screen as well. So, if you’re going to
do a live tutorial video or you might wanna have
yourself on, one guest on and then share your computer
screen as well as the third to switch between you can do that now and it is really, really easy. It’s literally a click of a button. And the other thing that I
really, really like about BeLive.TV is how easy all this is. I keep saying it’s a click of a button. It is actually a click of a button. You click one button and
you’re sharing your screen. Click another button and
you’re able to change what the viewer will see. You can create a 50/50
screen split with two people, one on one side, one on the other. You can then, with one click, change it to a three person view, where there’s three people side by side. Or with another click you
can feature one person while they’re talking, then quickly switch back to another person when they’re talking. So, in the world of
online live broadcasting that’s just insane ’cause
to set this up in Wirecast or OBS there’s a lot of
work that has to happen and there’s a lot of moving parts and balls in the air, really. Lots of things going on
that you need to monitor and make sure is working smooth and seamlessly for your lives. BeLive.TV really turns
all that on its head and makes it so easy. So, it is, in my opinion, the easiest way to professionally
go live on Facebook Live from your computer or
from your mobile device. Now, because it’s all run
thought the BeLive.TV website meaning that there’s no
software to be installed, it makes it so easy no
just for you to login and create your livestreaming go live, but it also makes it really easy for your guests to join as well. You can just create a
link, send them the link, they click the link, and they’ll
join either directly into your livestream or they’ll
join the waiting room or the green room where
they can sit and wait there and watch your live and
you have the power then to invite them into your Facebook
Live whenever you’d like. So, you can have up to 10 people waiting and watching in that green room. And while they’re sitting
in there they actually get to watch the live stream
and see what’s going on and then they get notified
once you’ve actually invited them in and they’re live. But for you as the person
running that livestream, you can see the 10 people
in the waiting room, in the green room, you
can see their webcams, you can see that they
actually are ready to go live, but they’re muted, so
no one else sees them or hears them until you invite
them into the livestream. Now, the other big
advantage with all of this is that to do this outside of BeLive.TV or to do this previously,
you have to install Skype and you’d be then screen
sharing your Skype call using Wirecast or OBS and that whole thing could
be a bit clunky with getting the audio setup so there’s no
feedback and echo on the line and just the logistics
of using Wirecast and OBS and the screen sharing
and multiple monitors and things, it can definitely
take a bit to setup. Now, I’m a big Wirecast fan, so that’s a hard thing for me to say, but I was really blown away with BeLive.TV and what you’re able to do. But what this also means is
that you are actually saving internet bandwidth as well because you don’t have to
have a Skype call running and then your livestream as well, so it makes it easier or
more achievable for people that may not have an
awesome internet connection to still be able to host these interviews and these livestreams this way. In regards to camera and
microphone compatibility it’s gonna work with whatever
you’ve got plugged in and already running on your computer. So, any webcam that you’ve
got setup as a webcam in your computer or even a DSLR if
you’ve got a DSLR hooked up through something like a
Black Magic Ultra Studio mini recorder or an HDMI interface unit, then it will pick up and it
will work with that as well. And exactly the same for microphones. Whatever you’ve got already
working on your system will work through BeLive.TV as well, so that’s really, really awesome. And easy. Up until recently BeLive.TV was 100% free. They only had on offering which was free. But that was while they
were in development stage and testing stage and
getting people onboard, now they have released their paid options. There’s three paid options, but there still is a free version as well. So, the free version gives
you two 20 minute livestreams per week absolutely free. Anything more than that or if
you want the extra features then you’ve gotta look
at the paid options. So, the first paid option
is their lite plan, which is $12 per month. Now, that’s if you’re on the annual plan. So, this would give you
the core functionality so you can share photos,
you can add custom logos, your brand and colors. You also get the talk show format as well, meaning that you can
bring in multiple people and switch them out during the live, but you are limited to
16 broadcasts per month. And you’ve got a basic level of support. Up form that you’ve got the standard plan, which is $20 per month if
you’re paying annually, which again, has all the
features of the lite plan. It gives you an unlimited
amount of broadcasts per month, gives you better support, but it also gives you the ability to share your computer screen, which
I think is really powerful. You can also have custom branded frames and you also get early access to new features as they roll out. Now, this is something that I
would think is very valuable as they’re actively
upgrading their feature set. There’s rumors of being able
to add in a fourth person and some other really cool
features that hopefully that they will run
through with and release, so if it was me, I would be definitely
looking at this plan at a starting point if you’re
going to be serious about broadcasting live on Facebook Live. And the next plan beyond
that is the enterprise plan. Now, this is something that is dollars, dollars, dollars per month. So, obviously you’ve gotta
click the contact us button to find out exactly
how much it is for you, but this is where you get the full range of features and support. So, it looks like custom graphics and custom formats are the
key standout areas here as well as phone support. So, if you’re on the
enterprise end of things, this plan might be for you. So, for the rest of us who
aren’t in that enterprise space then the standard plan is
probably going to be the go or even the lite plan if you
don’t mind missing out on screen sharing capabilities, but there is a 14 day trial version. So, if you’re considering
this then definitely give it a go before you pay. There’s a link in the description
below direct to the trial version so let’s say your
14 days should be enough to give it a run for its money and see if it’s worth it for you. So, without this sounding
like a paid promotion or a sponsored video,
which it definitely isn’t, these are all our opinions and
our thoughts after using this and is definitely worth checking out because it does solve
a lot of the big issues with going live on Facebook and creating these interview
based Facebook lives as well. Okay, so who is this for? Well, it’s for anyone that
really wants to take their Facebook Live game to the next level. So, whether you’re an absolute beginner, this is the easiest way to go live and add titles and share your screen and add images and logos and
all those sorts of things, it’s the easiest way to do it. It’s also for anyone who
wants to invite other people into their Facebook livestream,
so to have an interview or even to create TV show
chat show style Facebook Live this is the easiest
way to do that as well. And because it is so
easy this is for everyone from beginners right up to
advanced people as well. It’s also a great way to
get into Facebook Live, especially on the interview side because you don’t need a
huge outlay like the $497 for Wirecast, it’s not
needed if you’re looking to do this style of Facebook Lives. So, who’s it not for? Well, it’s not for anyone
that’s looking to broadcast anywhere beyond Facebook Live. The only works on Facebook Lives. So, if you’re looking for
YouTube, Twitch, You Stream, Live Stream, any of these other platforms, then BeLive.TV is not for you,
or not for you yet, anyway. It’s also not for you if
you like to have a heap of different cameras, heap
of different audio inputs, separate screen shares,
like maybe sharing a window versus a full screen
and different versions or different sections of your screens, which you could easily
do in Wirecast and OBS. So, that level of control
and advanced controls and advanced features aren’t in BeLive, that’s not what it’s designed for. So, if you’re after all of that, then Wirecast or OBS are
probably the solutions for you. I have done a comparison of
the two and my thoughts on each and I’ll put a link to that
video up in the cards now. So, now would I personally use BeLive.TV? The answer is a definite yes. I think it is the easiest way
to go live on Facebook Live with the interaction of your audience and to have the ability
to easily bring people, even if you wanna bring someone
in as an impromptu guest. So, you’re live on Facebook
and you see that there’s someone on there that you wanna invite in with a couple of clicks
you can send them a link, you can get them in there and interacting with your
audience live just so seamlessly, I can’t stress that enough. This is the easiest platform
for going live on Facebook Live and having the ability to bring in guests. And I’ve tried a heap of them. So, will I be using it? Definitely and check out the
Primal Video Facebook page and you’ll see us live on there. Now, in regards to
automatically sharing out your Facebook Lives the moment that you go live the tool that you need to
do that is called LiveLeap. So, what it does you hook it
up to your Facebook account and to your Facebook page
and to your Facebook group and also to your Twitter
account if you’d like. And even to your website. And when you go live a
notification will automatically go out across all of your platforms, all of your connected
accounts to tell people that you are live. So, what this really does is
it saves that awkward boring bit where you join a livestream
and you’re waiting for them to share out there
livestream to their audience. It removes that totally. So, whenever you create
a livestream your live is automatically shared and syndicated across whatever
platforms, pages, groups, Twitter, and even your
website automatically. So, with a website that’s
actually a pretty cool one in that anyone that’s on
your website at the time that you go live, they’ll
actually receive a notification pop up on the website saying that you are live now on Facebook. So, really, really powerful tool. There’s a link down in
the description below and that’ll give you
access to the trial version of LiveLeap, so it’s
definitely worth checking out. Alright, so those were
my thoughts on BeLive.TV. Now, if you’re going live
on Facebook from your smartphone there’s some
simple low cost gear that can help you get much better results. Check out the videos linked
onscreen now for the best Facebook Live gear for
both iPhone and Android. I’ll see you soon.


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