Astellia Online Pay To Win Follow Up Discussion

What is up guys, I posted a video two weeks
ago talking about the upcoming MMORPG Astellia Online and my issues with the founders packs
that they announced, the overall feeling the game is giving me and the reasons we as consumers
should be skeptical of anything the developers are telling us. Since then they released a long post detailing
the concerns about p2w and some other things so I thought it would only be fair if I read
this, went through it and made a video reacting to what I think it all means and where I agree
or disagree with what they’re saying. Before we start I just want to address something,
The video I released two weeks ago of course recieved a lot of negative comments and dislikes
due to the nature of the criticism, the main point being I didn’t do any research because
and I quote, the devs said it wouldn’t be p2w. I’m not going to use this video as a platform
to bash on people and their right to an opinion but I’ll just quickly say that saying the
devs said so, isn’t proof of anything. The devs words are not a contract, they can,
have done and will do whatever they want, whenever they want and them saying something
changes nothing. That also being said, circumstances also change,
they could be 100% honest in saying they won’t be adding any pay to win elements to the game
as of right now. But that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future,
they also aren’t defining what their definition of p2w is and many other glaring issues. If you wish to debate what is the definition
of p2w then go do so elsewhere. The definition I’m using is paying money to
get any advantage, anyone who says 7 days isn’t an advantage in any persistent world
where trading and economy are a factor is cherry picking criteria and I’m not willing
to debate that point with you any longer, sorry. So moving onto the actual video content, the
statement is on their website and I’ll leave a link to it in the video description. So to start with they address the head start
which is my biggest issue so far with the game. First point they bring up as to why they are
giving different dates of headstart for each package is server stability. I mentioned before in a previous video and
I’m not sure which one it was that staggered dates of release is only good for this reason
and at the same time it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to do this. There’s a lot of reasons I say this but I’ll
just give a major one, after having played MMORPGs now for over 20 years, I can tell
you that almost every one of them has server issues at launch. Staggered starts included. You’re also setting yourself up for community
outrage if this happens because you’re stating your main reasoning is to provide a stable
launch for everyone and then what happens if it isn’t stable and people paid 100 dollars
for this advantage and still got an unstable launch experience? On top of this , the game has a box price…As
a company which has already launched the game in one territory, surely you should be able
to guage interest in the game via pre-orders on the founders packs and adequetly plan the
launch of your game into other territories using said numbers right? It’s not like you’re going in blind. Using this as the reason to lock release dates
behind higher tier paywalls raises questions that we should either be questioning your
competence or your motives for doing it, there’s no middleground here. Then they go on to justify why the headstart
isn’t paying to win, stating as they had before that it can’t be pay to win due to content
being locked. I’m just going to come out and say flat out
that this game is reminding me more and more of a certain other eastern game that came
to the west with locked content at launch. I’m not sure why fans of this game are so
accepting of this being a good thing, it’s not. They’re giving you a problem that they themselves
created and their solution is locking end game content behind a time wall. Why does anyone think this is a good thing? I’ll reiterate so you don’t misunderstand
what I’m saying. They create a problem by selling headstarts,
then they provide a solution by taking away content from the game. Do you see the issue here? This also does not in any way address the
concern that the game has player to player trading of items and equipment and usually
the first people inside a persistent world have the massive advantage of taking over
markets, having more money and resources to then buy said gear. Among many other issues that I shouldn’t have
to go into. Next up the paid CBT access they say they’ll
be releasing 15000 keys out to the community to try out the game prior to launch via social
media and that sort of thing. I honestly don’t see why the access to the
beta is being limited at all to be honest, the game is apparently less than 3 months
out from release and surely a stress test would aid in their ability to
launch the game successfully. That being said, them releasing some keys
for testing is a good thing and I won’t bag on this point too much as it’s not major,
I do still think selling beta access to a game that is already launched in another territory
is pretty shitty but it’s an industry standard now so I can’t go in too hard on them for
this since every other company does it also. The skins you get from the founders packs
for your astel and mount are redeemable on all characters across your account which is
something other companies don’t often do, so that’s actually a positive point so kudos
to them on that one. Norden’s Favor . Okay let’s read what they
actually say. So there’s repeatable quests you can do for
dungeon tickets and then you generate tickets also even as a non sub. How much of an advantage exactly is this extra
3-4 dungeons per day with same effort involved? I can’t tell you, because I haven’t played
the game at end game. To say you’ll have more than enough tickets
as a non subbed person though I would disagree with if what I heard about the game is true,
that the end game consists of running as many dungeons as possible obviously being able
to do an extra 3 or 4 per day for the same effort involved is pretty big, that’s 21 to
28 dungeons extra per week. I will however say that this system is an
improvement over having to pay for dungeon run packs but to say you’ve removed purchasing
dungeon tickets from the shop and then have a subscription you can buy in the shop to
increase dungeon tickets in the form of a premium sub is a bit of a contradiction in
my opinion. By the definition of what selling something
is, you’re still selling dungeon tickets for money in the cash shop. They go on to talk about the bonus astel experience
not being an issue because the Astel Exp stops being useful once an astel hits level 50 and
honestly I don’t know enough about the system to comment as to how much this matters so
I’ll reserve judgement for when I know more from first hand experience here. I will say that it must have some time saving
effects since if it didn’t, why would they ever include it on their sub. This sentence also reinforces my previous
point where I said about the end-game revolving around running dungeons, as they say here
star levels for the astels which is how you make the pets better are earned via dungeons. Cash shop item concerns this section I’ll
not go through with a fine tooth comb because honestly this is meaningless without seeing
the systems they’re talking about. A lot of the things they say here is and I
quote “will be able to earn it through other in-game systems ” or for login rewards and
the loyalty store. Until we get to see these other in-game systems,
the cost and duration of things given for loyalty, how much loyalty we earn and all
that…It’s just totally pointless to speculate. I will however say that any item they give
away in a founders pack, regardless if it’s earnable in a way we can’t currently attach
a time or dollar value to, it’s going to immediately be put in a section of my mind where it’s
an advantage. Obviously anything I say from here on about
the cash shop is just as speculative as anything you could say to argue with me that it isn’t
p2w, since the information both of us have is the same and not conclusive. Stuff like the beeswax being given for founders
packs but earned in game, no idea what impact this has to be honest. I could envision a scenarior where they’re
either worthless and that’s why they’re giving them away or they’re good and you would want
to have more but are gated behind whatever in-game systems they refer to. Again Norden’s favor, until I see how long
the duration is and the cost to buy these I just think of Black Desert online and their
value packs. Yes you technically can buy them for loyalty
but they’re like 10 days of logging in and not spending your loyalty tokens for a single
day of the premium buff. Hopefully that’s not the case here. Costumes with stats being purely cosmetic
is great and again only a positive thing here. Good on them for this. Astel Card Packs, now this is exactly why
I have an issue with when people say founders pack items aren’t paying to win if the items
inside can be purchased for in-game methods such as loyalty. The description here if you read it and add
all the points together says that these are sold for cash in Korea but not on here, so
they’re up for grabs from other in-game systems. Which we can assume from this section outlining
what is in-game systems, to be log in rewards and loyalty. Now let’s look at that ring you get which
auto loots for you from the 100 dollar founders pack, that also is available for loyalty and
if you don’t buy that founders pack for sure you’re probably going to want to save up and
buy that right? Well now you’re behind on buying Astel Card
Packs compared to the people who bought that pack because they don’t have to use their
loyalty on that. Please don’t get me twisted here, I’m not
picking fault at a game trying to make money. I’m definitely not one of the people who is
entitled and thinks that all games should have zero monetisation and free to play should
be free to play etc etc. I don’t even mind microtransactions , I think
done correctly they’re a decent way to monetise a game. The issue is that this is another eastern
MMORPG tapping into as many accepted ways to pay for a game as possible. Founders packs, cash shop, box price and a
premium subscription. I also have issues with almost everything
they say in releases like this because they are just disingenious without showing us the
in-game systems they’re talking about. It really is just PR speak to fool the masses
who will hang on any word the devs say like it’s the gospel truth and blindly throw their
money at the company because they think this will be the game that will save them from
boredom in the genre. Another video about Astellia, another negative
impression. I’m sure the community is going to thoroughly
hate me even before the game comes out but honestly I don’t have any issues with the
game so far because I haven’t played it. All I’m trying to do is let people know to
be cautious of this stuff. We’ve all been burned before especially by
games from that region and the devs are not contractually obligated to be honest with
you. Buy at your own risk as always and of course
spend your money however you see fit. Thanks for watching and as always I’ll see
you on the next one, Peace.

Norman Bunn


  1. How about we don't play this lol
    Developers need to understand that creating problems, just to justify microtransaction is unacceptable


    We are setting up moving to a new game. Astellia is going into CBT June 25, and thanks to communication with the official staff, we have secured enough CBT keys for everyone to test for themselves starting June 25th. There is no commitment to you or anything, simply create an account, use the key, download the game, hop in voice, and Play! Focus is determined to provide a great playing experience for all levels of play and we encourage everyone to join us in this game! Here is what you can look forward to

    Keeping Traditional Values! Taking inspiration from older MMOs, a big focus is on simplicity in design without bells and whistles. Astellia brings more on Balance for both PVE and PVP without sacrificing fun.

    It Doesn’t Meta to Me! Building from balance, Astellia also brings customization for all classes beyond selecting 4 or 5 skills from Crystals, Gems, 12 different armors, 12 different weapons, 8 different accessories per type, 8 primary stats that are valuable to all classes, Astel gems, Lost treasure and more, those who miss min maxing and making strange builds will find a myriad of choices to go against the common Metas.

    Gotta Catch Them all! Powerful Warriors, Cute Loli Faeries to the Grim Scythe himself, there are over 30 Astels you can collect for your kit with 15+ more confirmed in development. Each equipped with their own tiers, ranks, levels, gems, on use skills, combo skills and their own skill sets, the variety of playstyles enhance the traditional tried and true Tab Targeting System

    Make Dungeons Great Again! Astellia also brings back meaningful content. Dungeons that actually matter and are not a faceroll 2 minute fight, Collesium with rankings, 1v1 Arena, elites and world bosses, and upcoming Legendary Dungeons and Avalon, where they really push the player to acquire the best gear!

    Now They Are Speaking My Language! Localization is more than just translating everything over. They have truly adapted the Play2Win language, eliminating cash shop woes, remodeling the dungeon ticket system, offering brand new daily quests to provide different sources of what was originally sold for cash, a redesigned loyalty system, smoother combat, East doesn’t just meet West, it learned i

    Worked It Harder Made it Better! It isn’t just the NA producer listening. Lead KR Devs have kept their ears open, and constant meetings are held to ensure all future content is what we the players truly want. From Guild pvp, bigger arenas, battlegrounds, and even 20 player raids, they want to know what WE want.


    Focus Admin

  3. its because of ppl like you who didn't play game in kr and don't know what you are talking about , and now making videos like this and killing game rep

    if you didn't play game , don't know what stuff do don't make negative video

  4. @kiratv So the first thing as a influencer myself with well over 20k subs across diff platforms I would try to do a better assessment after at least trying the game in the Asian market even if its going to be a alot diff. You did well in many points but right off the bat I almost stopped watching at the 3 min mark due to you saying the "founders pack" was p2w due to the 7 day headstart. You would lose alot of credibility with most by that rationing. Founders packs are exactly that and the rewards from them are based on a reward well above those who do not want to support the company right away. Its a faith purchases not a p2w purchase. Also since you didnt play the game or apparently read the announcements from there the 7 day head start wont have much content open until the 7 days is done so all you can do is level and do some dungeons. You can get max level without any headstart in 2 days so not a huge advantage really. Items from dungeons drop very well already not alot of farming is needed either. I do agree they can change things and make it p2w at any time but then again so can any company so thats not something to ever really mention since you cant see the future as to them changing. From the things you are seeing now if you are following them you would see a very honest company trying to make everyone happy. From the comments below few of your fans have dimissed the game already and tbh that is not how a good influencer does things. You dont discourage a game right out the game but rather give options for them to try it out and make there own judgement based on yours if you played. If you didnt play the game you should never tell them as many negative opinions as you did cause it only makes you look like a idiot when they actually do play it and say "omg this is so much fun" so if you want I am happy to answer or help with any questions you might have about the game. I am very on gaurd myself so dont think i am a fanboi or anything but i am more neutral in my reviews or streams when playing games because i know how bad we have had it and i know some games where it was great but I never know whats to come so i leave a open mind.

  5. Hi Kira, I wanted to share some information about P2W.

    One thing you may want to check is CBT2, where we will see the Cash Shop first hand. Please be checking it out and seeing what will be P2W. I can also provide you of KR cash shop availability and how each of these items impact the current game of KR.

    Tabi from Astellia Discord

  6. So is the base game $30 or $40??  From the founders pack page, it looks like the base game is $40.  But at the 8:00 mark, it shows the base game as $30?   Would like to know if this is a typo or if a new $30 option will be available at launch.  With other B2P games I've played, the base founder's pack price is the same price after it launches.

  7. Kira, I see a very daunting check box during the purchase of the founder pack that has me VERY concerned, https://gyazo.com/5d3a57fae06b8f5e6ffc2197198af52b
    I'm definitely going to be cautious going forward…not to mention the amount of keys they released is very low for a game that 'NEEDS' to stress test before it has the same issue BnS and Bless did at launch where the game was almost unplayable how large the queues were.

  8. OR we could just wait and see if they game become p2w or not ( before we buy it ) and has good pvp/well optimized / no RNG bdo lvl up gear BS , then we can decide if we want to buy it or not , since videos speculation like these won't bring us anywhere

  9. Before I hate it when content is locked , but now it’s actually beneficial since I work, can’t have neckbeards getting advantage, and I’ll def buy the $100 pack it’s not much it’s cheap.

    So the real question is if anyone knows which class benefits a lot from being pay to win in pvp? If anyone can give me a real answer I’ll give them in game currency. Or just the best DPS ranged class and it’s advanced class archetype?

  10. As soon as you said 7 day head start is pay to win i immidiately disliked the video.. Not that your entitled to your view but your an influencer. Watch what you say.. i watched the whole video, literally take the last 2 mins of your video and start with that.. because you already have lost my credibility..

  11. i get your point.. but you can't have them giving you the game with everything FREE… the game won't last if everything is free and unlimited……

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