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Rebirth of Shopping Addict Episode 41 It’s late, what’s up? May I come in? I’ve just met Wang Jie, she said that you recommended me. So I want to see you to say thank you. Just a trivial matter, you don’t need to think about it. I know that you still don’t like me, so why are you helping me? It’s public-private distinct, in terms of professionalism, I really like your design ideas, especially in this industry which is superficial now, getting back to the origin is really not easy. I just don’t want your work will be buried. Yan Nan, in terms of design she has always been my idol, before and now as well. You made me see the temperament and the mind of an elite designer. About Yan Li, actually,… About Yan Li, you don’t need to mention anymore. No matter what is the relationship between you and him, I will always be his little sister. About Yi Neng Gou’s issue, you probably heard it, right? I’m really worried about him, but didn’t know how to help him. If I really want to help him, the only thing I can do now is to improve yourself If you calm down, we can talk again. We have nothing to say now. My proposal is still in effect, as long as you agree, I’ll send money to you immediately. I’m your relative, you think I will hurt you? You have to know that no matter which company you go to, you won’t find a company with better conditions than mine. Think carefully because Yi Neng Gou is your passion, to have this company, you’ve worked really hard! If you’re so stubborn like that, Yi Neng Gou will likely go bankrupt soon. Thank for your help! but I’d rather go bankrupt than take the money you steal from the Gao family. Yan Li, you must know that I have no fault with the Gao family. All I took were things that I should have. Moreover, you don’t have any right to say that. Everything I did is because of you. We have been poor for such a long time. But these days have passed. Today, we can completely build a business that belongs only to our Yan Shi family, now is that opportunity. You’re wrong! I’m wrong? I think you’re wrong. If you continue to be unconscious, I think someday you’ll regret. I already regretted regretted blaming Gao Yang because of Gao Zhong Da, I regretted leaving Gao Yang. I’m so angry! I wonder how Gao Yang enchanted him. He felt like being brainwashed, becoming both stubborn and foolish. Okay, Okay! Calm down! Having tortured for so many times, Yi Neng Gou has suffered enough difficulties and has no value for investment anymore. If Yan Li is still so stubborn, we just need to transfer our investment to another company. What do you mean? Please don’t remind me of investments anymore. Everything I did to Yi Neng Gou just to reconcile with Yan Li. I don’t want to ruin it, it’s my nephew, I won’t leave him. Of course if you want to transfer your investment, I won’t stop you. You just need to take your share and leave. Yan Ran, don’t talk to me by that attitude. You know what kind of people I am, right? So far, I’m not a person who cares about money. Alright, as long as you happy, you can invest for anyone you want, okay? Yan Ran, I have been waiting for you for so many years, how I treated you, you know it very well. But I wonder when will you marry me? Give me a little more time, didn’t I tell you? Wait for me to reconcile with Yan Li first. Don’t worry, it will be soon. Don’t be so anxious! Wait me, please! Why you walk so fast? It’s truly the last one, didn’t we say three people? You must keep your promise in order to have a good ending, right? What’s a good ending? 2 guys you recommended me, if they weren’t the kind of men who always right then they’ll be the serious one. I wonder what kind of that third person? The old said don’t do anything more than three times, right? If you meet the best again, you really need to buy a lottery ticket. Moreover, maybe this third person would be your true destiny. Otherwise, I’ll go with you this time, if you meet a bad guy again, I’ll help you to deal with him, okay? You? Is it okay? Definitely no problem! See you at 7 o’clock tomorrow! You’ve promised! Really? Does a superstar want to wear your Simple Complexity product? Yes, really, I’ve met her. She loves the details of our seed embroidery technique. She felt that this is a factor that could show Chinese characteristics. So, she decided to wear our Simple Complexity to attend the red carpet. For so many years, our seed embroidery can appear for the first time on such a large stage, this opportunity is really rare. Moreover, there is also such a famous superstar as the representative, I didn’t even dare to think about it before. So this charity event is very important for us. Moreover, the time is also very urgent, before the weekend, we definitely have to bring vestment to that superstar. We can’t make any mistakes now. Okay, just tell us what we must do now. I still need to adjust the size according to her body first. But the seed embroidery of these details, I feel that my ability is not enough. No problem! I’ll arrange the best seed embroidery maker to make this vestment. It’s great! Then we must hurry up. Okay! Let’s go! You threatened me! Why are you dressed like this? Come on, what did I say? Today you will go on a blind date, you dress like this I can’t even see you in the crowd, so how can the Cupid shot an arrow at you? Only this necklace is fine. The Cupid shot an arrow to whom? Can you see where is the third person’s appointment? Why I have to dress well to go to eat crayfish? What’s wrong with crayfish? Going to eat crayfish is the most sincere. Where’s his sincerity when he didn’t tell me the concept of time? He’s late for the first date! I think the person whom you introduced, this third player is also unreliable. We don’t need to care about him anymore. Let’s order something, order a bit more. I will definitely order a lot. Master! I’m here. Please give me all the crayfish dishes on the menu One portion of everything and 2 cups of beer. Okay, wait a minute. Thanks! Sister, you’ll go on a blind date later, drink until your face blush, is it beautiful? Eating crayfish without drinking beer? Does it make sense? That’s mine! Can you hold on a bit? Here you are! I’ll make you get drunk later! Don’t worry about me! Is this almost done? Yes, it will be done soon. This space is a bit big, okay, shrink it a bit! Everyone, take a break to have dinner. Let’s go to eat! Go to eat now! Let’s eat. Okay! Let’s go to eat! Go to eat now! Gao Yang, let’s go to eat. I’ll eat later. Let’s go! Gao Yang, let’s have dinner. I’m not hungry yet, I’ll eat later. People are not machines, they must eat no matter how busy they are. Just go to eat, don’t worry about me. We all do delicate embroidery, we make many meticulous products, but I think you’re turning into the most meticulous person. We make meticulous products, of course, we have to be better and better. I’ve just called Zhi Guo about this good news, he’s also very happy, he said he’ll come to see it. This is a rare opportunity a lot of things are still uncertain, we don’t know what the final reaction will be? Why bother uncle Dai traveling from far away to visit us? We’re relatives, what is so embarrassing about it? He’s afraid that you’re under too much pressure, so he told me not to bother you so that you can finish this design. I’ll try my best! That’s good! Just go to eat. You also should stop for a while to eat. Cheers! You’re good at drinking! If I had known that, I wouldn’t have drunk with you anymore, so waste of beer. I don’t like it. Come on, eat it! Do you like beans? No, no, I prefer crayfish. It’s so good! Come here! Can you pay attention to your hygiene? No, it’s fine, let me do it myself. Thanks! Xiao Zai, you’re so kind. Of course. Look! It’s 9 o’clock. Look, what kind of person are you introducing me? You said you’ll help me to deal with bad guy? They don’t even give you a chance to do it. Are you disappointed? Why I have to disappoint? After going on blind date so many time, this time seems to be the most comfortable and free. Eating comfortably, talking with joy, drinking is also very good, he didn’t come is a good thing. What if he’s here? He’s here? Where is he? Is it because we ordered too many dishes that he’s afraid to pay? Tell him don’t worry about it, I’ll pay this time. I’m not afraid. I’m talking about the third person, not you. Why are you interrupting me? I’m the third person. Ha ha ha. What kind of joke is that?  I’m not kidding. Wang Xiao Zai if you continue your joke, I will be angry. You’ve said before, in 3 blind dates, this time is the most joyful, comfortable and free. Love isn’t like that? It is to make yourself the most comfortable. You said when you were with me, you don’t need to try to make you beautiful. Your appearance when you comfortable and free is what I like the most. You’re drunk! If you keep saying miscellaneously, we won’t be friend anymore. You know I’m not drunk. Ye Ming Lang, put your hand on your chest and ask yourself what you need the most? I’m busy, I have to go now! I don’t dare to admit that we are most suitable for each other. Do you still remember Li Ming Che? You two don’t belong with each other, you can’t be together. Don’t touch me! Wang Xiao Zai, enough. What’s suitable and not suitable? What’s blind date? It’s all your cheat. Did you feel that no one needed me so you pitied me? You must know that even without Li Ming Che, I’m still Ye Ming Lang. Even nobody in this world need me, I don’t need you hand out me your love. You got it? I introduced them to you not because I want to hand out you love, I also didn’t pitied you, it because I want you to know what you really need. The first guy I introduced to you thought that a girl was born inferior to a man. This type of person, even if the condition is good, you can’t love him. Are you willing to be my baby-maker machine and my baby-sister? About the second person, this tasteless alarm. Human is social animal, we need to communicate and talk. If you confronted with a tree all day, even you eat delicacy day by day, you won’t be happy. So tasteless guys are more scary than useless. But I’m not. I’m the antonym of tasteless and useless. Right, right, right! You’re right! So many times you pretended to prepare me some blind dates and help me in order to see me lose my face over and over to satisfy your glory. Right? You make me feel like a fool. Are you satisfied? I’m not. Ye Ming Lang, I can do everything for you. I love you, Ye Ming Lang. Are you crazy? Let me finish, okay? Let’s go! It wasn’t, let me finish, please? Your boyfriend’s stamina is good, isn’t it? Who is my boyfriend? If you keep saying miscellaneous, I’ll denounce you. What are you doing? Chasing you. Do you think you’re superman? Your 2 legs can catch this 4-wheel car? Don’t just look at Superman, look back you’ll know if I can catch you. Who said my 2 legs can’t catch this 4-wheel car? Alright, catch me if you can. Let me see how long your stamina can last. What’s wrong with my stamina? Have you seen it before when we were swimming? Or you get off the car to have a closer look. You such a narcissism shameless. Even though I was a shameless, from the bottom of my heart I have to tell you. I’m serious. When I encouraged you to confess your love to Li Ming Che is also sincere. I helped you create a plan, help you makeup and dress well, it’s is also sincere. Because I know it’s a sincere love. It was your patience in many years. Even though it’s just unrequited love, there should be a decent farewell. 2 guys I introduced you, I admit that it’s because I want to set off my strong suit. But I also want to be good for you when you didn’t know what you need. But at least it lets you know that you don’t need anything. Sir, let’s go! Think carefully! After passing this village, I won’t find such a tall tree like me anymore. Let’s go! Believe me! In the past, I encouraged you to confess your love with Li Ming Che. That’s the truth. What I’ve done for you such as helping you to find solutions or wearing what clothes, wearing your make up,… are all from my heart. Because I could feel your heartfelt love. You’ve tried a lot throughout these years. One-sided love should have its limitation. Ye Ming Lang. What I’ve done is just want to make you better. I love you, do you know? Wang Xiao Zai Don’t joke anymore! Why? Wang Xiao Zai I’ve rejected you once. Why you gave up so soon? You really despised me! Who? It’s clear that you had come back to find me, hadn’t you? What? Clearly, I saw you’re too tired of running. Why did you treat me like that? Stop tricking me! I didn’t use my strength to kick you. No, no. I’ve got a cramp while chasing you. Really? Are you okay? Put me down! I’m scared! Will you run away? Promise me that you won’t. OK, I swear. Good! There’s something I want to ask you. Just do it. What? That I really don’t know the feeling of being loved. Just because you still haven’t had a chance to meet me. You love me honestly, don’t you? If it’s not, who can chase you for so long without hesitation? Right? When did you love me? That’s the love with the right time and right person. It will happen whatever. However, I really feel that I’m dreaming. What did you talk to me at the crayfish restaurant? Can you say that again? What did crayfish say? It’s alright, alright, alright! You don’t have to say it. I love you, I love you, I love you! I love you! What? I love you! Louder! I love you, I love you, I love you! I can’t hear! I love you, I love you, I love you! I nearly won. Practice makes perfect! Be quick! Where are you? Next to you. Okay, Okay, Okay! Fruits are ready. Enjoy it! Livestream will start now, come and see. Welcome to the Caritas Heart Charity Night! The scale of the show this year is larger than the previous one. All artists attending to our show are successful people. It can be said that they have beautiful souls. They will also take part in the auction of our costumes today in order to raise the money for the charity. Therefore, the most desirable thing is our celebrity. Let’s see whether it’s good or bad success or failure. Our celebrity is on the red carpet. Let’s look at her costume with the chastity from its design and the special embroidery stitches will definitely broaden our horizons. Its name is Simple From Complexity. It was made by a local designer. According to our comments on the Internet, we can see that this is the most favorable one. It also gets lots of appreciation from the fashion designers. They also think that this costume can express the intelligence of China, which is small but powerful. That’s great! According to my reliable sources, Yi Neng Gou’s consumption is dropping drastically. Don’t worry! President Yan. Let’s wait until our right of cooperation come into force! I’m sure that Yan Li can’t stand it any longer. What about the categories of president Yan? President Jiang! President Ye! Why is Jia Jia here? I’ve been working here after my resignation. I want to learn new things. Didn’t president Ly tell you about that? President Ly? President Ye! Don’t stand like that! Please sit down! Now, thanks! Jia Jia! Can you take some drink for president Ye? President Yan! These are some documents we had negotiated for our contract. Sorry for bothering you with such small things! Although we had signed a contract with Dian Feng capitalist, we still respect Wei Lai investor. I’m sorry that we can’t cooperate successfully this time. Anyway, I should pay a visit and talk in person to you and president Jiang. President Ye! You’re so thoughtful. I think both you and president Li all are excellent people. This time, your cooperation with Dian Feng makes me happy also. President Ye! Let’s drink! We still have time. This is only the first time. We may have a chance to cooperate next time. Yes! I can’t agree with you more. About that…Let’s have some drink! Yan Li! Do you feel that our company now is full of confusion? No, I don’t. So you should. Now, they are all saying that your Yi Neng Gou is running out of money, even that they can’t afford the money for supplements. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but if it really happens, we’re so risky. Will you want to wait until these creditors appear and demand the payment then you start worrying? I know that you are struggling to look for other investments. Now, there just exists the flattery, but people hardly can help you. How can we find a new investment? I can’t understand why you disagreed with Yan’s investment? She’s your relative. She won’t do any harm to you. Do you know the biggest shareholder of Wei Lai is Yan Yan Ran? She has been worked for Gao Shi real estate for 18 years. Now, Gao Shi is in bankruptcy, then she is holding the huge capital. She herself found an investment company. Don’t you find it full of suspicion? But maybe she has some other sources of investment to compensate. You don’t have any clues, why can you say that her money is from illegal work? Our conscience. That’s our clue. I won’t fool myself. I won’t be at the same length as her. Are you working with your professional conscience now? What did I do? I heard that Gao Yang’s design is very successful. Had it not been for your help and your introduction, there wouldn’t have been many people know about her work, right? What a real love! You just hurt yourself. You’re always care about her. Although we broke up, I will always care to her. So why don’t you congratulate her by yourself? That’s enough when I know she’s good. With the shower of compliments of celerity after attending the event of publishing the film, designer Gao Yang from Simple Complexity from an unknown person, became a famous designer in just one night. Stop! Don’t make fun of me! Look at your face! He’s not making fun of you. He’s just admiring you. You’re the one that understands me most. This girl used to be unemployed and always went to my house to eat. Suddenly, she became a well-known designer. What can I do? 2 of you? What? We’re in love. You’re foolish. No! In the past, I could guess that but you fell in love too quickly. From when? How can you keep that secret? Who kept? I can’t believe that a stupid girl like you can become a famous designer. So funny! What’re you doing? Don’t beat me! Don’t waste food! Let me eat! Listen to me! Now, there’s been a company contacted to co-operate with you, right? Not one, there’s a company wants to help me create my own brand. I feel that happiness comes to me too fast. Sometimes I feel nervous, and can’t think about the future. That time, I didn’t know what to do. So I want to meet two of you and talk. Why do you think it’s too fast? Now you should make use of your opportunity and develop. Correct! I see that my beloved honey say every right thing. Let me tell you! You should use your chance, or else, you will regret in the future. Ok! I know! But I’m still inexperienced. Therefore, I need to find you to negotiate whether what we can do together now. What do you mean? In my opinion, I will take charge of designing and Xiao Zai will connect with others. Ming Lang will have responsibility for advertising and consuming. All of us can work on our strength, so we can form the most perfection group. That’s just what I was thinking. So, how do you feel now baby? Alright! Ming Lang! I knew you had worked for Chen Ming grocery for so many years. You had so many memories there, so you don’t want to come back to that company, I understand. But you don’t need to challenge yourself! Okay! I’ll consider. The more I think, the more I feel this is reliable. You know, with my relationships in so many years in fashion, it’s a piece of cake to contact with foreign companies. Although my honey cannot leave the company, we can make Chen Ming become our consuming market. Li Ming Che certainly will encourage. Honestly, I want Yi Neng Gou to be our only consuming market. Recently, have you contacted with Yan Li? How about Yi Neng Gou now? I wanna try my best to do something for him. Oh, why Yan Li doesn’t want to receive the investment from Yan Yan Ran? Yan Li suspect that aunt Yan’s money is from our family’s assets. I see Yan Li is such a is a good man. Hello? Uncle Dai! You came back to China? Uncle Dai, are you sure that my father’s testament video has been edited? I had gone to reliable places to confirm, this time I’m sure. While your father made that video, some doctors and nurses who can be witness. I had met them to ask. What you saw is not original. Who did all these things? Why they had to do this? Can my father’s original video be restore? I want to know what he wanted to say. The lawyer called Peter knew that we had found clues about the change of that video. To protect himself, he had given me the original one. So, all was done by that British lawyer? He did this for money? He didn’t admit about that video. He just blamed for the preservation. We don’t have any clues showing that he had edited. Watching the original, I cannot see any problem related to assets. Why he had to do that? What benefit he could gain? Now I don’t care how that goon lawyer wittering on. I just want to know what my father said. Do yourself! Gao Yang! when you see this video, I am not alive in this world. Any problem? You knew that Ma Jia Jia had Yan Yan Ran help? Just skipping job. Nothing special! Why you didn’t tell me? Personnel change is very ordinary, right? But Ma Jia Jia just has experiences in retail, what is the reason for her investment? Last evening, I heard by chance they were talking about Yi Neng Gou. I feel something strange. From Yi Neng Gou had problems, Ma Jia Jia moved job to president Yan. You’re appreciating Ma Jia Jia. Only herself can do nothing. But behind her back are president Yan and president Jiang. You’re thinking too much. President Li! Is the problem of Yi Neng Gou related to you? Ming Lang! You’ve worked with me so many years, you have to understand. I just want to care about my own problems. Other’s problems are none of my business. I don’t care! It’s Yan Yan Ran. Why she had to force her grandchild to the last path? It’s not as complicated as you think. Yan Li just needs to receive her aunt’s investment and everything will be okay, right? That simple thing, he doesn’t need others to solve. I know! Yan Li! Can you and aunt Yan come across? I have one very important thing to tell you. It’s related to your mother. I’ll send you the address. Don’t worry! Sit down! Uncle Dai, after watching my dad’s real testament, I can’t wait anymore. Don’t rush! Before making things clear, I think that it’s not worth rushing. Uncle Dai! Yi Neng Gou now is terrible. I want Yan Li and aunt Yan know the truth. I want Yan Li feel free after all things. He can solve all the problems to save Yi Neng Gou. After all, who did all these things? Aunt Yan, Yan Li! I want to tell you seriously that the last testament video that we saw isn’t the original… It was edited. What? You call us to come for this? Do you have clues? This is the most reliable place in the UK that uncle Dai went to confirm. Your English is good, you can see! Why Wei Lun didn’t tell me that the video has been edited? Who did this? Maybe it’s that British lawyer. But he didn’t admit. We don’t have clues to blame him. Let’s see the original of my father’s testament. I’ll play from the cut. I want to say a lot of things but maybe it’s meaningless. Gao Yang! You have to agree with you that you have to enjoy your life. Till this time, the most regretful thing in my life is I can’t prepare a good future for you. I didn’t take care of you well. I’m sorry to your mother. About your mother, in the last 18 years, I’m terribly sorry. If in the past I hadn’t been too selfish, if my ambition hadn’t been too much, if I could have spent more time with her, I wouldn’t feel regret now. So the person whom he feels at fault most is your mother. Not my mother. Yes! My father said that because he really missed my mother. It was not the torment about your mother’s death. Why? About Yan Ran, I feel grateful to her for being my friend and for her encouragement. That year, because of me, you had a row with Yan Li’s mother, and left the Yan family. Why can’t I have romantic feelings with you? But from the love of a father to his daughter, I always hope that when Gao Yang grows up, we can get married. But we can’t know the future, 3 years ago, I was diagnosed that my cancer was in the final phases. Therefore, I canceled the plan to engage you in time. Did it happen half of a year ago? I know it hurts you. Sorry! But because of your life’s happiness, I decided to hide you. I don’t want you to be hurt. Because 2 of you are my closest people. Sorry! I can’t give you a wonderful wedding, You’re deserved to have a better life. I hope you will be happy forever. About Zhi Guo, don’t get angry with me for hiding you these things. Thanks! Thank you for appearing in my life’s last moment. Although we’ve known each other only for a short time can you bring me home? And about Wei Lun, thank you! You’ve taken care of me for 3 years in the hospital. And Xue Li, thank you for being so nice to me for these 3 years. Thank you! I will no longer say goodbye to you all. Bye forever! Wait! Xue Li, who is mentioned in this video, what did she do? What did he mean? This girl, I used to meet in the UK. She is a staff member of US medical care organization. It’s introducing domestic customer to the best hospitals in the UK. What I mean is she is a middlewoman. What’s wrong, aunt Yen? Sorry, I gotta go. Aunt!

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