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  1. I went on a Cruise ship "tour" about 20 yrs. ago.I would NEVER go on a Cruise! & I worked in the F & B industry in the Caribbean.

  2. It’s not so bad. If you are going to get this Japan is the best place. They have an excellent healthcare system that’s not yet overwhelmed with patients and won’t try to bankrupt you.

  3. Japan is using hospitals of all of Japan, not only hospitals around Yokohama for all the passengers who were confirmed coronavirus and left the ship…
    Why our Japan has to do this? This ship (Diamond Princess) is of UK, and is operated by American corporation…

  4. Why bring them into the city for three days? Bad idea!!! Keep it on the boat if you will send people back. Have the medical teams and equipment sent to the ship, not the other way around. There is ZERO point in bringing it directly into the Tokyo with open arms

  5. 'Pin điện thoại 80% → Pin điện thoại 60% → Pin điện thoại 40% → Pin điện thoại 10% → Gì vậy trời?! Sao vẫn chưa hết giờ?!

  6. So the only way to escape and go back home is to get infected and test positive… as japan does not regard them as confirmed cases of japan, i dont think they are in good hands

  7. Diamond Princess is a British cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises ( British American cruise operator)
    Japanese government is kindly taking care of all passengers, incl foreigners and trying to provide their needs, medicines, medical staffs etc. There are more than 200 Australian passengers on board , Thank you Japan for taking care of our people.

  8. Really, how surprising!


    Prepper’s Worldwide: It’s almost flu season, got enough masks, sanitizer, bleach, food, and water!

    Sheeple: Did you get some hand sanitizer like the government said?


    Prepper’s Worldwide: We are ready, no problem!

    Sheeple: What did the government say to do, again?



  9. LOL, "if we can survive this we can survive anything… this is our test for in sickness and in health." These idiots are healthy and sheltered on a cruise ship while being served meals by servants. They have no idea what it means to truly "survive anything" or what "in sickness and in health" truly means. This moronic lack of common sense is why Trump is where he is today..

  10. Tell Trump to go aboard ship to comfort the infected make sure he shakes there hand and all face masks are sold out

  11. If I was quarantined on that boat, I'd open the bar and tell the bartender to keep em' coming. Dunno if its ur last drink ever

  12. 13 Americans but no other nationality , how did they get this virus only 13 Americans , were they expose to it by who & how

  13. We are watching a pandemic movie in real time with hero doctors who passed away, thousands of people stuck on cruise ships, whole cities quarantined, hundreds dead, people being taken to quarantine centers to die. This script has everything except Brad Pitt figuring out a cure in an incredibly lame and dumb scene.

  14. they all will got virus. dont board japanese cruise. you will get virus. and they dont leave out you.

  15. Anyone going to China or Asia right now , on a cruise ship is a complete clueless moron

  16. 👫😷😷😷🤐 Wil POTUS DJTSr Boing extra tarifas for importas from China or Japón to protect American traveseras trapeo in the crujiste Shirley, and one edad? 😓😰😷😷😷😷😷😷🙀

  17. Keep telling people, Nows the time to stock up on water and food like beans, rice, canned goods, because when this hits your little city or little town there may be a temporary shortage

  18. The WHO has posted a free 10-hour online course for anyone who wants to learn how to battle this.

    It's aimed toward third world countries, but I think it would be beneficial to anyone who wants to be as educated and as prepared as possible to deal with this. It's a free course, and knowledge is power… period. I know I'm going to be taking the course.

    I would advise printing out as much as you can of it. I personally don't want to completely rely on technology, so I'm going to be printing out the pages and making my own booklet.

    I'd rather be over-prepared than underprepared.

  19. Due to close proximity, communal dining, and confined spaces, cruise ships are a known breeding ground for infectious diseases. 🛳️🦠😷 Cruise Ship Outbreaks: Legionnaires disease, measles, norovirus, ebola and now Coronavirus.

  20. Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro.

    Zhengli Shi Dept head at Wuhan Viral Lab Studies.

  21. The entire ship passengers must be taken to a separated military hospital othervise they will release everyone after they all get sick

  22. This is the first time that I am glad that my family is broke. So we don’t go on any vacation in the New Years

  23. If I were to pick my choice of quarantines, I'd pick to be the one in a luxury ship.

  24. She is funny, the test for in sickness and in health.

    What a honeymoon memory! They will need another honeymoon after this.

  25. It's my Siri the Chinese government created the Coronavirus to thin out their population without any regard for the rest of the world

  26. Having gone through SERE training. It's not good for a humans mental health, to be locked up, in an inside cabin with no windows and only limited sunshine and movement. I have seen officers break down and cry, after been held in confinement, and holding people inside their cabin for days, with limited time on deck, is going to cause them to be, Stressed, short tempered, scared and angry. As others have stated, this Ship is already contaminated. They are not cleaning or disinfecting the ventilation system and with 64 confirmed cases, it will spread to everyone. The company is putting profit ahead of the passengers safety. The non sick passengers should have been moved off the Ship, to hotels for 14 days and sick passengers to hospitals. The ship should have been disinfected and non sick passengers boarded after the 14 days. This is going to worse for the people on the ship. My only advise, Get outside, exercise as much as possible. Make a quite area space, where no one talks to the other, try to stay positive. Don't isolate in your rooms, or in bed. For the cruise ship company; What are you going to do , when after a few more days, a number of people demand to get off or refuse to return to their rooms? Are you going to have security force them to their rooms, because that will only make it MUCH! worse.

  27. Hope you’re enjoying your honey moon. Better get quarantined another 14 days when you get back.

  28. Some people recover completely withon a few days with proper care but others can possibly get worse and get pneomonia 1-2 weeks later. Its at least roughly all numbers are "roughly" cause its still a new and ongoing virus but based off the doctors and scientists they all roughly say its about 20% of people infected eith it will develop pneomonia within 1-2 weeks later.

  29. You making the biggest mistake of your keeping the ship near the coast it's very dangerous virus can escape to manland and spread also vrius can fly and stay 20hr live in air they should keep far from the costal area or middle of see bring them in a container that virus cannot escape to mainland treat them properly …I hope this message can save many life

  30. Everyone on board will get the coronavirus. The ac system recirculates all air but does not clean it of viruses. 2000+ will get the virus quite soon

  31. Oooh yeah, they are letting them OUT of their rooms, and have it spreading through the ac. People whoever get on cruise ships, airplane, buses, trains, tubes etc are just flat DUMB right now-DON'T DO IT. What were they even thinking? WISE IDEA to TAPE UP YOUR AC, your window, doors, and SERIOUSLY stay in your cabin. They have TV and INTERNET and PHs. That's entertainment enough and better than risking everyone else in a major city till they call all be tested. My heart goes out to them, but please people, everwhere, NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR TRAVELLING or being SOCIAL.

  32. As I said, need to get people from dirty area. Before all of people to be infected. Quarantine area must be a virus free!! No sense policy.

  33. "CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 22 million flu illnesses, 210,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 deaths from flu." way bigger then this coronovirus already, and we suffer through it yearly…..that is 2019
    "It is estimated that the flu results in 31.4 million outpatient visits and more than 200,000 hospitalizations each year. During the severe 2017-2018 flu season , one of the longest in recent years, estimates indicate that more than 900,000 people were hospitalized and more than 80,000 people died from flu." 2018
    "The overall burden of influenza for the 2017-2018 season was an estimated 45 million influenza illnesses, 21 million influenza-associated medical visits, 810,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 61,000 influenza-associated deaths" 2017
    I am not saying it is good people die, I am not saying that I am not sad that people die…but I am saying that people are over estimating this virus…..even IF it was in the several millions infected, it would be far less then the common flu, for contagion, AND death rate. Unless this latest coronavirus is doing something else…it is just another distraction from more important things
    btw 12000 deaths in one flu season breaks down to (avg season 13 weeks=91 days 12000/21) 132 a day every day for a little over 3 months.-2019 death rate (879 a day for 2018, 670 a day- 2017), please note that 2019's season is not over yet, so 12000 may be far short by the end…although we are closing in on the end as it stands.
    Info freely available from the CDC and was my source material

  34. God wants that people who are rich and can, please build places in your houses to hide of a attack by virus, because in future US could be attacked by virus, China, someone is creating studing virus and learning to create virus, and uses a weapon of virus, learning how to uses virus too in a war against US if they have the war, because virus is a type insivible weapon in a war that is invisible to human eyes

  35. Why don't Americans and Canadians call their embassy and get them out on next flight?

  36. Why gov still allow this kind of thing at this time and why ppl still go on it when its the perfect condition to spread a virus, I mean, staying long on a trip with so many ppl

  37. We Demand Social Justice for the oppressed corona virus 🦠 . Everytime a global pandemic occurs the evil patriarchy suppresses its rise!!

  38. It’s so contagious it’s crazy just symptoms like a common cold and everyone knows how much those germs spread !! Watch myth busters y’all will be scared to death !!

  39. The ventilation system of any and all Cruise Ships spread air borne viruses better than any other conventional way. What the heck were those professionals thinking. Get everybody of that death Ship and place them in quarantine where the bad air is sucked out. I'm sure Japan must have empty warehouses somewhere on that Island.

  40. The Diamond Princess should be taken out of commission—very unlikely that it will get future business unless Princess makes a special deal with the Wuhan Police officers and they can go party there.


    This song gives the solution for Coronavirus! China we love you! Please stay strong! Sometimes the solution is so easy!

  42. 13 Murica tested positive, let's not wear masks and talk to each other in cruise ship to infect your husband/wife

  43. After treatment go back on board!! WHY ??? If she is not a carrier why go back on board–why not just fly to China Wuhan and stay quarantined in a hotel room there. Would not that make a little more sense. Back on board–there is no way I would do that.

  44. There so much NOT known about this Virus–if the person going back on board has a secondary infection and is continuing to take medications she should stay in quarantine in a special part of the hospital she's been treated at. Going back to that Ship which clearly has infection on board is never a good idea. Wow—this makes no sense

  45. Ventilation system is spreading it along with the sewage system! It will get worse before its over. This couple could be goners. They need to sink the Diamond Princess once the people are off to be sure it wont make anybody else sick.

  46. A new-style coronavirus measure of Japanese Government?

    Foolish measures of the Ministry of Health and Welfare expand infection in the ship.

  47. New-style coronavirus of Japanese Government
    An infection measure in the ship is chaotic state.
    The explanation of a government is the situation which can't be understood.

  48. I live In japan… I think its tough to be stuck on that ship in fear but a ship is literally an Ideal quarantining facility especially after the fact that all those needing quarantine are already on board. Staff and hazmat teams are scrubbing and disinfecting the Entire ship outside private cabins routinely. They also turned off certain air circulation equipment as it is winter. Its not Ideal but Its not rocket science to figure out why this is the best option. it doesnt help that some people can carry it and recover without showing any symptoms, while infecting others…

  49. This kind of Coronavirus will have a serious medical urgency effect only for people doesn't take enough tropical brightday sunbathing.. !

    For every early infected persons, just put them under direct tropical daylight sunbathing.. their sympthons will not be severe, and it will just like common flu..

  50. Honeymoon under quarantine….something you would remember for the rest of your life…..

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