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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Appjobs channel where we talk about all the ways you can make money using your phone. Today, we’re talking about another company that you can work with. It’s called Wolt. But before we go through the requirements, where you can go to register and how much you’re going to get paid, I would like to ask you to subscribe to this channel and activate the notification, so you’ll always know what we have a new video up. After you’ve done that we’re good to go! Wolt is an online food ordering and delivery company that is available through a mobile app, but for you it’s so much more than that! With Wolt, you can become a courier partner and deliver the food orders to the right address. You will receive the notification to pick up the order and go around delivering food. That’s pretty much it! You can of course sign up to Wolt with appjobs.com! All you have to do is go to our website, make sure you sign in or join now, select your working city and then click on the category “Delivery” to see if Wolt is an option for you. If it is, all you have to do is click on the application button to be redirected to the application page. There you’re gonna put your information such as your full name, your phone number, your email, your city, the vehicle you own, how many hours and which days you can work as well as which phone you have and obviously your ID number. A few benefits you have while working with Wolt are: to be your own boss. As a Wolt courier partner you’re gonna be the one choosing which days of the week you’re gonna work and how often and whenever you want basically. You will get to meet people every day on top of that, so you basically just have to plan the Wolt around your life. You will also meet people every day and get great money from it which you’ll also have full control of. You see, you can schedule the hours you’re gonna work to guarantee your income but you can also just log in on the app as “Available” and start making money right at that point. You can also make more by doing deliveries that are longer than 1.5 K, and Wolt also has a bonus model for those who are delivering more. Besides that you also get to keep 100% of your tips. And this is the most important question for you, right? Well, you can get up to 50 euros per day as a courier partner with Wolt. But this is obviously depending on how many deliveries you do per day. Requirements. Well, the basic requirements to start working with Wolt are very simple: all you have to do is have a driver’s license corresponding to the vehicle your own and that you’re going to use for the deliveries, and of course have a smartphone with data plan. If you have all of that you’re good to go! But why should you go to appjobs.com, right? Well, because we’re always there for you through all the steps of your journey as an app jobber. Besides giving you a platform with all the available apps in your city, you also get to compare them to see which one fits your lifestyle better. At appjobs.com you can also edit your profile and add assets which are everything that can help you get an app job, for example a driver’s license, a car or even any kind of insurance. What happens when you add your assets is that you’re gonna see all the available options that are compared to what you already have. So you’re gonna see the jobs that you already meet the requirements and are ready to start working now. But if you don’t meet the requirements, guess what: We’re also going to be there to help you out, because we have service partners! They are the ones to help you get the requirements that you don’t have. So if you need an insurance, if you need a car or even a phone to start working with an app job, this partners can help you out and you can find all of that at appjobs.com. Plus we’re always updating all of our online platforms with useful information for you. So besides the YouTube channel, we have a Facebook page full of information, Facebook groups according to your city and according to categories for you to get better and more direct information, and we also have blog posts on our websites. They are constantly updated every week, so make sure to go to appjobs.com to start making money with your phone. If you like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up, and I’ll see you next time. Bye

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