🔴 XFL Newsroom LIVE | Week 1 Preview w/ XFL Delivery Guy, JDash and Tron Hawkins

Sorry for the delay folks Big things happening over here at the newsroom Welcome to XFL newsroom live. We’re less than 24 hours from when the XFL officially finally Kicks off. We have a lot of big things to talk about and very little time we welcome you all for joining us But as you can tell we got the getting back together to my right we got my man Jay – from the XFL Unhinged or the XFL newsroom unhinge podcast sign them up below me here We got the XFL delivery guy delivering all the fun in the world We’re here and over to is right Sean Hawkins of this is the XFL podcast Hopefully y’all are doing good tonight Doing great doing great Good sign up. So we’re gonna we’re gonna jump right into the action here We have week 1 tomorrow. Like I said less than 24 hours away first game. We got the Seattle dragons Traveling over to DC and already filled 2 p.m. Eastern on ABC Let’s make some quick picks here. I’m going up first I know everyone wants the defenders. I’m breathing fire today. I’m going the Dragons I’m gonna make it happen. I know I X. Well, we’ll get to my Craziest pic of the night a little bit later. I don’t know if you saw this week in the NFL earlier So you may know what that weird pic is, but Sean Hawkins, I know you probably got something to say about this That might be coming so alright. Alright, let’s see if if everyone else agrees delivery guy, what do you got here? Yeah, I agree. It’s gonna be DC for all the reasons trying to set and Home-field advantage let’s give them that as well. Let’s give them All right, J – are you gonna whose side are you on here? I am The Boss. Oh You’re not the boss that is Vince McMahon the Kekeke part of this game is will Sutton on sales defense Peplum turns our Peele offense is going to tear up that inside off defense line and your son’s been ill Because missed practice most a week. It’s in DC. I should be in DC with my co-host. He’s there’s gonna be live streaming I can’t go against DC DC big this time. I Feel like we might be having a lot of this tonight, but that’s what makes it fun So the second game of the day the one that I’m most excited for because I’ll be there we have the Wildcats Traveling at Euston to take on the Roughnecks at TD ECU stadium 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Fox Tron this one Well, originally Monday when I made my picks Josh Johnson is going to the quarterback for LA and that may be a little bit easier now this in McLean is gonna start even though Chen off had a better free seasoning. Oh you better quarterback I’ll record it would be turning the week for that Houston for the win. I just Like I said about me seen better quarterback better position players Transfer I think we should just install a lot more. That’s are you in the bench? Disagree with anything. You said their delivery guy? What do you got for us? Well, I’m gonna actually even though I love Houston I’m not gonna pick them up All right I’m gonna pay with my head and I’m gonna say LA is gonna win this one Because the biggest matchup is gonna be La défense vs At Houston offense and who’s to win? That’s really what it’s gonna come down to it I think the Wildcat defense is just going to be too much. I Hope you’re wrong. So we’re gonna move on Well for me way the LA wins this game They got to find a way to keep this game going means that defense as a keep football court on the sidelines Unfortunately, Phil Walker is the better the quarterbacks and they also have a better backup. They also have so many coats I also got under Williams Hewson wins in a squeaker, but they went I Like where we’re going here now, I’m gonna I’m gonna agree with most everything you said there But I don’t think it’s gonna be a tight game because I think at least in my opinion I think the Houston defense is is better than everyone gives it credit for there’s a few Coney Alize on the team Do the solid there’s a couple good strong guys in the defense And the one thing that everyone brought up here is Houston’s not going to be scared to try to score points I think we’re getting at least a ten point game a ten point went out of the Roughnecks rough them up might my unbiased Opinion you guys can’t tell me but I am wearing rough next year right now But it is a very unbiased opinion. Now. This is this is going to be my favorite one here first game of the ninth the coldest game of Billy We’re heading up to MetLife in neat DeWolfe New Jersey. We have the Vipers and the Guardians 2:00 p.m. On Fox I’m starting I’m starting because I’m picking the Vipers. I’m doing it. I’m ready to strike I think the Vipers we’re so early in this season. Here’s it is my rationale I don’t know if anybody watches this week in the XFL. Er, right here’s my rationale is When you look back at the old XFL the AAF The people that we thought are going to be stars weren’t necessarily the stars at the end of the year Rather was people that we didn’t necessarily know who they were Now this might sound bad but there’s a lot of those on the Tampa Bay Vipers There’s a lot of who is that so that doesn’t mean they’re not going to be good It just doesn’t mean that we know what they’re gonna play like Now I will say the Guardians do look strong But before I take at what else anyone else, you know what I mean? Delivery guy. What do you gotta say? I Disagree with you because I’m using this thing called common sense and I Gotta go with the Guardians and the simple fact is they do have the bigger name? you have the more known names they have the more experienced names and The coaches alone. Kevin has a more winning record through his whole career Mark, and Tampa Bay, you know, yeah, he coached with Chicago Bears and in the CFL but history record to me Doesn’t scream confidence and I’m more confident in Europe’s offense than I intend to base offense Again, I can’t refute anything. You’re saying there Jay – what are you thinking about this? Well, as you know is a two point favorite, I don’t understand how their 2.0 bit, New York I’m still not so linear Murray. It’s all because of what he did with the Atlanta legends last year And yes, and I was a different offensive scheme in Tampa. I’m just not sold on him yet as a quarterback now if if it’s when flowers restarting or Tanking the other guys name just left my head but Kevin Gilbride is a quarterback whisperer. He pushed our offense cold-weather New York has a better running game and I think they’ll have a better tie lines tight in squads And I think honestly my opinion this game officially it’s going to be battle the Titans I think these two teams are the best team Titan groups in the league Whoever wins that match wins the game and it’s gonna be quick This is gonna be one the ugliest of the four games to watch It was quite possible and now interestingly enough I was looking at the order of people were gonna talk to here and I don’t know why it’s always you Tron. I Said I’m on my podcast I said it was a yes every day Erin Murray is a good quarterback, but you have been a great one even in, Georgia He’s gonna make that one throw in the big game. He can never make it the Guardians secondary It’s probably in the best to leave. Yes for me. It comes down to him in the corner I think I go for a two-point conversion to tie it up or something My confidence not there because as a Georgia fan, I’ve seen him break my heart many times Like I’ll tell JD he went not in three, but three losses within the biggest games of the year Just called their defense is better and Aaron Murray just can’t make before we missed it Yeah, and Tampa Bay is be beaten down broken, you know, they’re out there star receiver with Antonio Callaway and I will give the Guardians credit right they Was a delivery guy you brought up their coaching staff is second to none, right the the quarterback whisper up there I think he’s going to be able to do a lot with McGloin and Luis Perez I think Luis Perez kind of made out in that deal Because now he’s not gonna sit behind Josh Johnson, whereas he might get you some shared playing time out of there But I had to go vipers. I knew everyone was gonna pick against the Vipers I had to I had to be the one guy to be ready to strike But could also be an issue in this game by way, yeah, it’s gonna be cold It’s gonna be under 40 degrees at that game. And this is the early game. So that product might not even reach the high I think it’s a high of 42 Maybe I don’t know that’s it’s not gonna be fun. That’s for sure but like I said in my show earlier though it the weather is not gonna matter if in three weeks the guardians are undefeated and Convincingly undefeated if they are the in Orlando Apollo’s of the XFL We’re gonna see not maybe met like packed But we’re gonna see it packed for the weather conditions that that they’re gonna be doing a lot So I honestly I hope the the Guardians went sorry Tampa Bay fans But let’s move on to the last game of the weekend. We have the battle hawk strangely enough traveling to Dallas for the first game At globe Life newly renovated used to be a baseball diamond now. It’s a football field 5:00 p.m. Eastern on ESPN Trying not gonna skip you this time Hawks are renegades. What do you got buddy? I Got the battle Hulk’s winning another a 10-point underdog but a Dallas is so beat up and I did see a Twitter thing earlier a media of Jones actually throwing the Dunbar which I thought one thing was hurt But all the media except Telecom said that lady won’t start this week and a lot to it Nelson Good narrator is okay, but st Louis the second day I think is actually a lot better people in the credit for its young all think They’re gonna win it with their offense With the nutrients and this will be obvious might be like this game If you go to Ricky against a backup pretty much a quarterback like st. Louis like 1815 pumpkin like something just not awful. Ugly. Oh, yeah. Gimme gimme st. Louis Well, you you brought up the low scoring part of it and even in the preseason again The preseason is not a good judgment here because in all reality The XFL is preseason was really like the fourth week of the NFL preseason It was more about assessing but when you look at all the games Both of these teams kind of started out slow and that was before Dallas had the injuries But delivery guy, what do you got here? You’re close to Dallas Yeah, I’m gonna go with Dallas on this one because I think Bob Stoops has put together a more cohesive balanced team and I think they’re ready for this situation that they’re in which is a lot of injuries and I think the Phillip Nelson now, we’re not high on him and none of us are wrong with that criticism But I think we’re gonna see a different Phillip Nelson Under a Bob Stoops offense didn’t Philip Nelson under a Mike Martz offense in the AEF That was a complicated offense for any of them if you remember San Diego had a hard time getting anything going I think Bob Stoops is a very smart coach and I think At the end we’re gonna we’re gonna see two mil pack teams battling who’s gonna just not be worse Yeah, and I think Dallas is gonna come out on top. I like that stance. I like that stance. So Debate points pretty those teams wait in my truck I Think I think it’ll be close. I think you’re right. Well, yeah, I’ll agree with that Jay – give us that opinion so I know you got so I So, I’m the one that’s would be the own star here Experience experience experience experience National champion head coach future hall-of-famer head coach Philip Nelson with experience in a professional level There’s no experience on the bow Hawks offensive side of the ball at the helm joint elmer just came out of college Maybe we’ll practice cod but nothing like Phillip Nelson. Yes Phillip Nelson did play for the Philadelphia, don’t be played for the San Diego fleet Yeah, even though thick weren’t you like to call? Decent they were the Elena of the West in the AEF, but they actually won games in like in Lana This is in Dallas. This is considered ESPN’s game of the week They’ve been hyping up this game more than had been hyping well second to two defenders in Seattle. I think Bob Stoops and impresses I think that person will be jam-packed and I see Dallas with Phillip Nelson and air Dungey showing some time in they’re Covering the spread easily against st. Louis. I’m just not sold on st. Louis just yet. They don’t have enough Offensive firepower my opinion can keep up with Dallas if those starts clicking on all cylinders Ralph abet Alright, so I agree with parts of what you said I’m gonna say I’m going with Dallas on this one But I don’t think that I don’t think it’s gonna be a blowout I think I agree with Voltron and delivery guy here that it’s gonna be a much closer game one Both both teams defense is pretty solid. St. Louis’s defenses is probably the better of the two But you can’t discredit big game Bob in all of the kind of working players he got he has right between Nelson and Dungy I think they’re gonna be able to make it happen over time Oh and I see I don’t know who’s a hanneke. Is there backup and say he’s The leader st. Louis’s none of the other women we distinguish them be Christie Michael. Yes women run the ball Yeah, so that that’s a that’s a weak one picks there. Let’s move on to some predictions here Game of the week. What do we think? The best game of the week is gonna be we’re gonna start with you my man. Jay – what? What’s the best game of those four that we’re gonna see? Well, the best game of the week should and should be the official game official kickoff Seattle in DC should be to give me a week because that’s when the Dawning of a new era of the XFL begins. This is what XFL gets to show What they’re about? Hopefully the science all these negative radio pundits and cities that don’t have XFL teens Calling out players from being nobodys This is a chance for EXO that so hey, we got football have another 12 weeks of football And so the fans can actually not be depressed until the draft So game of the week is going to be dragons and win get defenders Hopefully we see some good action and a high score and affair and the betting lines That’s all supposed to be key in these are games. So first game given the week playing Deliberate guy what do you got game of the week? Now I said this earlier in the week. I want to change online, but I’m gonna stay true I think the game believe will be the last game Only because I think bob suits as the coaching staff is the most recognized name so I think a lot more people are going to turn into that one, and I know With them say louis, we’re not high on the young quarterback, but I think that gives him an advantage over everybody else is They all have expectations with every other core back. He’s coming in with a blank slate And now I think this is the game where he gets to prove himself And so we may see him do just work. He may one ball He may throw that you know, we’re gonna see him really do some amazing things I think so I think that’s gonna be the game of the week, you know Just to kind of carry on to that point looking even at the coach He probably has the least experience in coaching in the league and I think honestly both of those things are going to work in their favor because From a coaching standpoint. I think he’s going to try a lot of different things that the more established coaches aren’t going to try just Because really this is his first head coaching position with and Utilizing these new rules. Where’s he look a big game, bob? He has decades of experience with I don’t want to say a more traditional game, but more traditional game, right? But it’s not my turn yet here. Let’s let’s move over to Tron game of the week You don’t like this one. I think it’s while catching the flakes Even better with Josh Johnson in there when you got McClendon. Yeah Walker Welcome with young quarterbacks both up my mobile quarterbacks. You can see a lot of probably RPAs and stuff like that And I think they got two of them better Like like running back slowly you got andre williams and you gotta hood nes that offers gets defense I think it’s been the closest thing that we do and then I’ll be the one game that you made he goes And this week, you know But if you had to pick one go through this mean close enough to maybe get overtime And show me Liam and course you got June Jones. He’ll either go for three points every time after a touchdown So we got to you got to different coaches like I thought well my podcast we got mall shoes like loud Jonesy kind of just quiet and mumbles doesn’t mean easily interests insane anymore gameplay Yeah, so I agree that that’s also my game of the week. And again Mike my unbiased reasoning But I am gonna be at that game so that it puts a little bit of an asterisk there But you brought up one thing. I think this is going to be the greatest showcase of offense versus defense That we’re gonna see this week It’s well, especially now that Josh Johnson is out there gonna need to rely heavily on the defense and I wouldn’t doubt if we seek an off coming and Same with the Houston side. I wouldn’t everybody’s upset Well, not everybody but people are upset that PJ Walker’s the starter and a 1 I think he’s a phenomenal quarterback but I don’t think there really is going to be a true starter in Houston I think I really do think we’re gonna see a healthy dose of these guys not necessarily for the multiple pass a forward pass option we I actually asked coach Jones about that the other night at the thing and he said well if I put both my Quarterbacks out there. They know what play I’m running, right? So we’re going to see that aspect of it But I wouldn’t doubt if first quarter comes in maybe PJ Walker he throws a touchdown But he gets a pick throwing Connor cook for a while ride that out Now again, if a guy comes in and he’s dropping bombs on him I don’t think he’s gonna pull him out. But if start things start to slow down tyst start to change I Think June Jones is the kind of guy that he’s going to have a very fluid offense with his players for instance The know tight end situation. There’s technically no tight ends there Yeah, if you asked you Jones, he says no we have tight ends We don’t know who they are. I assume they’re probably like maybe a line or defensive players. Who knows? The the one they had was Avery Johnson and he’s on he he got cut So yeah, June Jones apparently doesn’t like tight ends, but he may be watching so sign you up June Jones We love you biggest blowout of the game I know it’s not gonna be Houston, but feel free to say it is if you want John Hawkins biggest blowout of the week Really bad for the first game Brandon still bruised and maybe the running back It’s just I just don’t I just don’t see them going to be seeing win in the pond across the country Cornell Jones Yeah Presley We’re also the number four receiver for Cranston on the depth chart. I mean DC’s just stacked I mean it was me if this is just over by half. I don’t want it to be only a game, but I’m thinking like 38 they’re like 30, maybe I mean come out there’s gonna Rock a flaxseeds BAM Well, I I don’t think I could follow that Judge J – biggest I Don’t know if I can, you know Come after laxatives, but the biggest biggest blowout in my opinion This will have definitely have some trongs locative xin then i’ve mentioned it would be the st. Louis and Dallas game. I Decided the experience down there in Dallas and I think Bob Stoops has a couple years away from football I think is going out there and shine He’s even sure that he’s still coaching That cup set for my podcast. The XFL is a proving ground And that is the me players who can also be coaches going up to the next level so don’t be surprised if you might hear Bob Stoops names and then if the rumors here in a couple of years couple is in this year, so Biggest blowout Lake won’t be yeah Yeah Yes, yes I actually was getting killed by a lot of people on both sides even though I Wasn’t okay. Anyways, uh Its Dallas and st. Louis. It’s gonna be the biggest ball I will love to see a lot of close games where it’s in the fourth quarter and we’re like men we can find see strategize or get to that overtime period But I think they’ll see each week. They’ll have a blowout here and there and I think this week would be st. Louis Dallas I’m not that dumb st. Louis fans. I’m not bashing you guys. I’m not I love your city I can’t wait for you guys. When you host your first home game. I will favor you guys there I don’t care you guys are playing. Oh, it’s just I just don’t see you guys going to Texas back-to-back weeks and winning so all right, delivery guy biggest blowout Man, I feel bad because I’m trying to pick a different one, but I think YouTube picked like the best Options especially Tron with week one I think see how this thing There’s just someone to like like Houston on any tight ends because Seattle has all the tight ends, you know They’re just clearly screaming. We’re gonna run the ball And I think DC is just gonna be too smart for that Jay – you brought up some good points with that but if I’m gonna be different I would have to say be New York and Tampa Bay and The reason being is with Tampa Bay with their offense and their defense. I’m like you Tron there I just don’t like it, you know other than Mick Truesdale who I know is a stud you is great with Salt Lake the Stallions I’m not big on erinmarie either when he was with the Atlanta legends because he didn’t even start and With that being said I look at New York, and I’m very impressed So I think that and then there in York in the cold they’re going from Florida to the cold. I just don’t see them Rallying as a team. That’s cool down south We it snowed in the morning here Today so So I I think that’s maybe the biggest blow I think New York is just gonna run over them You know, and honestly, I agree. I I agree in parts without ever a little bit of what everybody said here But I’m gonna go with Jay – here on this one because I don’t think it’s gonna be Houston Wildcats game I really don’t but yeah, I think the Renegades even with the backups big game Bob’s gonna he’s gonna do so I don’t know if it’s gonna be a ten-point But I think it is gonna be the biggest biggest spread of the of the the week here, but let’s let’s move to some Yes, if smoosh wins can we do another one these Monday and we just talk about how great I was I let that fake and Monday as long as we can do it when Tampa Bay wins because I’m the only one there’s it’s me and the twelve Tampa Bay Vipers fans that You just ticked off or a podcaster downtown Excuse me, let’s move on to Some theoretical z’ here. We’ve kind of spoke about our champions in the last livestream we did Honestly, I don’t have them written down off the top of our head but I’m sure now that we have the final rosters out We’ve seen a little bit of the preseason training camps mini camps all that good stuff We may have some differences of opinions now. So tron now that we have all this out. We’re about to cough Who do you think is gonna be the champion at the end of the year? You know what? I actually changed my says the last time we talked about for New Year’s I actually got the New York Guardians meet in Dallas in the temperature game They say defense wins championships. Why do you think they got the best defense? Yeah, I think I think Gia has been saying all along the West is the better division, but they won’t beat up on each other twice, but make note classy I think the East I don’t know why they so high on the boppers I think the East is just it’s DC in New York. It gonna be an honest, then it’s just it’s just st Louis in Tampa at the bottom Well, yeah you mean the Guardian just cause I just Now do you think the Guardians be the to see so I think they had to go to DC and boom But I think that’s will. So unity Guardians over Dallas and Cynthia can’t complain with that J – rebuttal. What do you got? Like a Tron stated I said that the West is going to be the best division But the champion comes out east I’ve said that the whole time After looking at the depth charts doing some more research. I Still think a champion will be coming out of the West now But I do see from what? my loss projection I said I had the Vipers getting to deploy office of the to CDC being one seed and the Vipers pulling off an upset in the first round and losing the Dallas in a championship game from Some consideration like a high school player coming into college I’ve redone everything and you know clear my thoughts. I do think it’s going to be New York and DC But DC wanting to Division go in the championship and losing two from the Western Conference Yes Dallas I Think that big Dallas is and but the Western Conference team out west is the two pathetic playoff teams with the Houston Association Dallas New York and Washington worked out swimming at all they’ll take You know, I am a Houston fan. But if the Texas wins the championship, I won’t complain Delivery guy, what do you got for us here? All right, so Take the politicians answer and I’m just going to go I’m 50/50 It’s either gonna for me it’s either going to be DC or LA one of the other for the champion and I Think we’re going to see pep Hamilton’s offense versus where’s the Moss’s defense? And I don’t know who’s gonna come out on top I mean, I’m just saying I don’t know with the West I agree with Jay – West is gonna be the best and I think it’s gonna be Houston in LA and the Playoffs – blue with Dallas buy it at their heels. I think it’s gonna be almost like a three-way Into the very last week who’s gonna get in and with the East? We’re all gonna know it’s DC and New York and let them battle it out, but it’s gonna be DC all the way. All right Well, I won’t be surprised if in the Western Division you have like Seattle like at four and six in Dallas and wins the division They’re six and four So you get your two games separated throughout the whole year until the very last week and where everything is decided by you know those divisional games at the end of the year, so Yeah so with my unbiased pick Its unbiased I swear to god it’s unbiased but I think we’re gonna see Houston New York in the championship, New York gained a lot of Points in my book after looking at that preseason kind of looking at what Gilbride is doing them getting that Louise Perez trade I know people were kind of salty that LA traded him, but LA didn’t need them I think New York needed him more than LA did quite honestly LA with that Shawn Oakman. Bring him and Shawn Oakman back. They They’re looking they’re looking pretty stacked, but I think I think ultimately We don’t know how the how how long Josh Johnson is gonna be out We don’t know how the the backups are gonna work out. We saw Cain off did pretty good in the preseason But again, it was the preseason there may have been a lot of guys that got cut out there I think I’m in Houston pulls it out against New York. But again, this is just my unbiased dick. I Can’t I don’t know but let’s let’s move on to some MVPs here. Jay – who knew at the end of the year? Who’s the guy who’s the man? Who’s the guy hosting that who’s the tommy maddox of? 2020 well Mines interesting because how I said the Western Conference is going to be the best conference I do that We have a quarterback and out west that’s gonna put up some great numbers. He doesn’t have the offense around him So he’ll single-handedly have great numbers and yet his team may not even make the playoffs So go out on a limb on here. Everyone’s been hating on this team in this podcast in the podcast Give it Brandon Silver’s MVP quarterback, Seattle dragons Wow, that’s bull. That’s bull. That isn’t I guess so boy. I didn’t even get him on my fancy team. That’s how so So Yeah, I guess it’s my turn. I didn’t even think to research this one a little bit, but I’ll say this I think The SVP is intending to be a quarterback. I think probably unless we have somebody go gangbusters With reception yards or running, especially if we have like a star running back in this league He could get the MVP just because I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of people running There’s gonna be a lot of paths and we get a guy that somehow gets a thousand yards running and 10 games He might get it. But for now, I’m gonna say quarterback And you know what? I’m really I’m gonna go unbiased this time I say Cardale Jones. I think he probably starts out slow maybe wins a couple games in in a non convincing fashion, but by game 3, I think he finds his rhythm and He’s going to be scary if he can find the Cardale Jones of Ohio State He’s going to be able to run all over these dudes that May or may not be in the XFL next year But that’s just then this is a truly unbiased pick because everything in me wanted to pick Connor Cook But I know I would have been lying to myself But delivery guy, what do you got for me? I’m gonna be so wrong Brendan Silver’s matter of fact I actually don’t think cuz he’s got the stalker right in Seattle I don’t think that’s gonna be the case at the end of the year well one the reasons why I chose him is cuz me and uh The ref interviewed him on one of our shows so he’s always been like, you know, we’ve got to talk to the guy himself. So He said biased opinion Man-crush no, not another typical. Okay. Okay, so it’s And I think it’s because one they’re gonna win the championship And so the quarterback will be the MVP, but it’s his y’all said it before his He’s got a lot of great receivers around him So they’re gonna make him better and The only thing I could disagree with ref one is I think he’s gonna be in his rhythm out the gate because he’s playing Seattle And so the column this will be there for week two Yeah, and we will see tomorrow sorry, I accidentally muted everybody for the first half you the the people could hear you I just couldn’t So if anybody saw me being like what is going on? That’s why Sean Well Me somebody that wasn’t a quarterback believes it or not me firstly in DC Because he can catch the ball of the back foot and visit one quarterback. It’s probably gonna be him But my think is actually Matt McCoy. I talked about on my podcast That’s these new weapons in New York. No. No. No Mike Michele Mackay out there. I mean, he’s gonna be a stood an inning Think what’s the what’s the browser for the Guardians is hurt Yeah, Joel Yancey when he gets back and that’s two really good weapons on the outside there and you got Kevin Gilbride you may do I’m an innocent blow in in quarterback So I mean what is he gonna do with him Plus this meant walk down to Penn State and win a starting job So this hey, thanks a fairly. Nothing compared to that Nothing takes the fill when you walk onto a big calm college like Penn State and start ya even have a point He’s a dark horse. Oh, I mean I went bad on it. But I mean if he money other than Cardale Jones or range Somebody not last name Jones gonna win it it might be him He’ll sign it up. So that’s it for our picks. We got the prediction now Here’s the one that I think a lot of people are gonna like we’re gonna do some power rankings here There’s guaranteed to be some disagreements. But by the end of this we’re all going to have to agree on The the power rankings of these teams at least for week 1 right. So let’s let’s move this screen over here of Course your cameras don’t work here. Why wouldn’t I test that? Well, you know folks the I’m not gonna fix this right now so you they may not see all of us but We’ll just go right down the list Dallas renegades I don’t know. I’ll just start off here. I’m gonna say me personally. I move them at number 3, but What do you got for me here? What what? What arguments disagreements does everybody agree or disagree on number 3 for the Renegades? And we can move these arms as we get through the list I would say four words that lanes ahead of These ahead Houston or New York I put that forth right now because of Leonard Jones and I muted everyone for a second. Sorry restate everything you just said Not just just the last like 10 seconds what you said Jay – I’m sorry Oh I was just saying if Lance Dunbar and Langer Jones or healthy will engage would be higher in the rankings Before sounds like a good spot for them There’s still a top-tier team in the league without them but with them in they’re the best team in the league or the second-best in length depend on What day it is? You know, I’ll see that I’ll say ok number 4. I’m outnumbered here. Well, I think we’re pretty close on that. Let’s move DC I’m not going first. I’m gonna let you guys argue over this that you say number one. You see them you say Geez Reason why I say their number once because they have the quarterback The quarterback is healthy the prefer the healthiest team right now entering the season Yes, la may be good, but they don’t have their story right now Okay. Hey Hamilton is an offensive quarter. That’s what he is and he’s been working with Cardale Jones ever since he got Assigned to him so I think these two have great chemistry. So one So wet whatever you say you’ll be wrong. It’s what I Think I saw the number one from you as well they got people don’t realize how good that you can show me either like How the King games I’m lit happen, well I bet they blow half the games Yeah, you need to see yeah, cuz they’re playing in the East yeah That’ll work their front seven it’s gonna be pretty lethal I I do like the defensive Front seven in Washington and a secondary especially well, hell, yeah So I feels like I lost that arc I would put them at number two, but let’s again we can move these around we can move these around this Is that next one up? What As we all said their first One get you another team and we all collectively agree. Oh, yeah. I didn’t think of that What a team I’m gonna throw out the green we’re gonna go to the next team and I think this holds a high contender for number one here If anybody’s guessed The use of Roughnecks I say they’re the best now. Let’s open up the floor I know getting a bag Houston Use this number one in my heart no, don’t get me wrong. I love them but on paper They’re number three. There’s think they’re a solid three. They’re there comfortably there. I don’t I think it goes dc1 whoever will say four to Houston and then everyone else I think for week 4 week one especially they are a solid three solid three Tron what come on save me here at least say to Its job box in which help? Is used to move you like this on it He’s not healthy Dallas is not healthy I Won’t say they’re solid three, but they’re like, you know look three Care one I J – I can already feel the way both go. What what why do you think they’re eight? What do you got? I have breaking news. I know this is xfo breaking news XFL Houston Roughnecks of sign Defensive coordinator AJ Hinch – the team – you know spy on other offenses So they know the play calls before they happen Shot whatever it takes I don’t care we still got the championship. I Know the history up tech fans are getting mad and go off all this move on the World Series with the Astros with them If Right now – appear haven’t seen I’m for me Phillip Walker PJ Walker how you want to say? Yes, he’s a decent small size quarterback. Good arm mobility. If Connor cook was the starting quarterback I trust him more because he’s been into the big house. He’s been to the horseshoe. He’s been to the Rose Bowl He’s been big-time games in one big-time games Yes, Phil Park is good. But if Connor was starting they may be a three but for me They’re not – and they’re definitely not one. No offense, they’ll bug Dallas right now because Dallas is not fully healthy Connor cook was the starting at quarterback? Then yes, you might be talking about – maybe flirting with one But they did get AJ Hinch as defense coordinator in might be one because I’ve been playing a note plays Again this just for everyone listening. This is just week one Power Rankings by next week We’ll all know that Houston sitting at number one. So this is just all theoretical my just unbiased opinion So Houston, it sounds like moving the number three here everyone agree with number three Yes, huh. Yep, I think we’re we’re Bob Dallas. I can be okay with that Wildcats Who’s got an opinion on Without Josh Johnson T the one the one I go up against them is the Miss Tampa Bay, right? That’s the two I think can either they’ll flip flop Oh Put him it’s often at six. I put out put out the attempt I hit him yet. Yeah, you need six just because Josh Johnson, we don’t know how long he’s been Harsh kind of injury like he wasn’t in the preseason game. We all thought it just because it was preseason, but Yeah, but every other started played in it, that’s kind of what we didn’t put together at the time These are the excited Steve pictures of the preseason games, I think Yeah, I put six without without him Coast it now they Spread and he was starting I move up a little bit. But since we don’t know what’s going on there. I’m it’s it’s Okay Okay, so based on just pure week one rankings I got him it too I got a pretty hot just purely week one Because like I said because in the West we’ve got Seattle low Dallas, they’re more plagued with injuries So there we’ve set them at four and I think their defense is gonna topple Houston its offense So I put them higher than Houston so too now if Houston wins Then for me next week, they would be a solid one But I think LA I now has invested so – okay Jay – where you got we have a – we have a six I Have the LA Wildcats coming in at number five. I love their defense I don’t I questioned their quarterbacks. I know the I saw him McClendon on to some of the highlights He doesn’t make you think he’s going to be that type of quarterback is gonna go into Houston and win a game Josh Johnson Was like almost 42 years old. The guy’s been in league for a while multiple leagues I just right now the Restraint me and Ron talked about this on my podcast It’s interesting the situation now represses in New York he works that system is better for him and New York and is in LA I just think that LA if as long as Josh Johnson is hurt that defense has to keep games And extended games as long as possible. I just don’t see them have enough firepower because of the quarterback issues But I haven’t met five right now But that means a borderline playoff team in the Western Conference, but they’re not gonna be out of any race all year And so they get healthy and they start cooking They may actually be very scary at the end of year, especially when and we get to the final three division games I’ve been in the year So I actually agree with you. I was thinking number five and this comes down to a couple things is one with the injury Everybody’s brought up the injury but to looking at the rest of the teams that we have on the board here I think there’s one that sits above them at least in the opening spot and this is actually our next team so kind of a segue here I would say Wildcats at five with the guardians at two They came out one. I’ve said this a couple times. I think it’s very important for these XFL teams to have to Maybe not even great quarterbacks I think even having a team with two good quarterbacks against the team with one great quarterback is Going to be very beneficial for some of these teams and that’s not to discredit either the quarterbacks They have in New York because I think they’re both solid but I think having those two guys Beyond some of the receivers the defense Lee going on and I can’t remember who brought it up earlier But Kevin Gilbride made Eli Manning win two Super Bowls, there’s time That’s like dude. We all know that Eli. I love you. I but he’s the weaker of the two brothers He’s the weaker of the three brothers Hall-of-famer the other one he doesn’t even get to the point Well, I’m sorry I cut you what do you think? Did you make him a holic? We’re back? I mean all you need to know Colin Cowherd on Fox said it perfectly Eli Manning will be the greatest quarter Hall-of-famer average quarterback in NFL history And yeah, I listen to rhythm Like what did you just say about Eli then he went on his stats for the last like ten years. He’s mediocre He’s averaging those two years. He won the Super Bowl Yeah, they beat my Patriots, you know screw Eli but still I didn’t realize the stats. He had the last ten years I’m like those two Super Bowls are gonna make him go in the Hall of Fame. He’s an average quarterback with two rings And Hall of Fame because he’s a Manning big brother Peyton’s gonna come in there with his big forehead and be like You can’t put me in the Hall of Fame unless you put my brother and in five years Actually, they might put Eli in the Hall of Fame first just like he got two rings before Peyton which I always thought was just amazing, but we’re getting way off subject here, but So so do you Jay – you agree New York number – oh Absolutely, yeah only reason why I like New York at number two right now is day like I’ve said with DC there the two healthiest teams in league right now And usually the higher ranked teams should be the teams are fully healthy, and I just think Kevin Gilbride pro style offense He hasn’t he has two of the most experienced quarterback some are in my opinion, especially with Perez back there so if but McLean does go down with a jury You have Perez who’s been in that system down the burn man, and he knows how to win games at this level of football So New York number two right now? So if that’s possible, we could have a nice clash next week in DC between the top two teams So delivery guy Tron Disagreement you don’t think number two delivery guy no, I mean because It’s weird because I’m actually outnumber this huh, because you know what? It’s take me to I’m I put that I think la it’s just a better team I uh because you know We know wasted most as a defensive coach, but they also have Norm Chow as their offensive coordinator, you know And I think that’s something we’ll a lot of people tend to forget. I think Phillip Nelson’s gonna go right on in there but I just think the reason why I ranked New York, so low is because Won their division is weaker, you know what I think You have that going against them The only competition that I really have is DC and I just think eleisha some more all-around better team. And so that’s I Don’t disagree with you guys though when you say you want to fuckin up. So let me I’m gonna leave the tiebreaker Optitron here I actually this is probably a bad idea. You’re gonna have the unbiased pick with that John but I don’t have like eight roughneck shirts like why I’ve won correctness. You are a fake news Hey, I just spread the love of the league I you know dog in the pot give me uh, Yeah, I think they’re too and that’s just for week one just because we all agree There’s other than the ref we’re gonna beat the boppers. So we have the two teams that we won’t lose Are we gonna win at? One and two there’s nothing wrong with that We gotta if you about the Wildcats will kind of if you bout may be dealt with knowing why I’m about Dallas to seek one So and then we all know he’s seven and eight is so I mean why not primitive? So, okay. So we have six seven eight left. I’m gonna I’m gonna I already know I wouldn’t say this But I’m just I’m gonna skip a couple of real quick. It’s just let’s move to the Vipers Does anybody gonna say anything besides number eight besides me? Yeah I mean I know what I said Mary Ann Marie man, Brandon Silver’s and Jordan so and I think they had the better coach on the last three teams that’s left So I put them at six that this lets me play in. Of course. I think they beat seniors twice We know Seattle’s in the West so what you can week one. I know I said the Guardians gonna beat them Well the teams that might lose this week that program the best one out of all of that leaves, I think Game, I’m sorry god quick temper at six. I don’t think he’s even caught up to be on here How many folks we have another glass team that’s coming from a guy who Adam eight VFL well the more I thought about it their sakes delivery guy saw seven flash up there. I Put about seven. I You know, and that’s just me full of between them and st. Louis I mean literally me and trying to look in the same two guy at ease and we’re just putting different spots But I just think st. Louis will just edge amount, you know, honestly, it’s It’s hard because I just don’t know who’s gonna be worse That’s really what it comes down to I think when they meet it’ll be st. Louis wins one Tampa Bay wins one, you know and I just think st. Louis would be better. I mean, I don’t know that young quarterback I feel like he might surprise all of us. That’s really what it comes out. Just different me You realize how much you end up winning this at the end of year? We’re going all wood and walk wit doing what we’re doing yeah, it’s gonna show that Vegas does really have some time-traveling magic going on because There are the only people on the planet that think they’re gonna win seven over Is what it is unlike the future. Yeah So we have a six and a seven J – where do you witty for the Vipers I haven’t met six due to the Offense they have my opinion better by receiving core and then st. Louis and Cl you can put st. Louis. Yes We’re C record combined and they still won’t equal C on campus And also I agree with Ron they do actually have a more experienced quarterback even though that awesome you seen Erin Murray it was you know bad taste but then again He did play in Atlanta and that gives everyone bad taste And you guys you got some good receivers another tall? Son Travis Jones and the two running backs I think it’ll be studs in the XFL our Jackass Patrick a big thumper type style running back similar to like Leno Burnett and A speed dating in Devon Smith Tim Bay has enough offensive weapons to score points the question will be their defense and the question is going to be more trust man’s ability to learn how to Use players to do short yardage To nickel-and-dime down the field stop throwing deep balls While my watch on Erin Murray over the last couple of weeks through day AF and his time in the NFL He’s always o first read slant route not open o deep well open throw pick safety and the safeties run the other one And that’s where he’s won He’s in the XFL But my opinion typically has a better offensive scheme and a quarterback than the other two guys Even though I said they’re in silver, so I was being a fanboy but tip at six All right, I would agree with that. So I think six six is a solid point now I didn’t really plan this this way we almost we didn’t go in order but we did end up with the last two teams here as the last two spots and Hooks and Dragons, we’re gonna have some salty fans either on the east coast to the west coast here. Oh, You know what? I’ll start this off because I know this is gonna hurt. This is this is gonna be like ripping a band-aid off I’m putting the st. Louis number eight if I’m looking at this list, I Think I put more stock in in both Brandon Silver’s and BJ Daniels Than I do over Jordan teamö and Heinicke the experience. Although may not be a lot of experience They have more of it That’s my that’s my pick but the floor I see Tron over here. You gotta tell I gotta know what you’re thinking. I Think you’re muted yourself Or did I mean No, I think faintly inches-7 in Seattle a Just cause I thought I could defense their running backs more I think that there are receivers more when they actually got real wide receivers another quarterback that Was turning to our other senior the number one today? Hey see It’s fun and plus they got killer Sparrow there and what’s the other running backs a final order? yeah, and then the third one was um I guess for calling Gardner’s starting over the two other ones when I think you two best ones so I don’t they even know what’s going on at Penn Seattle plus people remember Jim Lauren from His watch the coaching days. You really be honest with you. Can you kind of stats? What was that getting a quarterback Kubek? I just think I Don’t even drink coffee but Yeah pussy I don’t pussy out away and St. Louis Stay here. Take a shot at that’s At the Sun and then you take a shot that’s coffee Man alright delivery guys Eight I agree with John there st. Louis is open in Seattle’s eight and it’s just simply because What Jews wanted put together their offensively is so weird You know, I’m not I’m seeing nine hundred Titans Million running back. No. No, the running backs are good, you know Right. You got Kenneth Pharaoh and Jaquan Gardner, and I know you say Kenneth That’s the commander’s fan. I want everything. But I remember Jaquan Gardner also running all over San Antonio wouldn’t they went and played in San Diego and that was opposed to be an amazing defense tro-clon Gardner is a beast so They’ve got a great running game I’m left with a lot more question marks no more questions than answers so they go to eight for me. Okay? So J – I guess you’re the deciding factor here. Do you agree with dragons at eight? Always why I put the dragons at eight is because they’re not healthy right now. They’re depleted on defense. Yes Mr. Truong an attack in the city of Saint was in Seattle. Like he we have like a Civil war against them for some odd reason. Ah, there’s nothing wrong with the City of Seattle people It’s a great city great fan support. They get their hire. They got a hockey team coming and I named them the Krakens stupid name The Dragons in my opinion have a good Y receiver core that no one’s talked about Terrence Williams and while Kim Reynolds Who is a former 5th in the Heisman Trophy candidate rolling back at Navy? I? Think the last person got votes was like Roger Staubach or something like that for Navy So he’s a good athlete I could tell by the XFL. They’re gonna learn a lot of stuff about him during the game tomorrow The only thing I see the reason why st. Louis is a head of Seattle, my product predictions is the injuries theologist every time I look on them on the website, so You know any of our guys Twitter handles or any of the other news networks? You always see a CL player being put on engineless Because of something and they’re beat up and seen that the plane DC week one And our opinions of wolf DC you have to be the pool opposite. So I think Seattle may not be the last all year I just think injuries if there’s too many of them for them to be higher than st. Louis at this point Is a train waiting the other running back Texas A&M and former commander right? But yeah I just don’t I think they start the car gardeners to be at least second if they don’t see I Really wanted to get maybe maybe here in question in training camp. I don’t know. We’ll see Morris You know after we decided these Power Rankings, I kind of want to change my first pic on that Defenders Dragons game let’s let’s run down the list here. So number one We got the defenders to New York Guardians three the Houston Roughnecks unbiased is always rough them up number four the Dallas renegades always a little bit behind Houston sign amount number five, LA Wildcats Six the Tampa Bay Vipers seven st Louis battle Hawks and everybody in Seattle hates us now with the Dragons at number eight, but hey, this could all change next week We’ll get there folks, but I think I think this is pretty fun. Hopefully you guys enjoyed yourselves tonight We went a little over what we were said, we’re gonna do Tron tell your wife. I said, I’m sorry. Tell her don’t come I don’t think she knows I’m still good work so early we’re gonna Make it myself if if she I don’t can win tomorrow. I will drink a cup of coffee Has to be Starbucks in we gotta have video proof and Twitter social media proof, yeah. Oh, you know, I think Yeah, so I I Think we had fun tonight Hopefully everybody watching us listening. I don’t know if you just listen, whatever. I hope you all enjoyed it either way tomorrow That’s really all that Mel tomorrow and Sunday That’s really what matters that’s when the magic happens as they say next week. We could be completely wrong We could look at this and say wow, the Dragons came out fifty two, two three. Holy crap I don’t know what Jim Zorn what kind of coffee is given those players but We’ll see but let’s do some guy. Let’s do some goodbyes let’s tell them where you can find yourself Jay – where can people find you on social media or you can find me at XFL are in unhinged And also here EXIF own newsroom calm We’re dropping the podcast Tuesday or Monday or Tuesday to recap week 1 and preview week to Sign you up. Thanks for joining by the way delivery guy. How can people find you? You can find me on Twitter making stupid videos At XFL delivery guy, or you can find me on youtube minutes a gram just XFL delivery guy Perfect. And again, thanks for joining me as well. John Hawkins I’m not gonna only forgot you once in this episode and caught it before we got to the next question so I feel I Get a give progress here man. Where can people find you online? Except for podcasts on Facebook. We’re and actually start next week and I’m not copying another show or mothership I’m actually one two days a week Tuesdays and Fridays, hopefully So I’m going to don’t usually the new or you and my own power rankings and Tuesdays now new preview on Fridays so hey, I’ll never complain about more content But again, thanks everybody the fans you guys for joining us on this panel show. I Don’t I don’t have a specific date set up? But maybe we’ll do another one of these and maybe a month just to kind of look back our rankings Okay, I have an idea Why don’t we do one say I don’t know March 6th when I’m out there in Houston, let’s do that Me and mainly you saw the camera Well, and it’ll be a lot harder for me to skip you because you’ll be here looking at the notes with me. So that’s good Yes That’s a couple weeks from now We’ll talk offline and figure that out. Either way guys. Make sure you subscribe to all these gentlemen here Make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube Facebook and Twitter at XFL newsroom like I said, we’re Working to our core somebody hates me Watch on DVR nobody message me and tell me hey, you see that? You froze up on us I’ll tell her I’m gonna message him every single quarter. I’m gonna ruin it. Good. Me too Ya don’t want discord and on the tour. I don’t know No, I haven’t particularly set of skills Hey, I’m glad you brought up the door discord speaking of discord everyone should click the link down in the description below join the discord Speaking of which I need to pick I need to announce the winner of our to ticket giveaway So, let me just run that real quick Here. I am the worst at being the host of anything Let me just open discord here and run my little random generator. Oh Man I’m glad somebody brought up discord cuz somebody somebody would have like he lied to us for like a month and a half Let’s see what we got there. Oh, I wanted to take it. That’s awesome. Bacon. Yeah. Yeah, I won Nobody gets anything Where’s the check ring thing? There we go. All right. Let’s look at this leaderboard figure out what number it goes up to? So level five goes up to number 39 Okay. Random number generator boom boom. Boom Okay This is some awesome technology, I know we’re getting there guys Alright, so it looks like number 37 is the winner. So Todd on Discord which he actually I recognized this picture. He follows us on YouTube as well. I’ll do I’ll throw an alert in the Discord but DM me we’ll get you all situated. I’m sorry that everyone had to wait for my Lack of consistency there, but what it wouldn’t be a fun livestream if I didn’t screw up a couple things But again, thanks everyone for joining us the panel the fans. We look forward to covering all the news throughout the season We look forward to bringing you the latest news hopefully for years to come but again, like I said since we’re on YouTube Make sure you drop a like comment subscribe. Click the link to see more drop in new videos. Some are gonna be pre-recorded Some are going to be live just like this one someone til next time Sign everyone up and again. Thanks for in us You

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