Посылка из магазина GREEN STUFF WORLD #2

This is channel Scale Journal. That’s another unboxing video. This is second package from the store GreenStuffWorld. Let’s see what inside the package. Packed well, inside is a gasket to keep the contents and not damaged it. And the first item is REALISTIC Model SNOW Powder. Let’s open the container to see how it looks. Looks like fresh snow with the shine crystals. Very similar to snow on an early frosty morning 🙂 How to apply it I don’t know yet but will figure it out. I’ve got figure where I can test this snow. The review for this figure was recently on the channel, the link in the upper right corner. Links to the store and the goods are in the video description. The second item is … tool to make all kind of tubes, tentacles, and wires (Roll Maker Set) This tubes, tentacles, and wires can be applied to design a stands and bases for figures. It is also possible to produce parts of various monsters for vignettes. On this tool I will do a separate video review soon. With examples and etc. And the snow I’ll show when I finish painting the figures I showed earlier. I will also make a separate video on how to apply and what result I get. That’s it. Subscribe on the channel not to miss new interesting reviews. Thank you all for watching.

Norman Bunn


  1. Приветствую камрад,всё забываю спросить ,этот магазин из за рубежа? и дорогая доставка в Россию?

  2. Вот жду "зелёнку" от них. В Москве в два раза дороже продают, гаврики.

  3. Привет. Может быть организовать совместную закупку на канале? Штуки очень прикольные . Если сформировать большой заказ , можно скидку получить которая доставку покроет?

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