$727.59 IN 9 HOURS HERES WHAT I DID – SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING (Secret Trick) Shopify Success Story

$727.59 in 9 hours on shopify

Norman Bunn


  1. You are doing what other people are not doing. Its all there. There is enough for everyone. Its extraordinary

  2. Man I setup funnels with upsells and still no luck..i gotta be doing something wrong smh!

  3. Hey Nick, what is the code of the Best Sellers you add once you are on their site? If you don't want to post it here, let me know which video you were referring to. I've seen all your vids but must have missed it. Info Overload! Thanks

  4. Hey Nick! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do! Tons of valuable information. Thanks for sharing and keeping it 110% real!

  5. thank you!!! im 15 and an aspiring entrepreneur your vids are so helpful 🙌🏻

  6. So do you have a link that goes directly to your product page? I see some ads that take you to the store's IG page first. thanks!!

  7. I loved ur tutorials nick! Very good.
    Just a question:

    Do we have to advertise everytime we sell new product?
    Like how oftern we should advertise in a week? Im not really good on marketinf and advertising hiring a experts will cost me $150 an hour. Whats ur insight on this?
    Thank u in advance

  8. hey bro! this is awesome…. how much did u spend on ads to make all those sales?

  9. I think I'm going to start my own dropshipping site(s) this Summer, and I think your videos are very great and unique! How long have you been dropshipping?

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