hello guys,
welcome again today I have these two
packages for you as you see very large and these two
packages contain locks that I have been buying
along the last months
on ebay and that until now I could not
bid on them, because the
shipping costs per item
were too high my friend Gazz,
thank you very much Gazz he offered to
receive them he lives in the UK and send them then paying
the postage only once that has allowed me to
bid for them, acquire them and I thank you very
much, really, thank you
very much Gazz, since I have finally been
able to acquire these locks, that were padlocks of
those who were behind
them for a long time Gazz has also included
something in one of these
two packages, which
I do not know what it is and that according to him,
I would like a lot,
and I’m sure of that so what we’re going to
do is going to be open
these packages see what they contain and well, I think I’ll be
able to make videos,
in the future, of most of them let’s start with this, that
it seems easier to open and I hope that the video
does not last long,
but as you can see, it’s a lot, I have only seen what
they contain in pictures so I have an idea of ​​
what it is, but,
but I have not touched it let’s see if I can open it,
they come very well wrapped let´s see… perfect, I see it, I think
I found what included him and my son is going
to be very happy, “premier sweets” jelly beans perfect, thank you very much,
thank you very much my friend let’s see … I’ll leave it here,
I do not know how
I’m going to organize, yes yes yes I have some,
I think I know what that is,
I have some but I do not
have all the sizes I want this is going to
be very good for me If I’m not mistaken,
they are steel tubes, They are steel tubes
whose wall is very thin it will be 0.20 or 0.25mm, and stainless steel,
which allow two tools in one for the lever picking, thank you so much, buddy I have silver to be
able to weld them, here I see one that
is a little thicker and definitely yes,
as far as time allows me, I will try to make
tools two in one for padlocks, thank you very much,
very very well let’s see what else… let’s go see this is new this padlock,
it seems that it puts AS, This included him too… two keys STA-LOK… or not?
or did I buy it? It really has been so long ago…
I think this has included him I have not bought it,
it works perfect,
as you can see the bow I think it’s steel
though has that color I really like the logo,
the logo and the patina I think I have not bought
this padlock,
I think that Gazz included it STA-LOK very beautiful,
made in England, very beautiful,
definitely a collection one, let’s see how
I can make room here and go placing them although it will be difficult let’s see… I do not want it to
extend the video too much, let’s see what is this… but this one has bet me…
he put it on me and this… I’m not sure…
and the truth is that
I do not remember… this is a guard lock let’s see what it says… Squire in Sons, number 26, I believe that neither I,
I should have looked
before what I bought let´s see the key is original It works perfect,
very beautiful,
very very beautiful I think this has been
put by him, I think
that this I did not acquire… have looked before
what they were…
this of course not many thanks to Gazz awesome very very cool, let’s see what else… I think that… no, Squire too, No… I think… and there it is with the
chain the chain is united here It is very beautiful too,
very very nice it has done in England works perfect and the
key is the original key I think it’s a guard lock, very very cool Of course,
they are collection locks, I did not buy it,
I think the three are a gift in this package I do not
hear anything of what I see let’s see…
another one They are very pretty… I love this one,
it´s awesome let´s see… no,
this one either, This whole package is
full of locks that are
completely new to me Triangle yes, it opens,
it has no spring open and close is very cool, look at the logo spectacular the patina and the profile,
I love it I love it the keys are the
originals, both They are very pretty, thank you so much
my friend they are a really awesome
, of course, each one
will have its own video I love them let’s see…
here comes a big one…
I think so… okay, okay, this one,
I know what it is… Yes, it’s a Chubb Battleship, It is very rusty,
as you can see that has a remedy,
no problem, this is blocked,
this is a restoration project we could call it that,
number 269 I do not know exactly
how I will leave it out,
if I will keep the rust,
or I will clean it… inside, definitely have to
make a good cleaning let’s see if we can give light…
there it is, it’s full of crap but we will clean it and I intend to make a key,
this, already another
one that I have, I have not found
any videos in which it clearly shows
how to make keys by impression for this kind of locks,
for lever locks If someone knows videos
that show clearly how to do the
key for this kind of padlocks I would appreciate it
if you put a link in the comments, because I have several
locks to make them keys spectacular,
I love these locks, They are very heavy,
very large, very robust
and very very beautiful I love it,
spectacular we leave it here and we
go with this other package let’s see if we
can accelerate but there are
many things, Gazz, the locks you’ve
put on me are spectacular are the kind of padlocks that
I love them, let’s see… let’s go pulling out…
this is very big I do not know
what lock is this … it’s much bigger than
I believed YALE We are going to leave it
open for now, it has
a ball bearing mechanism… it can be gutted this must have
50 millimeters… more, it’s 55mm almost very pretty I did not have any of
this type, removable
and this is very very nice, I like the patina and probably let’s be able,
with the help of some
friend of the UK, to find a blank of this profile,
to make a key, or I hope if someone can
identify this profile, at least if someone can
tell me what profile it is
for me to look for a blank,
I would appreciate it is much bigger than what I
I thought, it’s spectacular and there should be a little more
small, that I think this is let´s see a little smaller…
practically the same… it’s the same is identical this one has a little
more streaky patina and the keyway
is also identical They are bigger and heavier
than I thought, spectacular much better than
what I thought I’m very happy here is another… this has a key I do not know how
to pronounce… Belfry let’s see,
it looks like four lever… there is the drag
and four levers It works perfect, a vintage padlock,
I really like the patina number 67,
made in England, I do not know what time
it will be, there is a
patent number here it does not
put anything I do not know if
the key is original CI8 very pretty and it works perfect,
it’s very very smooth perfect very nice I love in this type
of robust padlocks of steel, it is
very very cool and it’s big I did not have any
padlock of this type and they really look
very nice to me, here you have it, NAVY let’s see… ah, it’s guards,
it’s not what I’ve seen so far, what I had seen was “push key”,
this looks like guards,
maybe we can even pick it,
let’s see… maybe with
a bigger one… let´s see this .. Maybe it’s more
complex than… I will look at it carefully
and offer you the picking,
it’s very nice very very very nice,
the patina is very nice, this drawing
from behind, I love it an authentic
padlock collection I will look for how
is the original key because to this type of locks,
it is not difficult to make
them a key, from a sheet
spectacular let´s see more goodies ;o)) my son will be very happy… let’s see what else…
this small padlock comes with the key STA-LOK did not have
any of this brand,
manufactured in England the key I think it can
be the original the biting is very cool I think they are
simple padlocks It has a very thin shackle,
it looks like brass, very pretty very nice,
works very well,
goes perfect, I love it, it will have
its corresponding video and the last, which
should be very similar
or equal to that lets go see it… here it is, another padlock
STA-LOK, England, with your key lovely British made opens perfectly,
it seems that the shackle
does not rotates more
than 90 degrees, very beautiful,
very, very beautiful, these two have surprised me,
they are really big and
spectacular, very heavy although they do not have,
they do not have a screw
to take them apart…
I do not know how they gut them… there is a screw there,
you can remove the shackle, and so you can get the core,
yes, yes they will be removable I will obviously make
videos about them and I’ll keep them in the
collection, they’re awesome
spectacular, these padlocks I love these locks,
with their logos Well, you’ve seen everything
that has arrived in
these packages I hope to be able to offer
you soon the pickings
of all these padlocks thank you very much Gazz,
for all the gifts,
the locks you send me and especially for having
done the work of receive all these locks,
keep them and
send them to me I thank you so much and for all of you,
see you soon,
bye ;o))

Norman Bunn


  1. candados muy interesantes, amigo mío, realmente me encantan esos yale si quieres poner uno de ellos en nuestro oficio, estaré muy contento ya que no puedo encontrarlos aquí en Dinamarca, y espero que esté bien escrito al intentarlo, por favor responde en ingles.

  2. Nuevos juguetes para la colección amigo!! Que los disfrutes!! Espero ver pronto los vídeos de ellos. UN ABRAZO

  3. Great additions to your vintage collection👍 The rekeyable Yale's are awesome! Great locks, my friend. Thanks and have a good day!

  4. Im just so happy it all arrived safely. The locks and steel tubes are just a little something to say thanks for all the great videos and what you do for the community. Make sure your Son brushes his teeth after all the sweets :)) Thanks for sharing Tallan and take care mate. Happy to help you anytime.

  5. Wow you got some great stuff there. Looking forward to seeing how you progress with the picking and key making!

  6. Genial ese paquete de candados. Los Yale me impresionaron más con ese bocallave. Tienes una colección de candados raros y únicos en diseños, pareciera que correspondieran a la época de los piratas. Espero ver un vídeo de un Yale de esos. Saludos, amigo mío. 🙂

  7. Maestro… plata para soldarlos? Que yo sepa el acero inoxidable se suelda con acero inoxidable…puedes hacerlo de varias formas electrodo ..semiautomática…y tig. mi consejo si no eres soldador es que te acerque a uno y te lo hagan…no deberían cobrarte……no sabia que se pudieran comprar paquetes de candados es en ebay dices….saludos

  8. Wow, lovely old locks. I think he added some locks and some lollies too. Goodluck with restoring the Chubb, show us if you do. 👌🏻🍺😎

  9. Felicitaciones amigo x el gran regalo q as recibido y a la espera d todas las aperturas saludos desde d el Salvador 🇸🇻 ;o))

  10. Impresionante colección de cerraduras, tienes algunos proyectos divertidos y espero ver futuros videos en ellos… saludos amigo mio 👍…

  11. I’m almost too jealous to comment , lol. I can’t wait for the vids 🙂

  12. Para hacer la llave por impresión quema la llave con una vela y juega tela con la lima

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