Norman Bunn


  1. No one knows the real incubation period for this virus and some have said that infected people sometimes don’t have symptoms.

  2. They’re friends are going to stay away from them for a little while 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  3. better keep them away for da 14 days bc at any point they can contract the viruse

  4. The global population is 7.7 billion. The fatality rate so far is 2.5%. That means if everyone was infected then around 154 million fatalities could be possible. Modern medicine is our only hope.

  5. You are not going to get sick and the mask won't help unless you want to appear like a drunk dentist 🌺 😎🇺🇸

  6. The press is creating unnecessary drama. 95%of infected people recover ., mostly mild symptoms. It kills 2% of the 5% that develop severe symptoms. Thats the latest figures. Whoop de doo. TRUMP will kill us with lies , but no ones talking bout that….

  7. yesterday the infected people was 167 .!
    Today they bill +36 that you say now in the video .
    167+36= 203 right . NOT 171, why you Lie??

  8. Mabey the shared ventilation system is spreading the virus. This is like a horrific medical experiment

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