$20,000+ Dropshipping As A Beginner | Here’s What My Student Did (Shopify 2019)

(Shopify Dropshipping Case Study) In this video I’m going to show you exactly how one of my students went from zero to hundred twenty Thousand dollars with his Shopify drop shipping business and that is with a solid profit margin That’s not twenty thousand dollars with a loss is twenty thousand dollars good with profit with scaling up And in the last 30 days, he’s done around ten thousand dollars. So it’s Progressively getting to that point ten thousand a month twenty thousand a month. He’s getting absolutely question very soon I’m gonna teach you the exact strategy we follow and I follow with most of my students so you can follow it and Replicate it yourself. Let’s find out Hey, what is up, it’s Rafael here and in this video I’m going to teach you exactly how this particular student was able to go from zero pretty confuse just Losing a lot of money with drop shipping to make it more than twenty thousand Dollars in sales with a solid profit margin as well as scaling up very quickly past thirty days almost ten thousand dollars slowly He’ll get to that point and reach the six-figure level for sure But before we start make sure to click that first link in the description It is a full step-by-step case study of one of my students that went from zero to forty two Thousand dollars per month with his drop shipping business and exactly how he did it So you can also do it yourself and click the second link in the description If you want a free strategy call with either me or the econ secrets team to take your business to the next Level and as always I pick one winner to win a one-hour consultation call with me to look over your store Look over your ads and improve your entire business All you have to do to win is comment secrets the word Secrets that will subscribe hit that notification bell and I’ll choose one person from every video All right to the step-by-step instructions how to make twenty thousand-plus drop shipping as a begin on how to go from confuse to not having any idea what to do trying a bunch of things and then start failing at a lot of them and how to actually make a lot of money and Progress and money not just make a bunch of money and then your business dies down how to scale it up and do it Progressively first proof that it works. Here’s the student screenshot twenty thousand dollars. She start around April right there You can see he made his first thousand one thousand five hundred dollars now by August. He’s made twenty thousand one hundred dollars This was a couple of days ago. So he’s already at twenty-one thousand dollars right now and you can see that transition is like very Slowly slowly getting to that point you can see in April he made like a thousand then in May he made another Thousand then in June another thousand got to the five thousand mark And now almost 10k in the past thirty days just like you see in the message right now And this is what happens with a lot of people when they follow the right strategy You start making some sales you start making the first thousand the first 5,000 and then BAM it’s easy to scale from there because they found something that works whether that’s a winning product a winning ad and they just Scale it up harder from there. That’s some proof that it works as well as another proof to that It works one of the students posted yesterday here Just managed to close this insane sale keep pushing on turns into this and I still have a 95 job I just do this on the side. He made six thousand five hundred dollars from one order This particular student is selling high ticket items products that cost 400 to 500 bucks This particular customer was a customer in a business who wanted to buy multiple of those products So if you want to sell like very high ticket, very expensive items is really good to sell them to a particular business would that be an office or the best ones actually are like medical offices lawyer offices or just Professional like company settings. He got six Thousand dollars in a single day total profit around three thousand five hundred in one Single day from one order, which is absolutely insane So just improve that this stuff works that you can get to this level and it’s absolutely crazy what the results that are possible so what we’re going to cover in this particular video how my student went from zero and Struggling to get consistent sales to now getting 10k months and absolutely question. Maybe 20k months on that other student a six thousand Which is insane what to focus on when starting your e-commerce business I know there’s a lot of beginners a lot of people that are just getting some sales What should you? focus on as well as what to avoid where you should like literally avoid like the plate as well as the key to all Successful students the scientific method. I know it might sound kind of weird if you think okay. Are we gonna talk about science here? No we’re gonna talk about the method that these students go through when they’re testing when they’re testing products testing hats so you can also do It for yourself now how my student went from zero to twenty thousand here You can see a screenshot of quite a while ago when he was making 100 bucks a day Back in I think that was about two two-and-a-half months ago And that’s when he made four sales in one day from Google Ads and then on the other one He said Wow one after another one hundred and nineteen dollars from two orders in one single day I guess surprised was way too high before he lowered the price So one thing that I do want to focus on from the student is he was testing a lot and a lot This one this one student particularly. He did Facebook He did Google he was testing multiple products and that’s something that a lot of people don’t do They test one thing they test with one single product one single ad that doesn’t work. Okay, I give up on it and that’s not really the way that you want to do if you want to get Consistent or if you want to find something that works. It’s a business It’s a process you have to go through a lot of testing if you try face cuts with the best strategies It doesn’t work go to google apps for example for him. Facebook was really just Absolutely giving him a bad time. Just kicking his ass. He went to Google started crushing It was spending like thirty dollars to get a hundred dollars in sales Started crushing it slowly hundred dolla days during the dog days and it started climbing back up then when he got the data from Facebook When when he got the data from? Google went back to Facebook started doing sales on Facebook and then combine them both to start getting to that level of twenty thousand in total six main focuses What should be the main focus for you and what you should do starting today or starting from your journey a good product is a step in the right direction focus a Hundred percent on product research in the beginning and also product testing if you can focus as much as possible on product research Finding a product that sells firing a product that fits a need in the market That’s gonna be the highest return on investment for you. And how does return on your time as well? Because it’s really the key to getting sales. It’s a product and with the product research You’re absolutely mastered if you do it again and again and again You’ll fight you’ll end up finding an amazing product that you then can scale and take it to the next level Don’t give up on products too early. I see a lot of people that test a product with like 30 40 dollars They’re like that. This doesn’t work. They give up on it, and it could be a very winning product I’ve seen some people that spend up to five hundred dollars on a single product They’re kind of making some sales are unprofitable and then they turn it to profit because it’s a winning product You just haven’t tested it properly So focus on product research product research is king in this business The second thing you should mainly focus on is audiences. Now that you have your product. You’ve nails your product research You’re mastering it now is where do I sell that product? Where do I sell that product to audiences is really just a key to combining the app because if you know your audience You’re gonna know how to write an ad. You’re gonna know what type of value should write What kind of images what kind of videos that? audience resonates with you need really need to find where the audience goes for finding the solution that your product gives or just where in The world is that audience like for example, if you’re selling beauty products makeup products, that’s probably not for Facebook It’s probably more for Instagram You can sell a lot of it there Instagram hats Instagram influencer If you’re selling something where people want to actually search for it or it’s a very saturated product and people are constantly searching for Deals on that product search is for Google. So you want to focus on Google’s so first start with the product research That’s the most important thing. The product is 100% Then you go on to your audience Where are the people that are going to actually buy your product and don’t randomly start ads? Hoping that it all works on the first try because it probably won’t this is what I tell my students Expect your first couple of ads to not work That’s it’s literally the way to think about it expect your first couple of ads to not be profitable Probably the first ad the first product that you try is not gonna be profitable But you’re gonna learn from that and then test something else so first focus on the product then focus on where That product is sold or what kind of audience is looking for that product before we go on I do want to congratulate Gabriel see Every will see for being the winner of the past videos consulting cough If you want to win a call it directly with me to go over your store and your ads comments secrets Subscribe to that era fication about and I’ll pick a winner. Don’t just randomly Start testing a lot of ads in different networks or let’s say a bunch of different Facebook ads for a bunch of different audiences Without really studying the audience first So I would say product first Finding product mastered Prada research then going to the audience’s who are the people that are actually going to buy this product make an avatar Make a fake Persona of that person that’s gonna buy your product and then go from there and find where they hang up and it adds Study the audience first and then work your way backwards to write the ad properly if that audience is looking to save time save money Maybe take better care of their children take better care of their life Whatever that audience is interested in Then you’re gonna write your ad based on that and that’s what my main main main Students do when I look at their ads and they’re absolutely crushing on make it like 50,000 months a hundred thousand months They start with the product they have a solid product then they go into the audience research and they absolutely Dissect who is gonna buy their product then they just write the ad based on that. Don’t try to copy another person Don’t try to take oh, this is the perfect script for a face cap I’m just gonna copy it and it’s gonna work no start out with the product then the audience and then from the audience Write your ad so it resonate directly with that audience that you have for it with the key that makes students successful Testing and reiterating then learning from every single mistake and every single test. That’s what I call the scientific method You test a hypothesis. You study it you analyze it and then you say okay My results were wrong. What I thought was gonna happen is completely wrong What I thought is gonna happen happen. So you learn from that students that are super successful for example one student right now making 125 thousand a month from around I have any spent like 40 to 50 grand on ADD So he’s making like forty to forty to fifty grand a month in profit right now what he does Is he starts a test? He formulates first. Is it gonna work or not? Maybe this audience is gonna match with this ad he tests it. It doesn’t work. Okay, let me change up the ad Maybe I didn’t have my audience hypothesis to to write and test and reiterate in the learning from every single step Approaching results and data from an analytical standpoint not up Why doesn’t it work for me view? Which I see a lot of people do they test something that should work and they say oh it doesn’t work for me It’s my ad account. It’s my country It’s my credit card and they find the excuses and it’s really like that’s the sort of the imposter syndrome or the victim Syndrome where you think everything is happening because you’re not good enough or because you’re just it’s all your fault and it’s really not you have to look at the data why this didn’t work maybe if you launched a Facebook ad and people aren’t Clicking on it then probably the ad isn’t resonating with the audience. You test another audience that audience doesn’t resonate as well. Okay? it’s probably the ad I have to change up the Hat just have it resonate with this audience using the scientific method preparing one hypothesis, which is just a Formulation of what you think is gonna work beginning it Testing it getting a result then testing again from that data of the past results you test first if that doesn’t work Okay what I learn from it, let’s say my ads a bunch of people clicked on it, but nobody bought Okay, what does that tell me? Maybe the price is too high Maybe the product page doesn’t look that great or maybe the audience just wants to hop around and not actually buy So we’re gonna test it three of them We’re gonna lower the price into the product page and then look at other audiences that can potentially Find this product and every single time you test One other thing and you keep reiterating and closing down on what’s working and you’ll get to a point where you’re making a lot of money and Then it’s just easily scalable from there because of all that past testing data now you can just scale from there You have what it takes to absolutely crush it and scale what to do next set realistic expectations when starting and start testing don’t assume your first product your first add your first test is gonna work because it probably won’t Take it as a learning process to get better next time improve learn just use all that data to learn just like the student now he went from Kind of getting sales getting sales reaching twenty thousand in the past thirty days He’s made almost ten thousand and now he’s probably gonna crush ten thousand dollar months later on Because that is how the business works you start testing learning gathering data You get to something that works and you? perfected that thing that works and then you just scale it and that’s how a lot of people Go from zero twenty five thousand ten thousand and then they go to like a hundred thousand because they scale something That is already working. Don’t close yourself out do new strategies like if you think oh I’m only gonna focus on this one product and you marry that product and then that product doesn’t test Well the data speaks for itself it’s not working change to something else test something new and then schedule a call with My team the Rothfeld Cintron team little second link actually the second link in the description to schedule a one-on-one no cost call with One person in my team to see if you’re the right fit to mentor directly with me and get your results just like the student One from zero come on twenty thousand dollars do student six thousand a day and other students one hundred twenty five thousand per month So scheduled call right now with the second link in the description and if you want to learn exactly How this store went from zero to one hundred thirty three thousand dollars per month with just one product check out the video Right here There’s gonna be a video right there how lens ball a brand learn from zero to one hundred and thirty three thousand dollars Click that link below subscribe to that notification about that thumbs up button and comment secrets down below for a call with me

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