Amazon’s New Delivery Robot ‘Scout’ Brings Ellen Her New Be Kind Box Products!

Now I want to talk
about what you should do on Valentine’s Day. You should order my Be Kind
Box, the Spring Be Kind Box by Ellen– Be Kind by Ellen
Box has arrived. It’s filled with
products that I love, and they do good for the world,
plus it’s worth over $200, but only costs $54.99. So you can’t beat that. I don’t know how we’re
making money at this. [LAUGHTER] And our friends at Amazon have
a new delivery robot, Scout, who is here to show us
some of the products that we have in the box. Scout, come on out. Here comes, Scout. Aw, look at that. He’s precious. [LAUGHTER] Here’s Scout now. Oh he’s excited to see me. Look. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE]
I didn’t. It was lit up. I didn’t know that was lit up. [LAUGHTER] Do we have to go on? OK, hold on. [LAUGHS] OK, so with Valentine’s Day
right around the corner, you can check out Scott’s love
story on EllenTube, Scout. [LAUGHS] Anyway, don’t worry. They blur out his package. So in my Be Kind
Spring Box they have items like these Div
Sunglasses right here. They come in the box. If you want to cut down
on single use plastic, they have these reusable
Lotus grocery bags. They are the best right here. Also, it comes with this
Quartet dry erase board, and you can leave notes
for your significant other, or you can just
leave it like that. Pretend like I was there. So many other surprises in here. Look at the surprises. You got to sign up if
you want all of them. And if you are here
today, you don’t have to wait because
you’re all going home with my Be Kind Spring Box. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING]

Norman Bunn


  1. Please mrs een G. Can you be me an my husband with vanltime gift we really y need 2 pay bill

  2. Hi, there "Good Morning" Mrs. Ellen_ I'd missed you so, Dearly much all because of my Busyness. I'm excited to be apart of that Community of yours on the Internet with all different types of folks also. Much luv, goes to you as always. Anyways! Nice job & thanks, for playing Weekdays video.

  3. Hello Ellen everyone is always happy to see you and to be with you Ellen you are a very great woman Ellen God bless as you make people happy all thanks to you Ellen

  4. Valentine's is coming, where is your boyfriend/girlfriend!?.

    You don't need to be sitting at home..



    I'll meet y'all at dream boat 😂.

  5. 😂

    May be Ellen should talk about how Amazon exploits its minimum wage employees !

  6. See? The population is being reduced by the virus so that jobs can easily be replaced by robots without people protesting against it. Win-win situation for rich business people.

  7. The person piloting the robot must’ve been laughing so hard just look at the robot as Ellen is laughing. 😂

  8. Youre the only person who makes me laugh out loud even when I feel down. Thank you Ellen. That was very funny. Love you.

  9. Hi Ellen If you read this I just wanted to say your very kind and I love watching you

  10. Boy if this thing comes to India .. people would be takin the whole robot to they home

  11. @0:43 I absolutely adore the natural humor in this woman!!! you can look on her face and see that When she said that she didn’t realize the unintended pun. Hilarious!!!

  12. I still remember her saying "Look at me….I'm delicious!" When she was talking about mountain lions in her property… 😂

  13. Ellen, you are the only one who can make me lol and don't need a single word.😂😂😂

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