Adventures Backstage: Dropping Loads … Off

Hello Internet! I’m Nick Acciani And these are my Adventures Backstage! One of the many jobs I have out here in Theatre is as the Technical Director for the TE San Pedro Rep They are a small, growing theatre out here
in the LA Theatre community. For small theaters, like the ones that I mostly work at there is next to no budget for the set. So, how do I get around that? The answer? Beg, borrow and steal. Except, don’t steal, because that’s illegal. and not very nice. The thing about all that is you have to go and pick it up. And then you have to go and return it. We’ve just finished a show at San Pedro we’re gearing up for the next one. I actually remembered to turn my camera on! So, I thought it might be fun to change things up a little bit this week, and take you guys out there with me. kind of a day in the life of me. in a segment I’m calling: So, without further ado here is a not so average, but average day in my life as a Technical Director. Alright, I’m in the car about to head to LAX to pick up my friend Reagan. He is going to be helping me today to move some set pieces and props and he’s got a truck, so I’m borrowing him and his truck. and in return I’m picking him up from the airport, buying him lunch and putting gas in his truck. ‘Cause that’s what you do when you borrow someone’s car. it’s only polite. Well, Let’s start the day! driving down to pick some stuff up from the theatre to bring back to the warehouse. Reagan’s here! Truck bed is empty. it will soon be full. Starting our journey to the warehouse. See everything is full now, back there. Can’t see out of the back. I’ve gotta say, every time I strap things down I’m nervous that they’re gonna fly away Even though I’ve been doing this for years. and nothing has ever flown away. REAGAN: I gave it all a good proper tugging. (Deep Voice): Oh Yeah Let’s hope it doesn’t fly off and crush people behind us. It worked. All stayed on. Now untying it. Look at that. All Empty! Trip one, complete! Going back now for trip two. And this time, we get to sit in traffic. What happens when you’re stuck in traffic? Would you rather Go deaf in one ear+ or only be able to use the internet for 1 hour every week. REAGAN: If I could only use the internet for 1 hour each week NICK: Yeah… REAGAN: I could make that happen. Like, on a Wednesday that could be my email day. NICK: But what if you get, like, a really, really crappy connection? REAGAN: Shut up Nick! NICK: What if you’re on dial up? REAGAN: I don’t want to go deaf in one ear! NICK: I think I would go deaf in one ear. REAGAN: Phwhwhwhw NICK: I like the internet too much. REAGAN: He’s been taken. NICK: Super powers… REAGAN: D’oooh NICK: Would you rather have invisibility and teleportation They’re one. REAGAN: Ok NICK: or the ability to read minds and fly? REAGAN: As long as I can only read minds at will. Cause I don’t want to be like, uh NICK: Sookie from… REAGAN: Like Sookie, I don’t wanna be like Sookie. NICK: Sookie
REAGAN: Where I just hear it all the time. NICK: Sookie! NICK: See, but I also think that going invisible would be pretty cool. REAGAN: That’s true. You’d be the ultimate fly on the wall REAGAN: But you could also, but
NICK: Yeah! REAGAN: Reading minds is kind of the same thing. NICK: Right. REAGAN: So it’s really between teleportation and flying. REAGAN: Fly and steal the donut at the same time. NICK: Why are you stealing?!
REAGAN: I Would… NICK: Super powers for good!
REAGAN: I would utilize NICK: [laughter]
REAGAN: Listen! REAGAN: I would utilize my superpowers to achieve my means. REAGAN: Superman is willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to insure the safety of the world. like NICK: But at last minute…but that was…
REAGAN: He didn’t want to kill Zod REAGAN: but he realized that he had to so he did it. NICK: but, here’s the thing, when he killed Zod,
he might have accidentally killed that family because he wasn’t willing to kill Zod earlier. NICK: So that doesn’t make him a badass, it makes him a goody two-shoes ’cause he was trying not to hill him. REAGAN: Well, that’s what makes him a bad ass!
NICK: Batman would have killed him a lot more… REAGAN: That makes him a badass! Batman just kills and does’t ask any questions. NICK: Which, that’s what makes him a badass. NICK: I think we’re saying the same thing
REAGAN: [mumbling] REAGAN: We are.
NICK: with different words. REAGAN: We’re just disagreeing the word “badass” REAGAN: There it is! NICK: Alright, load number two is in the car! heh heh. that wasn’t a poop joke. Stumps! I’m stumped as to what we are going to do with them. 710, so stay in the right side of 10 NICK: So we’re still…
REAGAN: Oh, is this… NICK: I should not be navigating while filming. I’m learning things. So where I was afraid that things were going to fly out because I hadn’t tied them tight enough which they didn’t! Reagan, is afraid because all the stumps are just in there and we’re afraid they’re gonna fly out. Living life on the edge. REAGAN: On the edge! NICK: On the edge. Alright, guys… It’s the end of the day Got done unloading all those stumps. All those logs. The truck bed is empty, once again. Like my soul… We’re in the carpool lane, which is exciting! REAGAN: So exciting! NICK: We started at, what? 11? REAGAN: 11. NICK: It’s now 7:30. Two trips… Full day. And now, I get to go home and sleep. So that was a glimpse into one of my days as a TD. They’re not always like that. Some days are building, some days not. But that is one of the things that I do. Get in my car With a load of stuff in the trunk… and drive off. And, yes, I heard it. Every day is different, which is one of the joys the job. And I’m hoping to be able to share some more of that with you. So, if you like this “On the Job” segment give me a big ol’ thumbs up leave a comment below and subscribe! That’s all I’ve got for now. Nick out! REAGAN: Batman’s a badass. Superman’s a badass. NICK: Not really. REAGAN: I mean… NICK: Superman’s Goody Two-Shoes! REAGAN: He’s not goody two shoes! NICK: Yeah he is! REAGAN: Superman… NICK: Truth, Justice, and the American Way? REAGAN: He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm one of Reagan's friends from back home & it was cool to get to see him. 🙂 Although, I feel like a major creeper. 

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