hello guys,
welcome back again package day today again My friend Mateo
send me this parcel thank you very much Mateo,
and I have not the remotest idea
of ​​what it has inside we share tastes,
for vintage locks and
padlocks picks also, this kind of things,
but I have no idea what can
come inside, let’s see I’m going to remove it by
covering it to make sure you
do not see anything personal there was
personal information I have crossed
them out we can continue
with the video let’s see, the package
weighs a lot so we have to think that
it could be brass ;o)) here it is,
there is nothing else let´s see because I expect any
kind of thing impressive! I had been
looking for this type of padlock
for a long time thank you very
much Mateo I had placed a post
in the forum claiming if anyone
knew where there was this type of locks because
they are very rare with this IFAM
logo engraved This is 50 millimeters
padlock with the original key awesome really awesome I love it thank you very much,
thank you very much oh yes! finally! and here another,
completely new there is new,
in his blister,
of 40 millimeters also with shackle anticut
protection, that had not
never seen before I’m not going to open it now,
I do not know if I’ll open it because this is
collector’s items they look very little
with this logo, really few ones this one has a
very nice patina also with this logo you
see very few I love it, and this
one is completely new You’ve hit the nail
on the head, Mateo I love it I do not know what else
to tell you, I’m not going
to pick it so as not to scratch it has a very small keyway very pretty it also only has the logo
for one of the sides they go straight
to the collection they are amazing,
I love them thank you very
much Mateo Here you see what he sent
me, a couple of jewels I hope you liked it and many
thanks for your time bye

Norman Bunn


  1. bonitos candados carlos!! tengo los 2 y no creo que se muevan de la colección. que los disfrutes amigo!! UN SALUDO

  2. Me acuerdo de la petición de ese candado,me alegro mucho de que lo hayas conseguido,este mateo es un crack,un abrazo compi

  3. Wonderful old IFAM; the new one in the blister package looks very funny with that shackle guard – never seen such a protection before. Thanks for sharing.

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