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Cello, Integrated Service Platform for Global Logistics Process As aglobal business environment becomes ever more complex
and the distinction between logistics and IT is blurred, IT-driven SCM innovation and effective logistics management are
key to the survival of any business. In response to this growing trend, Samsung SDS provides
a global 4PL service: Cello BPO– logistics management service, Cello Square – online platform for logistics service,
and Cello Plus – integrated logistics solution. With Cello BPO, you can benefit from our well-established
global logistics network on a single platform. From customized consulting to logistics process optimization and operations,
we offer end-to-end services covering the entire global logistics process. Leveraging our expertise in global logistics operations
and advanced technologies, we offer Cello Square, a web-based integrated platform for the logistics process, which can
best meet the needs of small to medium enterprisesand e-commerce players. Infused with up-to-date technologies,
Cello Plus is evolving with a new set of services, including global supply chain management,
logistics process optimization, and real-time monitoring. Delivering unique features in our logistics service, platform and solution, Samsung SDS plays a leading role in the global logistics market. Well-established Global Network Supported with
Reliable Logistics Service for Large-scale Cargoes With our global network stretching across over50 hubs in 30 countries, we provide reliable logistics services for large-scale cargoes,
the 10th largest volume in the world. And also our reliable logistics services begin with our
Global Control Center which offers real-time cargo monitoring, enabling early detection and prompt responses to abnormal events. Well-established Best Practices based on
Extensive Accumulated Experiences in Logistics and SCM For more than 30 years, we have served various customers
from all different industries, including Samsung Group, aligning the needs of each customer, such as evaluation of
overall supply chain management level, process innovation, system implementation and logistics operation. Leveraging every lesson learned from the last 30 years of experiences,
we standardized best practices and integrated them into our daily practices. As a result, we contribute to deploying a higher standard of
logistics operation into each and every country we service in the world. Proven and Advanced Technology Verified through Years of
Logistics Operation for Global Players Excellence in our in-house IT logistics system has been
demonstrated and proven from our experiences serving global leading companies for their logistics processes
with trusted IT technologies. our big data analysis engine uses machine learning techniques
and delivers exceptional performance in logistics process optimization, demand forecast and risk management. We also provide cloud-based IT services –SaaS and DaaS, enabling our customers
to access our innovative logistics solutions at the lowest possible cost. With our well-established global network,
best practices and advanced IT technologies, Samsung SDS works on process innovation and
delivers reliable services for your logistics operations. Your trusted partner in the ever-changing business environment! Samsung SDS will lead the way in the future of global logistics.

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