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  1. It would be smart if they sent your phone a code and only that code worked until you got your food so no one can steal it

  2. I’ve seen these when I went to a university and it was the exact on they used. The white one with the flag. I went there to visit and to see the collage/university and what they do

  3. Maybe they sound have a password that changes every time someone uses it so like after I get my food a password will pop up and I have to put that in on the robot for them to open so no one swipes ur food

  4. It says I deliver to cougars. Well, I will be following that to see that hot older lady is hungry so I can be dessert!

  5. They have them at my university. They were actually the very 1st university to use these. It's really cool but doesn't seem worth the extra delivery charge. They can cross streets safely because they have like 10 different sensors. If you try to steal food it'll sound an alarm.

    I'll answer anyone's questions about these robots

  6. Until someone crashes into it on a bike and sues or grabs the wrong sandwich from the cooler and sues, someone will figure a way to blame it for their own problem

  7. these idiots will destroy economy and crimes will rise. unless universal basic income happens

  8. I saw one near my house I thought it was those Nerf gun things and I shot it with a nerf gun I thought it was my friend

  9. anybody wondering about if someone steals the food: it has a code that you use to unlock it that is given to the customer when the order is placed. if anyone tries to open it aggressively or shake it, it will sound an alarm and take a picture of the culprit

  10. That's cool robot. I want one so I don't have to carry my bags when I shop for my groceries. However I would used in the country or at a farm but maybe not in the city.. it's crowd lol nice I want one but some would say it's not cogency on the price when discussing about the price.

  11. Bruh the robot that follows you anyone can easily steal from that if you’re not watching it

  12. Low life thieves would be like “oh, look, that’s the food delivery robot. I’ll just take what’s in it and call it a day.”

  13. I like the idea of the robot that follows you around. I feel it should be to a dummy fob that's kept in your back pocket, and there should be a lid to close over it to lock your items, but that would help people do more and carry less.

  14. Ok one question? Could the robot be hacked to steal your stuff? I mean I would love one big enough to help me with groceries and stuff but you wonder if someone could control it to use it to steal your stuff and get away before you even noticed it

  15. Upgrade with security, lock or some sort of a taser for some protection.. a thief would see treasure in their eyes 👀

  16. Nope because we don’t even have side walks or roads or delivery or anything other states have

  17. I like the Jeta. I would have liked it when I would walk home from the grocery store it would allow me to put bags in there and things I didn't want to carry.

  18. The robot has a slogan on the side that says " I deliver to Cougars" Lmao I guess they do get hungry from hunting for young men on campus.

  19. Sadie : I just didn't want to go out, cause it's cold.
    Me : looks at her outfit 0:37 🤔

  20. Awful invention. Just for lazy people. Consider me wrong, just think about the one overweight person who never leaves their room.

  21. I don't understand, how does it say uploaded 1 minute ago and people have comments since 3 days ago. I dont get it

  22. What's the point for the second one?? It just makes theives get you stuff more easier!? 😂😂

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