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Hey awesome ones, hey awesome ones,
Heather here and Bill here. We just love Black Friday and Cyber Monday fantastic
and shopping online is where it’s at. We want to give you 10 of our top tips
for really the biggest deal days right or absolutely by far– in the most
countries the biggest deal days…Black Friday, Cyber Monday. And when is Black
Friday and Cyber Monday Bill? Around Thanksgiving…it’s a Friday and a Monday.
Oh you get one point for that it’s actually…this wasn’t in the script…it
actually is…the Black Friday is the Friday after the American Thanksgiving
and Cyber Monday is the following Monday but you did pretty good there. Let’s get
on with the video. It all starts in just a few seconds. So whether you’re looking for the latest
fashion items or beauty or tech items even vacation packages, airline flights,
housewares, kitchen items. What am I missing Bill? I think you covered most of
it but maybe items for the pet like Hurricane. We got a lot of things for
well not for him but for pets. Fashion for men. I got some things on there as
well and how about sports items too there’s a lot of sports items that you
can get as well. So this is the time to get your list ready whether it’s for
yourself, oh you know maybe something you want to get in the next six months or
maybe it’s a gift for somebody as well and the nice thing about shopping online
is you really avoid those crowds and you’re not a fan of crowds, actually
neither am I. So let’s get going with tip number one. So the number one tip is
start planning early. You know maybe you do have a vacation that you want to go
to maybe four months from Black Friday. Write that down write down that you
might oh maybe you want to buy some new skis or something
write that down. Really forecast into the future…your TV is going, write that down.
Get all of those items that you think you want to buy because we’re talking
about deals 50% 70%. I mean there’s door Crashers that are like unbelievably
cheap and you really really benefit from them. So get all the stuff written down
even gifts as I said for some people and get ready now for number two. So tip
number two is figure out your favorite stores. You know what are the favorite
stores that you like to shop at and then go and check and see what their URLs or
not because Bill and I we’ve been working for months on a big surprise for
you guys. Really really excited about this we have
found stores of course Amazon, Bill do you want to just start setting it up here…
and we’re going to show you what we’ve got here. So we know ourselves how
frustrating it can be to you know think of all of the stores that are out there.
What are their URLs and everything else and especially when it’s a busy day like
Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So what we created was AwesomeOnlineStores.com You just put it up there it’s AwesomeOnline stores.com easy to
remember and we’ve already done the homework for you like Amazon we have and
of course vacation stores, beauty stores, sports places, office, some of the major
department stores, Disney, things for baby, gift baskets…ah
there’s so much there’s even things for clothing for men and women. So the whole
idea with this for you guys is we’re really like a portal. We have done the
work for you as far as finding the website URLs. Now they are mostly well
they’re pretty well all U.S american landing places but we’re going to show
you later on in the video how you can get to your country for pretty well most
of them. Anyway and as you probably saw there there’s so many different kinds.
We’ve got airlines, we have hotels, we have vacation packages, amazing fashion
stores, high-end lower end. What else we we have office items and electronics,
yeah that’s like mentioned earlier absolutely and also because Amazon is
such a big player in this and such a great online shopping site we actually
have you landing on the electronics or actually landing on you know certainly
books for an example so you don’t have to go looking all over the place to to
land there and we really you know we’re really really proud of this and as you
probably know we don’t do a lot of sponsored video.
People ask us like every day we get emails and that sort of thing and we get
them in the comments too a lot of them are spamed out, but you know what we’re
getting asked for collagen pills and face stuff and and to be honest with you I
don’t want you guys to be the guinea pigs for those things. Unless it’s a case
of wine and somebody wants me to try some high-end wine.lol Right so we figured out a way like we
really have to think to ourselves how do we stay in business doing these videos
twice a week and this is it guys. This is like our main source unless you know we
get a big makeup sponsor that I really love and trust, but this is how we do it.
So if you do land on these landing pages and you do buy through that I’m entitled
to tell you I have to tell you legally that we do make a little bit of
commission and from all the stores you pay exactly what everybody else does and
thank you so much for that. The other thing about this awesome online store
site is the fact that there are a lot of early bird Black Friday and Cyber Monday
deals they’re probably out right now. So if you’re saying oh my gosh you’re not
gonna be really busy on you know after Thanksgiving or whatever so yeah go
check them out right now and also don’t forget we’re keeping the site up 365
days a year. Thats a whole year. lol Yeah that’s a whole year and that’s gonna be good for
Christmas shopping. It’s going to be good for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day
birthdays all kinds of things so and when you land on the homepage which
we’re doing in most cases and even on the Amazon landing pages you are going
to see right away what they are offering what kind of sales they’ve got. So take a
look at those stores, familiarize yourself and and bookmark it because I
think it’s a real great go-to place. Good point the bookmark, i was gonna bring
that up. Yeah great minds think alike. Okay all right. I think we’re on number
three now. I think so. Now I just want to add a little bit to that
as I said yes there’s great sales on Black Friday a lot of them call them
door Crashers. I don’t like web Crashers, sound of web crashing, but anyway they’re
door Crashers and they usually start on midnight on on Black Friday which is of
course is the day after Thanksgiving right at the Midnight point. I’m also
finding there’s a lot of early bird stuff too, though but pretty soon its gonna
be yeah not Black Friday but Black Thursday the way it’s going. And the other
thing that I want to mention is of course the number three and Bill, Bill if
you could just show them on the website here how we get to changing the currency
and also changing your country. So let’s take a look at the stores here for an
example. We have Macy’s, most of these are going to land on a North American
country…Saks, Nordstrom’s, Target. Let’s just go to Saks and wherever you are
many times it’ll show where you’re at, in my case I’m in Canada and it is
everything in Canadian, but let’s just say that it’s not showing that and you
want to pick a country. Go ahead and look at all the countries there’s probably a
hundred here and let’s say that I wanted to go to the UK and my currency I want
in British pounds. Just click on the British pounds and now I can shop. You’re
going to see now in just a second that it changes up. Let’s look at some women’s
fashion and it’s going to switch over everything is going to be available up
there it is in British pounds so that is the way that you can shop
internationally and it’s really easy to do. Oh by the way if they don’t have a
currency converter for their website what you might want to do while you’re
shopping is open a new tab, just google it you know to your dollars or your
pounds or whatever it is exactly and so if it’s like $5 you know
exactly what you’re paying in your currency so those currency conversions
are really really handy. Number four is know whether they are
going to include duty, charge duty or surprise you at the door with it and
usually this is under the shipping section just go to the shipping section.
Sometimes it’s at the bottom where you click it’s all over the place with these
sites and really really read it because again sometimes they’ll say duty is
included other times they’ll they’ll have a middleman you know that will be
doing it and they’re going to keep your things at customs for just a little
short time because they are I guess bonded in everything and they
actually show the duty on just before you check out but then there’s that kind
of nasty one where they will not show you anything. They might hold it up at
customs and they also might knock on your door and say you owe us some money
for duty which is not really a great thing. Which has happened to our daughter
you know yeah it was paid at the door or you don’t get it. Yeah exactly so
those are the kind of things now if you’re really you know oh my gosh I’ve
I’ve really looked at this store. I mean a lot of them are on to this now
and they really are being clear with it in the shipping instructions but if you
don’t see it there’s always a 1-800 number and get to the bottom of it and
again this is all in the pre-planning stage but you don’t want to miss this
step for sure. Alright so tip number five is figure out whether that store will
send a gift to somebody else. So Bill if you can just show us on the computer
here we have several places on our site here where you can find maybe flowers or
gift baskets. You can usually even write out your own message for the card and
have it shipped to somebody else and now some stores like Amazon will also make
sure that you know you’re they send it off as a gift to somebody else.
So that’s it that’s a really good thing to find out with the sites. So this is
great this gift-giving thing because you know is it’s nice to save money, love saving money, but don’t you love saving time and not being around all the
hoards of people and lineups and cash register lineups all that kind of stuff.
So this is a really good tip. I think so. Tip number six is, think outside of the
online shopping box. Okay I remember you know we were anticipating Black Friday
and all that sort of thing and we just kind of looked at each other and we went
let’s plan a Caribbean vacation and where did we go Bill. We went to Turks and
Caicos. Oh it is white sand and turquoise water absolutely beautiful but we saved
a bundle. We we saved on the flight remember that yeah and we also saved on
you know the the hotel the whole bit so yeah I think you know sometimes you just
come up with an idea and you go yeah let’s see if we can get a good deal and
if it works for us financially let’s go for it and certainly did. Now the other
thing is when I talk about go outside the online shopping box we also have a
business. So there are you know you’ll see in these stores that we have here
that there are places like GoDaddy and we may be buying a domain or a website
help or emails or something along those lines and they’ve got like 35% off. So
those are the type of things if you have your own business or a small business or
you’re self-employed don’t forget to check those out as well.
So number seven is know the delivery times and the delivery rules. That’s a
good one, yeah especially when you’re getting you know you might be ordering
around December the 20th and just thinking well of course they’re gonna
get it in time for Christmas for me. They have cutoff time so you’ve got to know
when you get into those kind of days or before when they’re cutoff times are. The
other thing are the delivery rules and again maybe you live in an apartment
building and you’re not too sure if they can deliver to you. Sometimes
most of the time they just leave a card. Yeah and you have to pick it up
elsewhere. That’s generally what happens but maybe you’re on an army base or
something like that and it’s restricted they don’t deliver it, also if you’re in
those kind of situations check the delivery times, delivery rules as well. So
talking about shipping I got some great news for you. Generally during the cyber
monday Black Friday and the Christmas season a lot of these stores they offer
free shipping. However we have learned details. Oh yeah little Asterix yeah
there’s a little word probably details with an underline underneath it and it
might say on free shipping on $50 or $100 or $150. So you might not even get
up to 150 dollars. So make sure what’s what is the differences in the details
or something like that check the details Absolutely and of course this this
happens all year round for a lot of these stores too. So they might have I
think Amazon for an example a lot of times if you buy $25 you get free
shipping and on most items not all but most and so that’s a year-round
thing. So it’s really good to familiarize yourself with all of that. Now if you
live in a remote area that might not apply to you. So again you know another
country that sort of thing so you do want to make sure that if you are in
that outskirt kind of thing whether it’s a country or a remote area you check it
out and yeah absolutely. So number nine is know
what kind of payments they take. Do they take PayPal,
do they take a debit card, do they take one of those prepaid Visa cards?
Sometimes they don’t right? Yeah yeah that’s true. I would always you know if I
was gonna wait up until midnight which we have done to get some of these web
crashers or door Crashers always have your credit card backup ready with your
you know actual cards so when it always gonna ask
you for that code usually the CVV code its either on the front or the back. So
make sure you’re ready to go with your payment, your payment type. So the number
ten tip is just to relax. You know if you’re not…but if you’re not an avid
online shopper you might be really really nervous. Yeah it’s like oh my gosh
who am I giving the credit card to? Well let me tell you something
there are so many security measures nowadays. I mean online shopping has been
around for like 20 years and so there are so many great checks and balances
with online shopping and when you think about it we hand over a credit card to
the gas station attendant to somebody in a restaurant like we don’t you know
we’re given the actual credit card to people so there are a lot of checks and
balances. And the other thing about relaxing with the whole thing is pretty
well all the time you can return something you know if it doesn’t fit if
you just don’t like it. Like even Amazon when you buy makeup
for an example they will say……. yeah they’ll be saying, you don’t buy
makeup, but they’ll say beside it you know this item is returnable. So really
kind of understand that and what I do is if I don’t like something I just bought
some slipcovers the other day. I did not like them and I just put them back in
the box sent them back. I paid for shipping but I got my shipping money
back this was Amazon and I also got a full credit for the item on my credit
card and it happened in like a week or two. So it was pretty good and a lot
of these stores they know they want you to keep coming back to their stores so
the refund policy is excellent. And in case you think we forgot it’s time for
the cuteness factor. If you guys are…yes Hurricane…if you’re
regulars watching our channel all the time you know we generally have the
cuteness factor. He’s here just to say thank you and we really really hope that
these ten tips help you not just for Cyber Monday of Black Friday but all
year round right for online shopping and don’t forget to bookmark the AwesomeOnlineStores.com where you can have all those stores really at a glance.
Right that’s the perfect part of it all in one place and and the next thing to
remember too is maybe it’s been a long time since you braved Black Friday and
you just hated the crowds and you’re just like oh I don’t do that at all.
Well sit at home be in your PJs and just do your shopping from there and save
yourself a ton of time and a ton of money. So we really really are so happy
to help everyone and I guess it’s time to close out here and until next time
relax, enjoy the season and keep it awesome. Keep it awesome.

Norman Bunn


  1. If you forgot the website that has links to the Amazon departments and other major stores, vacation sites, gift delivery services etc.. it's at https://awesomeonlinestores.com/ Enjoy!

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  6. Great advice, guys, and you're right, "the devil is in the detail". We just have to read all the details thoroughly, and do the measuring! Thank you both very much. Hugs to the sweet little furry one. 🙂

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