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inscription: light pearl hair color I will not even change clothes I got a package, two packages i am so exided! so shopper or book? Book! my first * mimics the word unpacking * this is the worst way to pronounce this word … in a sweatshirt by the way it gets hot even though it’s cold outside Well then I’ll open the window hello scissors! there is nothing … god … therapy and here’s a gift with a book, psychological therapy from stress already managed to break it … there are several options for how the new book smells here she is i am happy at the moment By the way, I shot on camera how we dyed my hair with mom inscription: color without filter * it became the same color lighter and what I needed, also a smooth transition from the roots in fact, in professional stores hair dye is cheaper than usual I ordered a shopper with aliexpress it has long been on my favorites list ta daa! You could choose on a fastener or tie inside… inside there is a pocket and a slight smell it is not… wait no smell, just a little inside Oh! this inscription “woman” i`m obsessed I will wear it endlessly I know that it is white but black could not afford to buy because white is white * like a classic * white color looks beautiful with this woman today is the first time I use … this woman I’m going to the hospital now I will not insert this part in the video you should not be surprised to see me because dyeing your hair a second time per video is my style caption: soft pink this time * you know how fashionable right now when only the front strands are painted in a different color I had to use the last drops of paint you have hair styling like dracula 🙂 i don`t know that is so soft color mom: took a picture?
marie: i’m not taking pictures, shooting a video mom: why be afraid? do it well but unusual please only not eyelashes we didn’t cut enough maybe it needs to be laid?
mom: you’ll put it now and everything will be fine not sure mom: straighten your hair * sings a song * Mom, I have curly hair. What do you want from them? * a joke between mom and daughter that you should not understand * going to gastroscopy I’m really insanely hungry because you can’t eat 11 hours and drink water in 4 hours after 30 minutes to leave I take my mother with me because it will be easier for me so caption: gastroscopy is the most disgusting thing in my life
*shocked* waiting for my mom *at the cinema* already? caption: Stephen King inscription: if there is not enough real feelings on instagram caption: I write about my emotions and feelings caption: also about accepting oneself and the body caption: help planet caption: I am studying the topic of ecology from scratch caption: I want you to know that I want to help inscription: if you will not repel help from yourself

Norman Bunn

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