(Almost) ALL of Freddy’s voice lines from FNaF AR: Special Delivery

That sure was fun! Looks like somebody wasn’t ready for Freddy to come to the party Most people like my hugs! Better luck next time When you wake up just remember Friends are forever Round and round we go, where are we going? Nobody knows Now, now all that [fear] isn’t helping either of us Now would be a good time to hold your breath I bet you didn’t expect ME to show up! Did you now? What’s that you say? You didn’t invite me? Too bad. I hope you enjoy my visit! I’ve got a special delivery, just for you.

Norman Bunn


  1. I love Freddy's lines in this game. Exactly the right ratio of friendliness but also unwavering creep.

  2. At 0:08 freddy is saying “most people like my hugs” or “and most people like my hugs”! :oD

  3. It remind me the old time when UCN came out and everybody try to translate what they're saying

  4. 0:09 Freddy says, "Lot's of people like (the "like" is glitched out due to Freddy's voice intentionally suppose to be glitchy) my hugs."

  5. 0:30 Freddy says, "Now, now, all that fear there isn't helping either of us."

  6. You had forgotten a voice line. In the game/trailer, Freddy says, "I've got something special, just for you!"

  7. There were 2 other lines such as, "Bet you weren't expecting me to show up early, were you now." And, "I've prepared a special happy fun time, just for you."

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