Are The Troops Really Coming Home? | NBC News Now

Norman Bunn


  1. Unfortunately not.
    The U.S. military is an honorable profession but it's still being abused by ( guess who ?) politicians.

  2. So, you wanna make a deal with the Taliban. Did you ask us? You know, the ones that have been fighting by your side there for the last 18 f*cking years?

  3. ***WARNING*** — Official U.S. foreign policy is now whatever's Russian, rotten, and  rumbling in Toxic Traitor Trump's prodigious gut any given day, looking to squirt out his back end!

  4. Yet another dysfunction, under a dysfunctional, corrupt administration, headed by the Traitor-in-Thief.

  5. Yeah, I remember Bush Jr. telling us the mission was almost done in '04. Then I got stop lossed. And our High OpTempo pay held in perpetuity by Congress and Cheney in the name of 'national security'
    15 years later, still haven't gotten it.

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