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Crochet Backpack Berry handibrand Hello!
I’m Katerina from HandiBrand and today we will see the Backpack Berry Today we will see the Kit Berry bag, the backpack, the new one step by step, how to make some tips for metal Clips for bags how they get in The Berry Backpack, designed in a very beautiful way it has a full back, with adjustable handles on the back with adjustable handles on the back to keep the backpack firm and tied up small hand, handle to hold it and by opening them I will show you the nice pouch created with the back A very nice tip of this bag is, that the base this leather back holds the knit body strong so that we have no difficulty in the way we have crochet. This bag can be crochet as wide as we want. The height should be about 28 to 30 cm. We will use the Catenella Yarn 1 Base 31×10, in our case, not the small one for this video so that I can show you the increase We will need a Crochet Hook No3.5 for the first row on the bottom. and 1 Crochet Hook No4 for the Yarn Catenella 1 needle yarn that I keep mentioning for the bags in our bags one scissors and of course markers, maybe two, maybe four, always the ready base to use in our bag. Let’s get started!
We will see at this moment the Increase we will make on Base We’ll start somewhere from here, I always suggest it in my lessons we will make a pocket with our yarn and we will make Slip Stich for the first row across the perimeter of the bottom The yarn you will see here is for other types of bags, not only for the backpack. And we’re starting to fill our chains first. The design of the bag and what increase, what width it will have, what design we will make, are the first three rows for all the type of bag We can always, of course, choose to knit the bottom. And we got to the last chain Here we will do a little trick so that the bag has no mark. As we are here we will cut the yarn we will pass it out and as always with the help of a needle-yarn, as I have shown you in the lessons we will create a chain of our own. See; One cannot understand where we started. And it’s time to change crochet hook at No 4 We prefer to start from the side of the bottom just to have no sign of the bag moving our way. We are not going anywhere else. For the first row, we will put 2 Single Crochet in each bottom chain we get into the chain and we create 2 Single Crochet in each base chain. A nice tip is that the way you should hold the Hook. I say it for girls who are beginners. I want the Crochet Hook to look at you, when you crocheting and grab the Yarn underneath. Like all people who use a tool for their work. Let’s do it again to see it again. We’ve got to do the last two single crochet We have a guide to the thread we started. A great tip is to put this here, to know where we start and where our row ends. Here we start the Second Row and go back into the whole chain and we continue with increace our increase will be only in the corners. For the backpacks I suggest our openings will be here only. The corner has one, two, three, four Loops We’ll put Increase in first loop and fourth loop the same will be done in every corner of the base 2 Single Crochet, 1 Single Crochet. 1 Single Crochet. 2 Single Crochet We continue 1 Single Crochet until next corner, and we repeat the increase We crochet on to the next corner to crochet our Increase again. Do not forget that they are done in every corner We start with the third row, which will have increase in the corners. 1 Single Crochet, 2 Single Crochet, 2 Single Crochet, 1 Single Crochet In every corner of this row and we’re done with the increase in this bag. We crochet one row with 1 Single Crochet each Loop And we start the Berry Stich She’s here and I’ll start it right now. The first row will be 2 Single Crochet, 1 Skip Stich, and we repeat until the end of the row This was our first row And now we will see the continuation of the Stich Berry and we will crocheting until the end of the bag from now on we have no increase. We only reach the height we need at about 29cm. Fourth Row, 1 Single Crochet, 1 Skip Stich, 1 Single Crochet, 1 Skip Stich, 2 Single Crochet Rib(in the nerve of the loop) and we repeat I’ll show you it again 1 Skip Stich, 2 Single Crochet Rib (in the nerve of the loop) and we repeat Now we put the Berry Base We have measured we start somewhere down here is designed anyway to get into it very easily. And you count it to be just straight right and left. If you want, put two, three markers. Here we cut yarn to start sewing the Berry’s holes with the Yarn Needle and Yarn that we crochet. And ready! Is it perfect bag?? Happy Crafting handibrand girls!! And let’s look at today’s tip. How we placed the metal clip on knitted or canvas bags. Metal Clips for wooven bags are special. What does this mean? Most of them have a big opening here. When it comes to this style, Locks, Clips, Turn Locks etc so that it can fit on our knitwear or canvas. Have a thickness. Like these Turn Locks, they have the opening that need at the bottom so that it can fit into the knit or hole we make. Take care of all this. One more step to consider in metal are the screws. They want their own screws. Small children who are together, try not to lose them. They are small, who are together, try not to lose them. The tools we need for metal fasteners are usually a pliers and a screwdriver. On this particular bag, I’ll show you how the metal Clips are fitted. Let’s take one of them, right now I’ve got the triangle. The first thing to do is to unscrew the screws gently and try not to spoil them. The magnet enters this clasp. It will come in here with the notch position I’ll close the legs, you can put safety if you want. Right now I’m doing it fast to see it. And we find the middle in our knitwear we measure it and here we go to go through in the loop the foot he has above. Took place. We take the screw, it goes straight and we screw. Happy Creafting handibrand girls!!! Many Kisses!

Norman Bunn


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    All the best to you.

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  30. Hello Mam, thanks to google translator I checked your website. I would be interested in doing the workshops you conduct. Can you do workshop in English ? Which country do you conduct the workshop ? The Closed Caption is offering only Greek translation of this video, no English translation 😔

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